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  1. Very good, Garrison. Blows my story out of the water. Adding music and such to the story.... Always gotta one up everyone. Either or, fantastic read. I would say keep it up, but you already know what to do. If you want, you could color or italicize/Bolden the words for fancy word effects if ya want. Just something to put on the table if ya feel like ever using it.
  2. The Journal of Viktor Chebrikov

    Journal 3, page 6, entry 12 Nothing really out of the ordinary happened today.... Except i shot a deer. I was on my way to that little pew building that was on the outskirts of the place i was bunking down in, mostly for a good luck prayer for my future travels, when i spotted three deer. They were across the field, grazing. Just doing the nature thing.... I was bored and curious. I needed to work on my aim with the rifle, and i'm sure live target was better than stationary. So, i aimed down the scope. Aimed at the farthest one from the group, and aimed for the spot that i would assume house the heart, got on my haunches in a crouched position, held my breath as i aimed, and pulled the trigger. Now, in hindsight, i should've laid down on my stomach for this shot. Because, the recoil from the shot knocked the barrel up a little bit and the bullet hit the poor.... The deer, in the neck. The other two deer scattered, and so did the deer i shot. Except, he went for a half a minute run, then he ran/fell into the ground. He even did a little flip and roll. Would've been funny, if it wasn't so brutal. I approached the fallen deer, and i saw it was still breathing. Breathing, in this case, meaning gurgling sounds mixed with deer sounds. I loo at it's eyes, and... it haunts me. I saw fear... Not of me, not of what was happening to it, but of what was coming. The big empty.... Death. As i looked at those eyes, i felt something. Wasn't guilt, or sadness.... But dread. Dread of death. That dread turned into fear. A fear that one day, i may be the one in the field minding my own business, then get shot from nowhere by an unknown assailant. Face the same inevitability as this deer was facing.... I don't want to die..... Maybe i should just end the deer, stop it's suffering. Maybe i should try to help it? I'm no deer doctor, but... My train of thought was interrupted by the deer taking one last, final breath. A big heave with a lot of loud gurgling, then nothing. Silence. No more breathing. I stood there for a while, staring at the deer corpse.... Watching the blood seep out slowly from the wound, creating a bloody ground and grass. At least the grass will be green all through the winter... I went back to the pew. Said a quick prayer for safety, then went back to the house i was camped in. I was done with today.... I just wanted to be alone. Hey folks, back at it and ready to roll! I've been inactive because of Exams. They ended for me Friday, and i decided to take a hiatus till now. Now, i did get on yesterday and shot this deer in it's face, but then i got Mike Tyson'd by a Zombie. The thing one hitted me, and i went down.... Deader than disco. So, i kinda can't come up with an excuse for why i'm down in Berezino, when i should be up by Stary Yar. So, gonna try my best to get back up there and resume the story. Till then, no more entries. If i come across anyone, i will have to put their interactions in at a later time, or not at all. Depending if it's of importance, or just a howdy to a survivor. So, thank you for reading and hopefully understanding!
  3. Best Line when approaching players

    True. Remind me to find some Magnum ammo for the next time we meet. Gotta give a friend a proper greeting.
  4. Best Line when approaching players

    "Remember, no Russian....." But that's usually before i rob a guy or group blind with some friends. If we're talking about just a greeting, it really just depends. I usually greet friends with 5 shots to the chest with a magnum, after i tab back in. @Final Randle
  5. The Journal of Viktor Chebrikov

    Journal 3, page 6, entry 12 I'm close to the settlement.... I think. These roads are a bit confusing, however. Have yet to come upon a road sign, but that's probably because this is the equivalent to the American's Backwoods. Even still, Infected are everywhere. In the towns, in the trees, in the fields..... I'm starting to doubt that settlement is still around, with this many infected around. I'm camped out in a town right now. It was.... Interesting. No infected, but there was a weird cylindrical shaped building out in the field. It was too small to be a house or a grain silo. So i checked it out.... Turned out to be a little worship site. I don't really believe in God. The thought of an infallible being that hangs overhead, judging your every move and choice, never seemed possible. It sure as hell didn't stop people from doing bad things, or this infection.... Or maybe this infection happened because of that? Maybe this is punishment from a divine being? I don't know. But.... I prayed. I prayed for forgiveness of whatever bad things i may of done, of anyone i may of hurt.... For the life of me, i can't remember, but in order to survive out here? I probably would've done anything to survive. I don't have it in me, to just lay down and die. If i'm hungry, I'll take someone's food... At gunpoint, if necessary. I'll kill for what i need. And i PRAYED for forgiveness of that. I left the building to go back to the house i was camped out in.... But i couldn't help but think, that my words and prayers fell on deaf ears. Hey folks, sorry about the late entry! Exams are coming and i've been bogged down in the books for about three days. Managed to get IG yesterday to do all of this, so that's always good. Got a new mic, so hopefully people can hear me better (Barring the crippling effect of lag). Typing is great, but i think that voice has a bit more power of emotion and persuasion than text. Anyways, thanks for your patience, and thanks for reading!
  6. The Journal of Viktor Chebrikov

    Journal 3, page 5-6, entry 11 Well, i got out of that Hospital jam with those Infected. It was a guy shooting that drew them out, which is pretty lucky, because i was thinking of doing a suicidal move that may or may not end in my death. Anyways, the guy was right inside the hospital, so i climbed down the ladder on the side of the building down to the lowest point on the roof, then climbed down the ladder on that end to get to the ground. Now, i could've left right then and there and left the guy to his own devices like i did in Gorka, but i needed some questions answered about the settlement i was going to. So, i ran over to the hospital entrance, and i saw him open the door, while there were two infected right outside. I yelled at the guy to get back inside, but the two infected already was charging at the poor man. He gunned them down, more out of surprise than from being a born bad ass, and i pushed him inside and closed the door behind us. He asked if i was the one shooting earlier, and i told him yes. I asked him why he would risk his life and limbs, just to help me. He told me that it was what you're supposed to do, help your fellow man. Later found out his name was.... Alex, i think it was? Anyways, we decided to check around outside to see if there were anymore infected, but there were none around. Alex must've killed them all in his blaze of selfless glory. We started walking and talking, till a girl popped up. Seems that she was with Alex. They probably left one outside, just in case i tried to do anything to Alex.... Pretty smart, but a rifle i have to manually reload every shot isn't exactly a good weapon to hold someone up with. Anyways, the girl said her name was Emma? Almost certain her name was Emma. The only reason i really remember her, is because she gave me an apple when i was just chatting with her. Give me food, or anything else of equal importance, and I'll make my children remember your name..... If i had any. Anyways, i asked if there was a settlement around here. They said there was one further North, and Emma pointed up a road and gave me directions to follow to get there. I asked them if they knew the people who settled that place, they said they did not..... Or they knew one guy, but he talked a lot? To be honest, Alex was as confused as i was, and i'm sure Emma was delirious from her being sick. Either or, we talked a bit about the situation of things, what could've caused the Infection, and just other stuff. We parted, said goodbye and wished them the best of luck. Went up the road for a bit, got tired, settled down in a house for the night. Cozy place.Didn't find any type of Antibiotics at the hospital, but i did get directions. So, a lot better than nothing. Hey guys, got the entry up. Had a good time with Alek Thomsen and Emma.... Grey? Either or, they were good RP'ers, and very understanding that my mic was kinda messed up. Had to switch to type for that RP, and i type like i'm a Scientist/Doctor sometimes. Anyways, i'd like tot hank them for the good time. Best RP i had for a while. Anyways, if you have any tips, questions, or just want to convey general good vibes, leave a post. Thanks for Reading!
  7. The Journal of Viktor Chebrikov

    Journal 3, page 5, entry 10 Well, this isn't fun. Being trapped on a hospital roof rarely is, but i kinda hoped i wouldn't be trapped again. The police station incident, i got lucky. This? Maybe not so much. I mean, the only reason why i'm even here right now, is because my wound that i took Antibiotics for is still pussed up. You'd think it would at least start to go down, or disappear, right? Apparently not this wound. Woke up to it itching today, and decided that i need more Antibiotics for it. So i went down to that hospital in the large town and looked around for any Antibiotics i could find. Now, this is where it gets fucked up. Apparently, someone lured a bunch of the infected into a room of that hospital. How do i know this? Well, i opened the door to that room.... If someone else was watching, they'd probably would start laughing. Almost a full minute of me staring at the infected, and them staring back at me. At this point, i slowly reached for the door and started to close it just as slow, if not more so, but the infected had other plans. A few ran at the door and got in between the door and the door frame to close it. I decided to run from the door, and ended up running upstairs. This hospital is pretty handicap accessible for the first two flights, which was both a good thing and a bad thing. Meant i could easily climb it, but meant the infected could too. The third flight of stairs, however, were regular steps, so i switched gears and started marching and pounding my feet up those stairs like i was in boot camp with those tires on the ground exercises. Got to the top of the stairs, opened the door to the roof, and closed it again. I took out a lock-pick and locked that sucker for good measure. I can still hear them banging on the door now, as i write this all down. I don't know if i'll be able to make it out alive on this, but i need to devise a plan. I still got things that i want to do before i die, and damned if i'm not going to accomplish all of them before i do... Hey guys, got the next entry up. Not much happened in game yesterday besides this, so i had to stretch the entry out a bit so it wasn't too short and unsatisfying. Anyways, more will be coming. Hopefully in less time than it took to get this entry out. Till then, thanks for reading!
  8. The Journal of Viktor Chebrikov

    Journal 3, page 4-5, entry 9 Went to the military installation today, if you could call it that. The thing is entirely in a state of disrepair. To be honest, i almost missed it while walking down the path leading to it, but i was able to see some rubble of what used to be walls for the outer perimeter. When i made my way into the base, i was greeted by infected soldiers and, in a weird twist of just bad luck, wolves. Now, the wolves, in this case, were actually a good thing. The wolves were tearing and biting at the infected, much to the annoyance of the infected, which distracted them pretty darn well as i searched through the camp. I found a vest in one of the tents. It's black and doesn't seem to offer much in the way of protection, but it does offer some more pockets and pouches to hold stuff in. Which means, it's not a total waste. But..... I found a beret today, in the officer's building. A CDF Beret. I picked it up and started to examine it. I started to remember some things as i examined it. The conflict, it was won. Chedaki ousted, CDF and Americans won, Russia had a hand in helping the Chedaki originally. Chernarussians rebuild, with American help. Chedaki still around, remnants. Still around today?... 101st. I put the beret in my bag and left afterwards. Took the head off of a infected on the way out with my axe, and headed back to that industrial camp nearby. I need to rest, clear my head. I'll come back tomorrow to properly loot the thing. Hopefully, i can find something that i don't have to manually reload every time i shoot, and something that can actually protect me from a bullet. Hey guys, thanks for stopping by again. I got some really nice praises from a couple of readers of the story, which is really great. Means i'm doing something right with this journal. I'm not much of a writer, to be honest, so it's nice that i'm not doing anything wrong or misspelling anything. Anyways, the new entry was a wee bit late, due to RL stuff and such. I'll try to put an entry in every day. If not that, than I'll put one in every two to three days. Anyways, i appreciate the general good vibe posts, and you're welcome to keep posting those. You can also post some feedback on how to improve my writing, the entries, or just helpful tips in general. Thanks for reading!
  9. The Journal of Viktor Chebrikov

    Journal 3, page 4, entry 8 Had a bit of a series of good events and bad events today. Let's start with the bad events, just so i can end this writing off on a high note, and not be depressed. Well, i got scratched up and pummeled a couple of times by some infected. These infected apparently know how to ambush, because they only let out any sort of noise as they started swinging at me. Either those things are getting smarter, or i'm slowly losing my senses in hearing. Anyways, those scratches did cause wounds that i had to patch up with my sewing box, because i ran out of bandages around that time. But the thing is, my wounds started to get itchy. I didn't think of anything at first, itchy wounds being itchy, until it started to get pus around the wounds. So, obviously my wounds got infected by the mediocre stitching up that i performed on myself. Had to go raid a hospital and find some Antibiotics. Found a pack of three, took two. The good news, is that i found Antibiotics.... Obviously. I also made some progress on my advancement up North. I'm right now camped out at an industrial complex by a military installation.... Or something along those lines. The map doesn't say what it is, just that tourists aren't allowed near that area, under threat of arrest, yada yada yada. So, i assumed it's military or secret government stuff. Either or, there should be something useful in there. I plan on raiding it tomorrow. Anyways, I found something today at the big town i was in, before i left. It was a recruitment poster, for the CDF. And the guy in the recruitment poster had the green beret on, just like in my dreams..... I must've been CDF. Chernarussian Defense Force. Designated as the National Guard of Chernarus.... There was a war..... Chedaki. Anger when i think of the name. They were involved somehow.... And so were the Americans..... I just don't know how. Doesn't matter, need to rest. If i stayed up contemplating life's many questions, then i would get no sleep. I need sleep, now more than ever. Hey guys, thanks for reading! I'm gonna start to get into the lore of Chernarus a bit, so let me know if i mess something up, or if i forgot to add something that's crucially important to what i'm writing about. I.E. The Chernarus conflict.
  10. The Journal of Viktor Chebrikov

    Journal 3, page 4, entry 7 I had a dream last night. It was a bit of a weird dream, almost nightmarish. Trying to remember it and put it down into writing is so hard, but I'll do my best. I remember an Airstrip, and i was there..... There with those Green Beret people again. I couldn't make out their faces, but their figures gave out that the group in the dream was two guys and a girl. We were searching from building to building for something, not sure what exactly. Maybe something of a military nature? I don't know. I was searching a building, then there were loud pop sounds and yelling. Infected. One of the guys alerted the infected. He wasn't supposed to be loud, he was supposed to be quiet for the mission. Didn't want to die... Didn't want to be one of those things. I stepped outside from the building, and i fired. I fired from an AK. AK-74, thirty round magazine, 5.54 ammunition. I hit some of the infected, then i turned back. I turned back because someone was yelling my name, then i turned around and got grabbed by an infected... I woke up covered in sweat after that. I don't know who these Green Beret people were, but i was one of them. They had to be military, something about how they moved and shot at their targets.... Anyways, it doesn't matter. Survival matters. All i know is that i need to get to the 101 Settlement. Rest. Get my bearings. Then i start looking for answers, then i find out what i'm doing in this country. Do i live here? Am i Chernarussian? I can read the signs, i can remember the language, but am i a native? I hope i can have those questions answered, but not now..... Now, i move out and survive. Hello, again! My, we're getting into the story of my character (Somewhat) and a possible story line that can drive the RP forward. But, getting ahead of myself. I decided to write this partly for story reasons, partly because i haven't been IG yet. As always, Feedback, constructive criticism, and any other types of goodwill posts are always welcome. Till the next entry, thanks for reading!
  11. The Journal of Viktor Chebrikov

    Journal 3, page 3-4, entry 6 Well, i finally got out of that Police Station situation. To be honest, i got out because someone else tried to play hero for me. I heard gunshots outside while i was trapped, and all of the infected started leaving the door and heading down the road. Now, i had a choice to make in that instance: Do i help the person who is about to get slammed by a small horde of infected, or do i use them as a distraction while i get the hell out of town.... Well, i obviously went with the second option. Put it this way, the most i got to be able to help, is a rifle that i have to manually put ammo into every time i decided to shoot. That would just end up dooming us both, and there's no reason the BOTH of us should die. Anyways, i'm sure the survivor is fine.... Or dead. Either or, i made it out of Gorka, no worse for wear. I made my way somewhat NW till i came upon a large town. Looted a quarter of it, found enough food to keep me going on my trip to the general area of the 101 settlement, and I've decided to squat down for the night in this cabin-esque house. I can't complain, it at least has a bed. It also had a closet that i could hang my stuff on to dry. Infected still do bleed, albeit a lot more slowly and almost glob-like. Somewhat black, too. Tomorrow i'll loot some more of the town and keep heading North. Got a Tourist map for the region, so i should be able to at least navigate without getting lost. May even be able to mark a couple of spots for possible sites of this "Settlement". I'm going to be REALLY pissed if the damn thing is burned down, or overrun, by the time i get there. Hello guys, thanks for coming back and reading again. I also like to thank the various people for their praises, since it's what keeps me writing the travels of my character. As always, feedback and general "good job" posts are always welcome. Thanks for reading!
  12. The Journal of Viktor Chebrikov

    Journal 3, page 3, entry 5 I made my way further West today. The fields in this area are beautiful, but i guess the infected think so too. I saw a couple of them near a Gas Station, just wandering about in the fields. I don't know why, but i had the urge to practice my aim. I had picked up a rifle scope in the last town, and i was just dying to test it out. So i went further up on the hill adjacent to the infected in the field and started to set up. I put the scope on my rifle, laid down a rag for me to put my individual bullets for my rifle on, and got on my stomach. I then emptied a handful of the bullets onto the rag and loaded one into the rifle. Still haven't found a magazine for the damn thing, so manually chambering a round each time i shoot is the only option. Now, I'm not sure if I'm the worst shot in South Zagoria, or the scope was off, but i missed a few shots. My only saving grace is that being up the hill meant the sound could possibly reverberate off of anything and bounce the sound around. That meant that the infected were just running around in circles each time i shot. Eventually, i finished them all off and checked the Gas Station for anything useful. There wasn't anything useful in there.... So, i moved up to the town called "Gorka". Now, that place was packed full of the infected. I took some out upon my entrance into the outskirts of the town, but i started seeing the fucks in clusters. Now, i'm not proud of this, but i heard a loud bang and got startled.... That would sound pretty darn innocent, if i wasn't holding my rifle in my hand. My finger squeezed the trigger in my panic, and.... Well, take a guess on what happened. So, with a pack of twenty or so infected, i ran into the Police Station and barricaded all the doors leading to the outside. So yeah.... Right now i'm trapped in here, surrounded by a large amount of ugly bastards, trying to devise a way to get out of here. I hope i think of something soon, those bastards are really pounding on that door, and i don't know how durable those doors can be after three years of disrepair.... Hey folks, glad to have you back again. Remember, constructive feedback and good vibe posts are always welcome. I do have to set a warning here, some sensitive things that happen IG i may not write about till later on. The reason for this is because of those people who grab info from stuff that isn't exactly known to them. I know most of us don't do it, but i'm sure some people do. Heck, if i wrote about betraying a group of people with another dude in that group, and the group leader reads my journal.... Well, we all sometimes unconsciously use that info to be more alert and such. So yeah, just putting that warning up ahead of time. Thanks for reading!
  13. The Journal of Viktor Chebrikov

    Journal 3, page 2-3, entry 4 I decided to stay the night at the town, which i later found out to be named "Dolina" from the town signs. I had a weird dream about the same town, but it had some heavily armed people wearing green berets. I was wearing a green beret too, i think. Then i heard a growl in my dream, and woke up. Turned out, the growl was real. Apparently as i slept, a bunch of infected had wandered in through town. One of them was busy gnawing on a chicken outside of the window of my "Sleep" house. Poor little guy.... girl? I can't tell if chickens are girls or guys.... Either or, i got readied up for my little showdown with the infected outside. I decided on the hatchet i picked up on my travels, since a gun would attract more to the town, and i still didn't find any magazines for my rifle or a clip for pistol. Turns out, I'm pretty good with the hatchet. Without going into too much detail, i took down about eight or nine and evacuated away from the town afterwards. I wasn't planning on trying to start a stationary life at that one lone town, even if i did live in it at one point in my life. Not to mention, i think trying to clear a town of infected may be a bit hazardous for one's health. I may of survived that fight with those brain-dead assholes, but that doesn't mean I'd survive trying to take them all on, let alone try and clear a town full of them. I mean, maybe if i had some help, sure, but i don't have such a luxury.... Not anymore, it seems. Right now, I'm in a shed, a kilometer out from Dolina planning my next move. I may just follow the road, see where it takes me. Who knows, maybe I'll try heading NE and try and find this settlement that 101 group is running. You know, if it hasn't been burnt to the ground yet. Hey folks, glad to have you here again. I got some good complimentary posts from a few viewers, which filled me with more determination than ever to keep on writing. I know this goes without saying, but if it seems like I'm writing for an audience of one (Me), than it gets a wee bit hard to have the motivation to keep writing. I'm sure plenty of writers can tell you that. Anyways, if you all have and constructive criticism, or just want to say how you like the Journal so far, leave a reply. I deffo appreciate either of those things.
  14. The Journal of Viktor Chebrikov

    Journal 3, page 2, entry 3 There was nothing in that town....City. All there was, was Infected around almost every block. No food, no medicine, no nothing. I was hungry, but i knew if i kept trying to push East, this hunger would take me. So i headed back West, picked up some canned food from a big town by the coast. After i was good and satisfied, i decided to skirt the coastline for a bit. Killed about ten.... Maybe eleven, infected on this little change of course. I would've killed more, but something told me that doing so is not the most strategic of actions. I ended up going inland from a coastal town to another town. It was, unsurprisingly, abandoned. Didn't see any Infected, which was strange.... Not that I'm complaining. I'll take any luck the world is willing to give me. I took a look around town..... And it all seemed familiar. I used to sleep here, i think. And not just a one time deal because of dangers in the dark, i slept here multiple times. I lived here. But why? Hello, folks. Sorry about the short entry. Nothing really happened yesterday (Surprisingly) so i just filled this entry with the short-and-sweet version of my coastal adventure. Anyways, feedback and just general "Oh, this is a good story." is always welcome. I hope it doesn't have to be said, but constructive feedback only. Thanks for Reading!
  15. The Journal of Viktor Chebrikov

    Journal 3, page 1, entry 2 Left the house at the dead of night. Couldn't sleep, too many moans and groans from the Infected. I had to take a few out on the way out of the village. I made my was East and came upon a Garage Complex outside of a very large town. I was getting hungry, so i decided to try and loot the Garages. Turns out, a group of infected were shambling about inside one of the Garages. Had to fight hard to put them down. Ran out of Shotgun pellet rounds after the first two. took two more out with the pistol i had, but since i had to chamber round after round while running, i had to forego it for the Machete. Lodged the Machete in one of the bastard's skull, but couldn't get it out in time before the last infected knocked me over. Fucker took a bite out of my right glove and was trying to claw up my body. Was able to grab ahold of a brick and smack the damn thing off of me, then chamber the pistol and finally ended it's miserable existence. Was the most intense fight I've been in... That i remember, at least. Looted the rest of the Garages and found a rifle with a box of ammo and replaced my shotgun with it. The only downside is i have to chamber the darn thing till i find the magazine for it, and who knows how long that'll be. I made my way down to the Large town. It almost looked like a city with that big building in the middle of it all. I looted a few of the buildings, but came up empty on food. Place must've been picked clean. I was starting to feel tired, so i made my way to an apartment building. Nice little place, has a living room and a separate bedroom to it. It even has a bed that looks relatively clean! I'm gonna sleep here for a bit, maybe take my mind off my stomach.... -Viktor Chebrikov As always, feedback is appreciated. I took some advice from a suggestion and made the words in this entry the same regular size. Let me know if this is better than the previous text size, or if you want it to go back to the original word size from the last entry. Thanks for Reading!