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  1. Roger that folks, sorry about that. Been a busy busy day here.
  2. Thanks for the welcomes will be a bit attempting to get in as: - Do not post whitelist answers on the forum. - Cursing myself as I didn't read while going through, and yup, this is incorrect. The first one is. Have to admit the steps taken to get into this server are pretty intense, but assuming that keeps the riff-raff out. Will attempt again tomorrow and hope to enjoy the community soon. Thanks
  3. Hello, I came across your DayzRP listing on Steam, and wanted to give the community a try. Was very happy to see Life is Feudel as well. Bottom line is I wanted to really get some immersion in to DayZ, and looks like you may fill both bills. Getting acclimated to the forums. McNemar in game, and hope to being hearing/seeing you all soon. Thanks, Call me Mick