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  1. IGN: Felix Von'Denth Age: 37 Country: Germany, Berlin English skills: Decent but needs some work. DayZ Experience: Extraordinary. What kind of role best describes you: Medic, Combat Scout Have you been in any clan/group previously: No Additional notes: Best way to contact you: Those message on this website. Or [email protected] or # 503-310-7687 Preffered Clan: Enclave. Backstory: I was an engineer on a Naval Warship the St. Henlesnz, We were running low on fuel and needed to dock. We had no radio transmission since we left the oceans and needed to get in contact with someone. To our surprise we wound up upon Chernogorsk's docks. Since I was an engineer I was told to stay at the engines... It stayed that was for a few hours without response... Then after too much waiting me and the 4 other engineers wanted to see what was taking to long and to our surprise everyone was a corpse on the boat... And we thought we saw some people walking looking to be injured but they were indeed also corpses and we knew what to do by gut instinct alone, Shut the door, found some weapons, stayed put. (Few months later) We are out of food, our water supply from leaks in the walls just keep getting grosser and we need to leave, but we are all scared... Once we didn't have much time to choose anymore w/o the supply of food and water we were forced to die in here or die out there... We chose to leave... And this is what we came upon...