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  1. "THAT" type of role-play

    A lot of valid points. I had this same issue with GMod RPs and finding it hard to find a decent RP server eventually led me to quit RPing in that game altogether. Maybe you could rope some close friends into this? That seems to be the most successful way of solving non-serious/committed players
  2. Volunteer to help in Events!

    I know I'm a new user, though I'd love to help out with these events
  3. Official Mentor Program [Accepting Mentee's]

    I'd like to get a mentor thing going up with my younger brother, a fan of the game
  4. This is looking interesting so far. Jumping right into the voting!
  5. RimWorld Steam giveaway

    I know my chances are slim for obvious reasons, still wanted to try out for it anyways. GL to everyone else! And thanks Jim!