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  1. Growing up in the suburbs of Novodmitrovsk to a broke but proud russian supporting family. Moskvin had always wanted to become a soldier of the Red army but never got the chance due to the fall of the Soviet union. This angered Moskvin and he felt betrayed by his own country but later in the years heard about an organization called ChDKZ that fought for freedom to bring back the good old days. He joined the ChDKZ and did a lot of terrible things especially in the civil war. He killed everybody in his way that didn’t care for the cause. After a lot of fighting they had finally won the Civil wa
  2. Hade an great time lads thank you all for this. It was an amazing journey
  3. Age: 18 Why do you want to volunteer for events? I would love to help out and expand the lore for people on the server. What can you contribute with?: I can do pretty much whatever, both hostile and campfire rp. good doing different accents and pretty good at improvising etc. Timezone/when are you available (server time): GMT+1 What kind of roles do you think fit?: Cannon fodder Extra Voiced role fighter campfire
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    Hello there mr Syn0, I have to say ur profile is very epic

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  5. Ambrož Mišalko was born in a small village called Star yar. His and other Chernarussian families were often harassed by Russians who were the majority. His father worked in a low-income job as a delivery driver and his mother as a guide for hikers that came here for their own entertainment. One day his father had enough en beat the shit out of two Russians that were harassing an old Chernaussian lady. The thanks his father got was by going to jail where he later beat the shit out some more Russian and then got sent to the gulag. Seeing this injustice against his own people Ambrož wanted to ma
  6. Hello Bryan love u

  7. Thank you @Dr Bradley for the amazing rp today at the hospital. couldn't stop laughing and sorry if the old man got to much for William Thanks to everybody else that was there trying to stop the old man with his painkiller addiction
  8. The two brothers are are finally reunited in death
  9. kinda cool ngl

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    Your profile music is my kind of jam.


  11. Loved the video man it looks amazing
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