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  1. My name is Konrad Visser. I am a Dutch college dropout backpacking across Eastern Europe and Central Asia trying to find myself and a deeper meaning to life. I am a staunch pacifist, environmentalist, and minimalist. I believe mother Earth provides everything we could ever need and want. I arrived in Chernarus the afternoon of October 10th and spent the better half of the evening walking the coast, looking for a place to stay. Later that night I bumped into some other travelers from Latvia who knew of a hostel in Chapaevsk. When we arrived the old lady running the place said there was some kind of virus spreading in the region. The next morning there were announcements on the radio about the infection getting out of control and the PM had declared a state of emergency and martial law. Me and my Latvian buddies bailed and decided to get in the woods and lay low for a while. We had to sneak past the military detail on the outskirts of town but found a nice spot to set up camp to the north. Over the next four days things got really out of hand. We could hear explosions and gunfire coming from town and choppers dotted the horizon. Glad we got out of there. My companions were growing more worried and started having more conversations without me in their own language. I awoke one morning all alone with most of my gear missing as well. Latvian bastards! I'm all on my own now. No map, no gear, no friends. I'll have to find my own way out of here. I hope I can stick to my principles of pacifism, treating those I encounter with compassion and empathy; environmentalism, using as few man-made mechanizations as I can to survive; and minimalism, taking with me only what I need to continue pursue my goal of getting the hell out of here and maybe Czeching out the rave scene in Prague.
  2. Howzr

    Server 2 change

    Sorry, but can someone explain how this will help if fluff S1 non-prime time population when S2 was only getting 15 players at peak? As a NA player this pretty much means I wont get to play prime time anymore--I'm looking at a pretty heavy queue right now with at best a 300 ping once I finally get to play and none of my stuff, since I stored it all in a barrel (on S2) last night. I suppose my opinion doesn't carry much weight around here since I only have about 20 hours logged on DayZRP servers and I haven't even had enough time to contemplate going premium, but I'm pretty bummed out--there's really no alternative out there for NA players looking for no-KOS RP whitelist protected servers anymore.