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  1. The itself ban is not fair as I had no knowledge about DayzRP when I started to take the questions to check if I had read the rules and lore, I had never been in an RP community before within the PC community and because I was new to PC gaming itself it actually made the experience very tricky, I previously had no Roleplay experience and or experience of actually attempting to be whitelisted in any community, henceforth the 1st to 2nd attempt was probably not a clear indication of where I am at now. the rest were a case of me misreading one question, and as silly as it sounds I know the answer to it now so as a result if I was to get just one more retake I am sure I would pass. Additional comments - I think it is quite daunting really when I started PC Gaming as I watched a whole lot of Youtube videos and it really persuaded me but when I got hit by the Questions it was kind of unexpected and I didn't really think there would be any repercussions for not passing them, as a result I did not take it seriously due to my inexperience of trying to get whitelisted. I can only apologise to that. I do not really have anymore additional relevant comments to make regarding my ban but thank you for taking your time to read this thread and I hope to be roleplaying with you all in the future. I could have gained more knowledge to the server and the service in which you are offering. I should have researched the server and browsed the site more before I did this - even contacting some admins and playing the DayZ Standalone game would have been a little help! I just saw DayZRP server stories and fell for it all too quickly and did not think before I took the questions. Once again, Thank-you. Tmxmerkzz.