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  1. I'm back from the depths hell baby!!!, some may or may not remember m but i'm back, only for a short while just to try out the new standalone rp see what it is like.
  2. Character name: Joseph Cooper Clan: SCORPIO Specialty: Rifleman/Assault Primary mission: Mission 1 Reserve mission: Mission 2
  3. Name: Joseph Cooper Role: Racer Group: SCORPIO
  4. I'd be happy to arrange a meet. Well ask Aiden2997 he can arrange everything
  5. Our clan is contact based maybe we can work together Anyway hope this clan sets off
  6. Killernat

    Arma 2 OA Won't load

    Apparently running steam as admin can sometimes help this
  7. He starred in dusk till dawn too, did he star in kill bill i dont recall.
  8. English motherfucker do you speak it!
  9. I have watched that and really enjoyed it also if you haven't already you should watch dusk till dawn, really weird but enjoyable. Lol indeed a good film
  10. I have just recently gone through and watched several Quentin Tarantino movies i have never really watched Tarantino's work but now i regret not watching them i enjoyed all of them, but my very favorite has to be Pulp Fiction. Whats your favorite?