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  1. Hello Againe

    HAHAH! omg this is turning to sexual, haha i will defently look in too those headsetts even tho i hadd a 100£ headsett becuse here in norway everything is overpriced as ****! but i had the Afterglow wierless head sett it ws amazing headsett, mic quality 9/10 and sounds 10/10 due to that u could change from Orginal sound, Bass sounds and surround!
  2. Hello Againe

    Iwe been gone for a while, not really a brake, but my dog actually manage do brake my headset, so i didnt have any other comunications exept typing and im not really a fast typer, any good headsetts out there??
  3. Hey guys!

    Hey there!
  4. GTA Online DayZRP Crew

    PSN QuAnTuM-XhUnTeR
  5. Note System

    it might sound cool and all but it would also be really anoying!
  6. Hello DayZRP Community!

    yeah hope i see you inn game !
  7. Hello everyone! i just got accepted and im so exited! too get in contact with different clans or other people, and i want to thank the admin team for accept my Application and i think i will have a great time on dayzrp! and i already having a great time on dayzrp right at this moment and i happy too be here and to play with my friends on DayZRP and i hope i meat alot of you guys and rp with you.
  8. nice story! im thinking to make both first person and 3d person story!
  9. Whitelist Background Quality - An Example

    Thanks for this, iwe been making small storys off what i have in mind for 3 days now and i want it to be perfect and this totaly helped me out! thanks!