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  1. DrMax

    Sea, Lakes and River [Open Frequency]

    *After hearing the responses from the multiple people, Dr. River finds shelter in a near by store. He takes the radio from his bag and presses the PTT* "Hello Dimitri. I am fine. My location is..." *A brief pause. He remembers what was said to him about Mr. Dimitri before continuing.* "... a little all over the place right now. I am very busy and travel a lot." *He takes a minute to continue on the next topic at hand* "Unfortunately not. His name is Jackson Lowe. But thank you for the information." *He then takes another minute before continuing.* "There are other ways to fix things like that, regarding your cheek. Regarding your hand, I can take a look at it but Orthopaedics is not my speciality therefore your best bet is to find one. As I said, I can take a look at it and see if it the Kirschner wire is working alright, but if it isn't you'll need to find an Orthopaedic. Luckily, I do know one. Not sure if he is still practicing but I can try reaching out to him if he is needed." *He releases the PTT and he heads on his way back to the hospital*
  2. DrMax

    Sea, Lakes and River [Open Frequency]

    *Dr. River sits in the hospital waiting area as he takes his radio to his hand. He then presses the PTT* "Hello? This is Dr. River. Some of you may know me or remember me from before. I am looking for a friend of mine. His name is Jackson. If any of you have met or even heard of a man named Jackson, please get in touch. He has been missing for quite some time. Any information would be helpful." *He takes a second before continuing* "Other than that, I am still in the area for any treatment or medical advice. So if you are injured or know someone who is hurt somewhere, just ask. I tend to switch frequencies a lot so I will always be listening." *He releases the PTT*
  3. DrMax

    • DrMax
    • Saunders

    Do me proud! ❤️

    1. Saunders


      I will do my very best! Thanks for everything Max ❤️ 

  4. DrMax

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    You’re so welcome for my pvp skills. I too enjoyed the roleplay of biker man Leo.
  5. DrMax

    Vultures (Open Recruitment)

    The best surgeon has arrived. Please stand clear. Thank you for having me...again.
  6. DrMax

    Vultures Media Thread

    If character of the year awards were still a thing, I’d vote 100,000 for Ivan the Crocodile Killer.
  7. DrMax

    Interview With A Community Member: Isaiah CortezPVE

    Well...I wouldn't be so sure. I can think of a few A very nice read though!
  8. DrMax

    Dimitri Stepanov - From Isolation to Danger

    Looks like a year one intern wrote this! Worst Orthopaedic surgeon ever. Jk. It is a very nice read GameMaster Hofer.
  9. DrMax

    Vultures Media Thread

    Car Rides PT.2 Featuring Andela 'The Widow'
  10. DrMax

    • DrMax
    • Peril

    Congratulations Peril!

    Great Job Laughing GIF by Saturday Night Live

    1. Peril


      Thank you Max!

      tip hat thank you GIF by Captain Obvious

    2. Hofer


      excited go team GIF by Warner Archive

    3. RiZStream


      Well deserved, brother!

  11. DrMax

    • DrMax
    • Hofer

    Congratulations Hofer! 

    greys anatomy GIF

    1. Hofer


      thank u GIF by ZEE TV

  12. DrMax

    Havel To Driving Instructor 'Andy' [Open Freq]

    *Havel picks back up the radio and responds to the familiar voice* "Erm, I am Havel. I use to travel with Andela, Sebastian and a few others for a while. I am looking to find them again. Do you know them?" *He releases the PTT*
  13. DrMax




    1. Tomu


      That 70S Show Lol GIF by reactionseditor

    2. Hofer


      fake star trek GIF

  14. DrMax

    Havel To Driving Instructor 'Andy' [Open Freq]

    *Havel sits on top of the haybale while he watches over the small town of the trading post. He takes his radio out and presses the PTT. A young Chernarussian man's voice would fill the airwaves* "Ahoj, this is Havel. Does anybody hear me? I am looking for a nice lady called Andela. I am looking to contact or find her as it seems the frequency we used before, is not working for some reason. *He takes a second to look around him, before carrying on* "If anybody knows where she is, please respond. Or if you're listening Andela, it's a me! Havel!" *He releases the PTT as he places Buzzo's M4 into his bag and gets off the haybale to go raid some places*
  15. DrMax


    Where you all getting your character skill trees from? Or where you making them! I need one as I’m updating River’s character page fully. Someone help me out ❤️

    1. Voodoo


      I think a lot are just making the icons with photoshop then adding them to the page 

    2. Major


      Remember when Rolle did the health indicator on your character page? Pepperidge Farm remembers. 

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