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    It’s time to V O T E.

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      I choose you 😘

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      Vote Tory #theresa4PM

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    Why do you have to write essays all the time! I just need a TLDR please. My brain. Hurty 

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      Dear diary,

      I totes think Dr. River is in love with Nikolai. All he does is S T A R E at his bootiful booty.

      I think they make a great couple


      Ellie the Hoe.

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      Hello friends

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      When Brayces posts and you open it

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      Greetings @Brady!

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      @Brady!!!!! AAA ❤️

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    Calling for Doctor River

    *Dylan picks up the radio from the table and presses the PTT* "Williams? It's Dr. River. I am not sure if the radio people told you or not so I thought I would. I went up to the radio station yesterday and luckily found Jimmy. I treated him for his leg injury and also for his other injuries that he had from the day before, because of the 'raid' he was involved in. I've advised him on his treatment plan and also informed a Miss Alice on that too. If you ever drop by there, try to check on him to see if he is okay. If you require my assistance again, do not hesitate to ask. You have my frequency." *Dylan places his radio back in his bag and begins to pack up*
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  5. DrMax

    Redwood Radio [Open recruitment]

    Great roleplay from you guys today! I came to do some medical diagnostic work on Jimmy ( @SynO ). Then had to do it on the rest of the group after your battle last night!! Enjoyed all the roleplay from you all, naming a few; Jimmy, Alice and Jack who I spoke to the most. Can’t forget the two men who burnt to death on a campfire too!! Hope to meet you all again!
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    I’d love to do this! I’m in, if I’m allowed Only if we can share a cell @Lemons
  7. DrMax

    DayZRP 19.12.2

    Good old @Nathan the Forum Bot doing gods work! Looks great!
  8. DrMax

    Mentor Program

    I don’t see the issue with bringing it back. If it’s not ran by staff, Rolle shouldn’t hate it! Try to get mentors that do different types of roleplay though. Not just people who are hostile and campfire roleplayers. I looks like a good idea, hopefully you get the mentors and students to sign up!
  9. DrMax

    Calling for Doctor River

    *Dr. River hears the man request him while flicking through the frequencies. He takes his radio off his belt and presses the PTT* "Ah, hello. Do you have a frequency or location for this man. I'd like to see him and take a look at his leg. I suggest if you do not know if your diagnosis is correct, that you do not perform surgery on him. Do not risk it as you may cause more damage. Please try to get in touch with this man or give me a name or frequency so I can speak with him." *He releases the PTT and takes his other radio to hand, using that to talk to his colleague*
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    Told you you’d get it! Congratulations! 200.gif

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    This is meant to be dayzrp, and here I am looking at porn.. 

    Congratulations Hofer!!

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      thank you patrick greys anatomy GIF

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    87.8 Open freq medical call.

    *Dr. River takes his radio to hand and presses the PTT* "I don't know of a camp of the 'Second Chance'. Do you have a location for this place so I can meet you? I'd like to speak with you. *He takes a second before continuing* "Ah, I cant say I remember meeting you Drew. You might have to tell me where we met and what the cause was, if we ever meet again.." *He releases the PTT as he packs his bag to head South.*
  14. DrMax

    87.8 Open freq medical call.

    *Dr. River takes to the radio after hearing the man in trouble* “Greetings. My name is Doctor River. I can try to locate you, maybe tomorrow and assist you in your injuries or anything else. I am currently up North at the moment but can head down to find you tomorrow when I am free. If you head anywhere in the meantime, let me know and I can head to that location to find you. *Dr. River releases the PTT*
  15. DrMax

    The United Nations | (Open Recruitment)

    Good luck!
  16. DrMax

    What inspires you to make your characters/RP them?

    Normally for me, I watch or read something medically and just want to do medical roleplay. I do like doing a lot of research on characters and making aesthetically pleasing character pages too. But I get inspired a lot to make new ones all the time.
  17. DrMax

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    Good luck!
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    This is beautiful! Nice to see you back! 

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      When are you returning @DrMax??

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      When @Roland let’s me back in. 

  19. Hana was born in Stary Yar. She lived with her mother, who was a police officer. Hana's father died when she was young from a malignant tumor. When Hana left school at the age of 16 she decided to leave home and move to Kirovograd to work at a bar. While working there, she decided to also study Oncology. After her father died, she wanted to help more people through the struggle of what her and her mother went through. At the age of 23 she became a nurse in Oncology. She worked at a local clinic. A couple of months after working at the clinic, her mother developed Alzheimer's. She could not afford to put her into a home to help her as she did not earn enough money. Hana had to make sure her mother got the best care she could. She didn't want her to go like her dad, and die a painful death. After a couple of weeks of consideration, she went to speak to Harash. Harash was an arms dealer and lead an organisation dealing with assassins and hitmen. Hana was trained to be an assassin alongside some other people. It was an underground business and Hana saw a lot of fucked up things. A year after being trained up, she got her first target. The woman was a minor celebrity. The woman was in Zelenogorsk seeing some family. She was located at a small house, near the water dam. Hana and another man were the ones to try to kill her. The other man Hana was in, went to the house to do the deed while Hana would watch over with her rifle. The man she was with was caught and it wasn't too long before they realised what was going on. The celebrities bodyguards knew what was happening and took her into the forest to help her escape. Hana saw them head into the forest so, she followed them in to kill her. Hana ran straight into the forest after them but it was empty. The forest itself was huge but Hana saw nothing. She stopped for a second. Took a deep breath, stood still and listened. One of the bodyguards must of said something a little too loud as it echoed all the way through the forest. The echo lead Hana all the way to them. She shot both of the bodyguards and slit the woman's throat, holding her head back while she did it. Hana headed back to Kirovograd and received the money. Due to her kill, she gained the nickname 'Echo'. She used all the money to put her mother in the home. A week before the outbreak, she was sent back to the area of Zelenogorsk to kill an old man who saw the murder. She went back there but as she arrived the outbreak had already hit. The infected already walked the streets. Hana stopped her hit as she knew he'd die by the infected anyway. She got her stuff and decided to walk on. To this day, Hana still walks the forests, watching over people. Kill Count: 7 Likes Hunting Fish Walking Family Gin Dislikes Posh People Birds Rude Foreigners UN / Not UN / But Are The UN People
  20. DrMax

    New Dawn - Medical Group [Open Recruitment]

    Sadly, the time has come. Even though it was a short one. Most of us have not a lot of motivation to play anymore, especially as a group. We will still will probably role dynamically and do medical still, well I will. So feel free to still ask for medical help . Thanks for everyone involved and to everyone who applied. @Inferno, do your deed!
  21. DrMax

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Quality roleplay with you as per @Kerkkoh! Also thanks for the UBER ride @maybelele. First rp back on mainland was with you and I enjoyed it a lot, even though it wasn't for long.
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  23. DrMax

    In need of a doctor (open frequency)

    *Dr. River would take the radio to hands and presses the PTT* "Ah...I am very sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. I really am. We tried to head over to the mainland but by the time we got to the sea, we heard the sad news. My condolences to you all." *He releases the PTT and heads back to the car*
  24. DrMax

    In need of a doctor (open frequency)

    *Dr. River takes his radio to hand and presses the PTT* "Hello, I am Dr. River. I run a medical team. However, we are on the island called Jelení Ostrov. It will take time for us to get anywhere close to treat him. If you find a doctor on the mainland that can help, then get them ASAP. If you cannot locate anyone, use our frequency and we can walk you through somethings. *He releases the PTT*
  25. DrMax

    A world of Wrong (Fanfiction)

    You gotta resurrect @Fae! There’s no story without the master!
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