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  1. @Basko and I think it was @Kormit the and rest of the lads from ur little group. Thanks for the good RP, really enjoyed it especially in the end got to see some cool group conflict. I hope I run in too u guys again
  2. William was a simple man, He grew up with his close friend Thomas. They lived like nomads with 12 other people from different places. The group didn’t have a leader or any name. They were just simple travelers. due to them being almost constantly he never really had a lot of friends except the people from his little group. Their group started to hear rumors of a big settlement run by the Norwegian government that was safe from all the infected and bandits. So their plan was to continue travelling north towards Norway but It didn’t go as planned. A lot of people started to get doubts about the
  3. hi

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  5. I, Benry, hereby forfeit my PK rights to Jackfish, leader of the Inner Circle
  6. My POV Me and some of the boys heard @Earlradio in that there where people at GM. We headed straight towards the place and when we arrived there we met some people that started to shit talk. He didn't really care that there were lik 8 of us against his little group. He decided to continue talk shit to us and threatened us to blow himself up with us. We had enough and decided to pull our guns on him and initiate. He fired his RPG killed himself in the explosion.
  7. Hade an great time lads thank you all for this. It was an amazing journey
  8. Age: 18 Why do you want to volunteer for events? I would love to help out and expand the lore for people on the server. What can you contribute with?: I can do pretty much whatever, both hostile and campfire rp. good doing different accents and pretty good at improvising etc. Timezone/when are you available (server time): GMT+1 What kind of roles do you think fit?: Cannon fodder Extra Voiced role fighter campfire
  9. Benry

    Hello there mr Syn0, I have to say ur profile is very epic

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      thank you mr benry hahahahahahah

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      This profile made me sick

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      Sickly good 😎

  10. Hello Bryan love u

  11. Thank you @Dr Bradley for the amazing rp today at the hospital. couldn't stop laughing and sorry if the old man got to much for William Thanks to everybody else that was there trying to stop the old man with his painkiller addiction
  12. The two brothers are are finally reunited in death
  13. kinda cool ngl

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