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  1. I'm Officer Wiggins, but lately people just call me Wiggins, my Officer days are over, ever since the outbreak i struggled to find meaning, why i'm here, why i'm still alive. so i set on an adventure, to find a purpose. i met up with some folks along the way, fell in love, things weren't so bad, i didn't have much of a family anyway. we lost some folks, yes. But to be honest, u have seen the movies, stuff like that always happens, you kinda accept it before it even happens. Anyway, i took it better than the others, Lucy ( my girlfriend ) didnt handle it so well, her little sister was one of the victims. We heard a radio broadcast not too long after, stuff about a new start, hope, rescue. My girlfriend, some old folks and i took a boat to Chernarus, it's the place the broadcast mentioned. we had a small spark of hope left, but that spark of hope kept us going, we lost too much, friends, family, we needed a new start. But, it never works the way like u plan it. A storm hit us, and our ship flipped by an enormous wave. I woke up on shore, cold, hungry not knowing where everyone was. And thus my story began, my priority was to find safety and rescue, now. It's to find my dear Lucy. but i'm afraid she might already be gone. But i'll keep searching, i owe her that.
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