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  1. Where is the server?

    I can't find the DayZrp server, I've typed in the IP and it isn't coming up. Has the server been taken down? If you could help I'd be grateful Thank you.
  2. Thank you to the Admins who whitelisted me and putting up with me I won't let you down :)

    Also a big thank you to the Moderators who helped me too :) 

  3. Please help me

    thank you
  4. Please help me

    I have created my ban appeal thank you for the help
  5. Please help me

    Do I just go on start topic on the page?
  6. Please help me

    What have I been blacklisted for? And sorry to be a pain but how do I do a ban appeal?
  7. Please help me

    any chance you could link the white listed page to me? Thank you
  8. Please help me

    //Oh thank you for that
  9. Please help me

    Hello my name is Kodi, 3 days ago I signed up to be white listed and they haven't got back to me. Is there anything I can do or is this normal? Thank you.