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  1. Day 10: I found it. I found the Quarry. I walked around the outskirts of it, to take in all that had been built before it all happened. I moved closer to see if anyone or anything was around, then got into the dug-out hole. I walked around, noticing the few building and rusted mining equipment. I saw a sort of lake that had been from the rainfall in the area since the start of the Infection. I pondered on what had happened to the Miners, their families, and the owner I was to meet. The reason why I had come to Chernarus in the first place. Invest in a country that was going to blow up with economic opportunity, get rich quick from it. Give your company that boost to get it's name noticed and single it out as unique. Land in Miroslav, get escorted to South Zagoria, then to the quarry for a quick tour and info-lecture, shake hands, sign the papers, stay a week, go back to the States. In the end, it was all for nothing. I only got to being escorted to South Zagoria. I never even made it out of the Miroslavl Region. But it wouldn't matter anyways. You know why? This place is a dump. It wouldn't have even been something profitable, from the looks of it. I've trapped myself in a foreign country full of Infected, crazy-ass survivors, and other things that I can only imagine.... All for a failed venture. I left without much thought. It's done. I walked out of the quarry, up the hilly terrain, down a side road, towards Gorka. It's over. My map is telling me that it's a fast way, but easy to get confused if I don't follow the right road. I hate this. I settled into a house for the night, not sure what else to do. I could go back to the former Vishnoyans, now Vyborians, and start my life anew with them. But for what? In the end, this is shit. This won't work. Everything is fucked. I wish it would all be over. But that's okay, I guess. At least I can do something with my time, other than contemplate suicide. I still can do something to keep me busy. I can do something, so why do nothing? Because I'll fail? Because I'll die? Good. It should end. It SHOULD fail. But as long as I can do something, there is no point in not trying.
  2. Day 8: Woke up today to the sounds of creaking wood. At first, I thought that something was on the roof of the shack I decided to call my temporary camp. Turned out, it was just a bit of rotting wood. How do I know it was rotting wood? Because some of the roof fell in and almost crushed me. After gathering my wits, nerves, and belongings, I headed back to the Military Compound to do a bit of a more thorough search of the base. I found a ton of black clothing, so I decided to change up my style to one of a more deadly nature. I also found a M4 of some sort with a ton of ammo to boot! Pretty great find, if I do say so myself. Too bad I can't fire it without attracting a horde to my position, otherwise I'd be shooting this thing at every Infected I came across. After my looting, I started making my way to the Northern cities from a dirt road that went from West to East out of the base. Got through a couple of towns, but decided to stop at the one before my target. I've noticed that these places are not as trashed or looted as the rest of the towns to the South, so a lot more can be scavenged from the towns than the South. There also seems to be a lack of wells or fresh groundwater in the towns I've traveled through. Nothing much in the way of past military presence, besides one checkpoint/refueling station on the side of a road. This town i'm in is somewhat big enough for me to inhabit one of the apartments for the night, and still be able to get out safely in the morning. I'm almost there, just a day left and this will be all over.
  3. Day 7: Today was an eventful day, to say the least. I backtracked to Gorka from Lopatino to try and find a rain coat and some extra supplies for my trip to the Northern Cities, when I came across a couple of folks on my way back to Lopatino. Just three or so guys, sitting around the well in Vybor with a bunch of Infected corpses strewn about the area. At first, I was a bit paranoid on why in the hell they were just sitting there, but then I just decided to say, "Fuck it." and strolled over with my usual charm. They responded semi-well, as in they kind of acknowledged me with bored indifference as I partook in the source of fresh water they were sitting around. I continued to strike up a chat with them, when one of their friends came up to me with a stuffed green pepper with minced meat and offered me some. Being the gracious, but cautious, guest I was, I asked of the source of the minced meat and what exactly "It" was. Turns out, just cow meat put inside a concoction that a past Army cook prepared. I took it with thanks, and placed it in a place for later disposal. Can never be too careful about weird foods handed to you by complete strangers. We then continued to talk and joke for the better part of twenty minutes, when I got a bit of a surprise. Ace and some of the folks from the Vishnoyan townsfolk had shown up in the exact same area. At first, I thought they were here to find me because they were sooo worried about my absence, but turned out it was an even more stranger reason than that. They had moved towns and decided to stay in Vybor. At least for a time, I think. So there was a bit catching up to do, but mostly silent observation of certain people and conversations happening around me. Some led to interesting information, such as "The Pack" were sort of protecting the Vishnoyans from any danger, and that The Horsemen weren't breathing down their neck anymore. The second bit of info was a bit of a weird one, seeing as though those folks were usually following the Townsfolk like Death's Shadow around the region. This, and more, were being discussed and talked about as I watched and interjected here and there to make sure I wasn't entirely a mute doll to these people. Lesser info came about, such as that Ace seems to deal or give drugs to folks who ask. Weed and Cocaina, or Cocaine for those who can't grasp the obvious English translation. Strange, but not unheard of out in this region. She also seems to have suicidal tendencies, perhaps? Playing Russian Roulette either points to that, or a not-so-stable psyche of the person playing it. I also met one or two of "The Pack", when I was talking to them. One was a Chernarussian (Or Russian) with the nickname "Bull Dog", or something along those lines. Though, judging from the lack of Hand-Eye Coordination and somewhat delayed and slurred speech, he seems like more of a Booze Hound to me. The other Pack member was the Army Cook, who was a nice guy until later on in the day. But we'll get to that later. Anyways, somewhere along the way, I decided to try and trade some Military American rounds for some things I needed. I was able to get a baggie full of 9mm rounds from a guy named Mason for 5 bullets. Should've offered 2 for the amount. Somewhere in the trading, the Chef offered me a ride to a Military Base in Tisy, a city in the north, for 10 bullets. I did need to go to the North, this is true, and driving was considerably shorter and less dangerous than walking. I ended up taking the ride. We left with a few other passengers, such as Ace, Booze Hound, the Cook (Now swindling Bus Driver), and a few other folks I recognized from Vishnoye. We hit a bit of bumps and such along the way, including Ace falling out of the bus and us having to stop to see her condition. It didn't help the situation that the Bus had no seat belts or DOORS, to speak of. Somewhere down the way, the Bus Driver thought he could do a tight U-Turn in the middle of a field, and ended up flipping it on its side. If it weren't for my Helmet, I would be taking the Ghost Hound Express to Hell instead of writing about the event. With our Bus flipped, we trekked out on foot to the Base. Let me just say, the place was massive! I had no clue as to why no one decided to settle down in the Complex, other than the copious amount of Infected littering the scene. We searched the various buildings for supplies, but I wasn't too concerned about that. I was, however, concerned about getting my 10 Bullets back from the swindling Bus Driver, since the agreed upon terms was to Tisy and back. I didn't mention I wouldn't be making the return trip back, but still. He refused time and time again, and if it wasn't for the sake of appearances and the possibility of intervention by our companions, I probably would've gotten those bullets back at the end of my gun. As we continued to search, Ace thought it funny to try and close all the doors as she was leaving, even though I was still in the same building. I, of course, joked that she was trying to give me Claustrophobia and was silently wishing to lock her in a building to she how she liked the joke turned against her. The opportunity came as we entered a bit of a bunker/basement, which was under a Officers building in the compound. She only got a bit inward, before she tried to get out in a panic. I tried closing the door on her, but she ran through in time. Turns out, the girl has the actual fear of Claustrophobia. And, her actual name is Lupe, which she finds as a, "Bastardization" of her name. Thanks goes to the Bus Driver for squawking it out over her Radio. Towards the end of our search, we stopped to use the firing range and wasted a bunch of bullets in the process. I was also getting VERY UPSET, with a man in a Press Vest for stealing my shots on the Infected that came to the source of the sustained gunfire. Eventually, they decided to start the trip back. I told them that I was going to stick around, maybe travel a bit. We said our goodbyes, and parted ways. I headed a couple minutes into a forest, past the fences surrounding the Compound, and settled down for the night in a lone shack in the woods. This was so they couldn't track my true intentions without being seen or noticed in the process of following me. I start my actual trip tomorrow, so that I may never have to do it again. God, I hate this feeling. This feeling of dre… (The word veers off into squiggles that were penciled in with much force and emotion.)
  4. Day 6: Left town a day ago for a trip to the Northern cities. Been touch-and-go for a bit, what with the rain and winds and the general hazards that plague about the lands.. I've made it to Lopatino and have settled down in a makeshift shelter of a room for the night. I have no clue really why I'm taking this trip. Well, I actually do, but I don't see why it has any importance in my current lot in life. I don't need to see the place, I don't need to know what happened to it, I don't even want to mention that place. But yet, I'm a bit drawn to it and want to at least see it once. To know what was going to be, and then never have to be anywhere near it again. Full closure on the situation. DONE. Anyways, I hope the folks in Vishnoye won't need me for anything and that Nolan can handle his self and own acquisition of goods for the time being. I mean, I haven't given them any notice on my leaving or travels. Heck, maybe I should've scheduled a week off, and used those vacation days. Use them or lose them, I was always told. They know where to reach me if they need me, since I've given Nolan my personal Frequency and such. Worse comes to worse, they can just do a general broadcast on some random frequency. I hear those all the time, but heck if I know I'll hear it in time. Maybe on a loop? Who knows. Either or, it gives me an opportunity to scout out the cities, maybe find out some things that are interesting about the Region or the state of other countries like Russia. They share a border, so there has to be some evidence of something interesting on the checkpoints and border stops. Till then, guess I can try and find a rain coat or something. Damn rain is soaking me to the bone.
  5. Day 4: Made it back into town today, which is always both a relieve and a headache. This headache came from a group of two "Christian" farmers that had taken up a job at Vishnoye of farming crops. One was a over-the-top pacifist that would probably put Jesus Christ to shame on how nice and giving he was, while the other was a normal guy who was there to, I suppose, guard the other from harm. I guess they want to start a life in the town, but I'm worried about how far their conviction for Christianity goes. The Crusades happened before, it wouldn't surprise me if some folks all of a sudden thinks God wants them to purge folks who aren't true believers. I mean, it's not like I have a phobia of religion, but it's a grey area for me. Why worship a being who used to be so revealing and present back in the B.C.'s, but now wouldn't even spit in our general direction to save our lives? And this Infection... if there was a God, why would it unleash such a thing onto us? Or allow it to happen? I have personal Grievances with this God, for more reason than one, but I guess I should tolerate it's followers for as long as they stay peaceful. Anyways, I brought the supplies into town and placed them in their designated tents. Just a bunch of seed packets and basic medical supplies, plus a bit of ammo for whomever needs it. I believe that if these folks want to help those in need, Ammo and Guns should be part of that package. It's all well and good to patch up and feed a fellow if they need it, but if they don't have anything to protect themselves with then it would've been less of a waste to have burned the food and medical supplies we wasted on them in the first place. As a saying once said, "A polite society, is an armed society.", and that saying is more relevant now than it has ever been before. I did see Ace very briefly as well, enough of a time to say hello and to ask where to put the supplies. Apparently, they had to attend to a man who was, to quote the doctor, "Shitting out his organs.", because he refuses to purify his water. So, a bit of the Cholera was needed treating and Ace was part of the folks that went to help the poor idiot out of the situation. No clue if they were able to or not, but I sort of hoped he died before they got there. Darwinism is a thing that is needed in these times, so that no idiot accidentally does something stupid and ends up hurting those who are innocent in his stupidity. Rather he dies now, then takes some folks with him later. I'm gonna go to sleep now, that journey from Elektro was a bit more draining than I realized. Tomorrow, I hope it's better. Tomorrow, I hope it's all over. Tomorrow, I hope this nightmare ends.
  6. Day 3: Another day of gathering supplies for the town. I had to gather basic gardening supplies and general stuff the town needs, since apparently the town got flooded in the night and the tents were taken with the inland tide. I dropped some packets of seeds and garden lime off to them, and they immediately started laying the groundwork for crops. This is good, since I'm sure this will save them from having to hunt and gather outside of town. Heaven forbid, if someone else decided to get these supplies for them, in a town that was only 5 minutes down the road. I'm not complaining, but it seemed weird that they were at a lack of food and only sent me to get the supplies and means to make food. Also, Medical supplies are back on the menu for the good doctor. Guess he used them all for some poor shmucks who got shot or sick. And.... A tent and water can? I feel like those will take a bit to find. But, I guess I'm happy to be doing something and pulling my weight. They feed me, so it's not like I don't get something from it. I did, however, had an interesting conversation with one of the townsfolk on the Radio today. At first it was because I didn't see signs of a large group she was tracking heading to Elektro, then it branched out to conversation. Questions were asked about the various groups, the path of the group that inhabit Vishnoye, and even questions of a personal nature. What I think of her? Bit intimidating. Whether this is on accident, or if this is on purpose, I have no clue. Perhaps it's her accent? Her very loud laugh? Something just seems... Off, about her. Even her name seems weird, but it isn't even her name. "Ace".... What a strange case. She seems to think I'm an observant fellow, which isn't wrong, and wants me to have chats of a... Revealing nature, from time to time on what I may observe. I, of course, accepted. It's a quid pro quo thing, since she would also answer any question for me or what she's seen. But, I don't know. Seems strange still that it happened, but no use crying over spilled milk now. I'm stuck in Elektro for right now, gathering supplies for the town. I hope they like seed packets, because that's the majority of what I was able to find in this massive coastal town. Tomorrow, I make my way back to Vishnoye. Wonder if the Doctor has any knowledge of the towns to the far north.
  7. Day 2: I have been observing the geopolitical landscape of the Township of Vishnoye with the rest of the perceived world, but it plays out more like a food chain. In this food chain, the townsfolk of Vishnoye are at the bottom, only higher from a lone survivor by a level in the notched status quo. To the top, are groups deemed as Horsemen and Kamenici. The Horsemen seem to be a group of survivors who dominate through their lack of morals and the firepower to match it, while the Kamenici are a bunch of pissed off Chernarussians that have a disdain for foreigners and rely on hit-and-run tactics. The Horsemen seem to have a sort of "Domineering" position over the town of Vishnoye, claiming to protect it from threats such as Cannibals, Infected, and the Kamenici. For this small service, they demand unwavering loyalty and a list of demands that seem to only benefit the Horsemen in the long run. Sadly, the Townsfolk of Vishnoye have no hope but to comply to these "Requests" and treat all the Horsemen with a respect that seems misplaced and undeserved. Those who anger the Horsemen are sent to their doom by their own neighbors, under the threat of physical harm to either ones they love or the town as a whole. The desperation in the eyes of the survivors during such times are evident, and each person handed to the Horsemen do so with little doubt that it is for the best and safety of the town. Acts of violence are inflicted upon those who are handed over to the Horsemen, and I can only imagine those who were sent and never heard from again. Probably in a ditch or shallow grave somewhere. The Kamenici seem to be a different story in this ecosystem, being both Predator and Prey in the cycle of the situation that circles the poor hamlet. The group is comprised of, from my understanding, Chernarussian Nationalists that don't very much like any foreigners and seem to look into means of violence or intimidation to fix the problem. whether this is from past abuse at the hands of foreigners, assumption that they are the reason for the outbreak, or just plain down xenophobia. I have also seen this group taking survivors from the town of Vishnoye, for probably the same (If not similar) grievances as the Horsemen. The only difference is that the Kamenici don't ask nice, but rather skulk into town and capture their target while they are alone or at a disadvantage. This usually leads to the township calling upon their "Protectors" for aid, and the shedding of blood commences soon after. Kamenici don't seem to have the same strength as Horsemen for head-on conflicts, so instead they rely on hit-and-run tactics to get the job done. Knowing the landscape, ins and outs, and every nook and cranny of the region work towards their advantage in their Guerilla Warfare. In the end, the people of Vishnoye are nothing but livestock, trapped in the pen that they call Vishnoye. Whether they are taken out to pasture by their Shepherds, or snagged by one of the Wolves, they are in a situation in which they have no out. All they can rely on is to continue to survive and choose what they deem the lesser of two evils, even if they must sacrifice one of theirs to the sacrificial pyre to do it.
  8. Day 1: I have decided to keep a personal journal on me from now on, to better capture my own thoughts and alleviate some of my mounting boredom. Currently, i'm in the occupation of "Assistance in acquiring medical supplies" for a Doctor Nolan Almes. It's more like Errand Boy and the occasional guarding of a person who doesn't understand personal safety. He seems to be a part of the group that lives in the town of Vishnoye, a sort of quaint village with the ruins of a past castle overlooking the town. I, of course, also reside in the town, making bed at any area that the townsfolk will allow me. The Doctor thinks that he can find a way to "Treat" the infection, but seemed to be struggling with even the basics of terminology. However, on the off-chance that he is able to, I will continue to make my services available and aid in his research. It's not like I do it for free, since I get paid in useful things that may aid my own survival. It also is something to do, which saves me from the troubles of boredom and having nothing to do. I will continue to write my observations and personal thoughts within. For the time being, at least.
  9. Ah. Fair enough, Folks. Guess I was typing in the wrong thing. Wasn't getting any results from Google or anything about it. But thanks for pointing it out.
  10. So, this is more of a question/If anyone else has this, type of thing. I was walking into Vybor with some guy, when I noticed me and his hair went gray and our skin clammy. I wasn't quite sure if it did happen or not, so I went and took my helmet off to make sure. And yep, I've become an old man. First time playing since a brief stint in 2017, and I've gotten old. Is this a feature, or a glitch, or my graphics card bugged off? Anyone else seen this happen? Thoughts, comments, concerns, etc. And sorry if its redundant, but I've typed it in and I haven't found a topic on it, so yeah. Here And Here
  11. Jaydon Auch was born in Tampa, Florida, on August 4th, 1986. He was born from Siilgard Auch and Lacy Auch. Grew up wanting to be a Police Officer, but started wanting to live a life of luxury and more. Graduated from University of South Florida with a Master's Degree in Business. Work for a local company called Clair-Ex till 2015, in which he quit and started up his own Business, which he deemed "Auch Industries. Struggled to get by for two years before getting into contact with a Natural Gas Producer and Coal Mine owner, Vladimir Cyzk Pryporik, who had a business proposition for Jaydon to supply an unknown amount of money to start up a new Coal Mine in South Zagoria, in exchange for triple the profit and steady income from the venture. Jaydon left for Chernarus in June 29th, 2017. He landed in Novigrad and made way to South Zagoria by way of an Associate of Pryporik's, after a week of dazzling Jaydon with the new booming city. No one is sure what happened to Jaydon on that trip, since the last known communication was to his Mother before entering the Kirovograd region of the Country. Shortly after, the infection started and Cell Signals were down, along with internet access, and Martial law was put into place. No one is sure what had happened to Jaydon, but he has arrived to the South Zagoria region of Chernarus on 3/6/2018, unsure of what might come next.
  12. Makarov

    Ivan Mládek, A Wolf Without His Pack

    Very good, Garrison. Blows my story out of the water. Adding music and such to the story.... Always gotta one up everyone. Either or, fantastic read. I would say keep it up, but you already know what to do. If you want, you could color or italicize/Bolden the words for fancy word effects if ya want. Just something to put on the table if ya feel like ever using it.
  13. Journal 3, page 6, entry 12 Nothing really out of the ordinary happened today.... Except i shot a deer. I was on my way to that little pew building that was on the outskirts of the place i was bunking down in, mostly for a good luck prayer for my future travels, when i spotted three deer. They were across the field, grazing. Just doing the nature thing.... I was bored and curious. I needed to work on my aim with the rifle, and i'm sure live target was better than stationary. So, i aimed down the scope. Aimed at the farthest one from the group, and aimed for the spot that i would assume house the heart, got on my haunches in a crouched position, held my breath as i aimed, and pulled the trigger. Now, in hindsight, i should've laid down on my stomach for this shot. Because, the recoil from the shot knocked the barrel up a little bit and the bullet hit the poor.... The deer, in the neck. The other two deer scattered, and so did the deer i shot. Except, he went for a half a minute run, then he ran/fell into the ground. He even did a little flip and roll. Would've been funny, if it wasn't so brutal. I approached the fallen deer, and i saw it was still breathing. Breathing, in this case, meaning gurgling sounds mixed with deer sounds. I loo at it's eyes, and... it haunts me. I saw fear... Not of me, not of what was happening to it, but of what was coming. The big empty.... Death. As i looked at those eyes, i felt something. Wasn't guilt, or sadness.... But dread. Dread of death. That dread turned into fear. A fear that one day, i may be the one in the field minding my own business, then get shot from nowhere by an unknown assailant. Face the same inevitability as this deer was facing.... I don't want to die..... Maybe i should just end the deer, stop it's suffering. Maybe i should try to help it? I'm no deer doctor, but... My train of thought was interrupted by the deer taking one last, final breath. A big heave with a lot of loud gurgling, then nothing. Silence. No more breathing. I stood there for a while, staring at the deer corpse.... Watching the blood seep out slowly from the wound, creating a bloody ground and grass. At least the grass will be green all through the winter... I went back to the pew. Said a quick prayer for safety, then went back to the house i was camped in. I was done with today.... I just wanted to be alone. Hey folks, back at it and ready to roll! I've been inactive because of Exams. They ended for me Friday, and i decided to take a hiatus till now. Now, i did get on yesterday and shot this deer in it's face, but then i got Mike Tyson'd by a Zombie. The thing one hitted me, and i went down.... Deader than disco. So, i kinda can't come up with an excuse for why i'm down in Berezino, when i should be up by Stary Yar. So, gonna try my best to get back up there and resume the story. Till then, no more entries. If i come across anyone, i will have to put their interactions in at a later time, or not at all. Depending if it's of importance, or just a howdy to a survivor. So, thank you for reading and hopefully understanding!
  14. True. Remind me to find some Magnum ammo for the next time we meet. Gotta give a friend a proper greeting.
  15. "Remember, no Russian....." But that's usually before i rob a guy or group blind with some friends. If we're talking about just a greeting, it really just depends. I usually greet friends with 5 shots to the chest with a magnum, after i tab back in. @Final Randle