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  1. DrMax


    It seems weird that over a year and a half ago I actually got deeply involved with this community, and so far it’s been a blast!

    To all the amazing role players and friends I have made, I can’t wait to go into 2019 with you all! @Scarlett, @Dino, @Mademoiselle, @Grimnir, @Solo, @Aristocrat, @Harvey & @cheeks Love you all !

    Been part of the staff team since June 2018, and it has been quite fun so far. Being in staff gives me something to do and I know what I’m doing actually means something. I hope. So thank you to @Roland & @JimRP along side the admin team at the time who let me into staff. Especially @Ark. I look forward to work with the staff team into the new year and years to come. 

    Id also like to thank @Spartan & @Brayces for being there when i needed them and for teaching me how to do the staff ting ❤️Sad you guys left cus you were the fuckin gods! Luv you x

    Finally, @Beni and the gang. Even though you all hate me because I think Theresa May is a goddess, I thank you for not killing me. It’s a blast to play with you guys and hopefully we will continue to play and cause terror throughout 2019! You’re all great people. Apart From Fletch of course! 

    So! To all I’ve mentioned and to the rest of the community, GameMaster Max says have a Happy New Years and stay safe! ❤️

    Pls excuse spelling, Im DrMax, what do you expect..

    1. Mademoiselle


      Love you too Ell ❤️ 

    2. Lemons


      What about me...

    3. GalloWB


      Lady lawyer says happy new year client. ❤

    4. Ark


      Check with me tomorrow for a witty comeback to drunk at the moment. You’re a good GM max

    5. DrMax


      @Lemons! You know I love you too! I hope you have a good year! Come speak soon ? 

    6. ScarlettLR


      Love you too pal enjoy rping with you, even though I rarely rp with you anymore don't be a stranger and all the best for 2019 ?

    7. cheeks


      It's always a blast playing and chatting with you @DrMax! 2019 will be a blast.

    8. Spartan


      I'm sorry. Who are you again? Do we know eachother?

    9. HarveyLR


      Yeah idk who this kid is...

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