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  1. DrMax

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome! Good luck with your application.
  2. DrMax

    Newbs unable to find roleplay.

    The best days are weekend or late nights on weekdays to get RP. It's not always fun running around to find RP but it's all part of the experience. This weekend is bank holiday so I'm sure you'll get some good RP as a lot of people will hopefully be one! If not, like the others said, make a radio broadcast asking for assistance or a location on some traders or whatever. You may be getting annoyed now, but trust me, if you keep trying and meet people you're going to get some amazing RP off the people here. Best of luck Swarx!
  3. DrMax

    Why should i come back to dayzrp

    Like KyleRP said, if you wanna find out what it’s like try it for yourself and create your own opinion.
  4. DrMax

    i got memed

    I’ve had this before and it scared the shit out of me as I was peacefully lootin and I drop dead! I’m scared for life..
  5. DrMax

    Staff level system

    I quite like the idea of this, it’s nice to reward those hard working staff!
  6. Harvey

    • Harvey
    • DrMax


  7. DrMax


    Has the UK borrowed the sun from Turkey or something as it’s boiling! 🔥☀️

    1. Dino


      Now look who is talking about the hot weather 😛 

    2. DrMax



    3. Scarlett


      we have sun you know how rare that is don't drive it away

  8. DrMax

    Cya later

    Take your time dude! Just make sure you do come back as who else is going to give me gear when I need it! Take care
  9. DrMax


    Welcome Swarx and good luck with your whitelist! Some people permakill if the RP is right and they enjoyed it. You don’t have to perma kill your character it all depends on if YOU want to do it
  10. DrMax

    • DrMax
    • Harvey

    +111111 Profile music ❤️  


    1. Harvey



  11. DrMax

    State of decay 2 interest check

    So I pre-ordered this with the xbox play anywhere thing and it works great on xbox but when It comes to PC, I've downloaded it and it doesn't load at all. Comes up with a black screen and a logo but then it crashes..Anyone else have this or know how to fix it?
  12. DrMax

    State of decay 2 interest check

    If you pre ordered it you got it four days before..
  13. DrMax

    State of decay 2 interest check

    I am currently playing the game now it Is very good! I’d be up for playing co-op so just hit me up!
  14. DrMax

    The Lost, The Damned and The Dead - Ivan Lynch

    Holy SHIT! You put so much effort into these..Like Brayces said, you need to post more! Nice Job Ivan
  15. DrMax

    In Game Radio Interactions.

    Tbh I've had funny/good encounters through the radio before lore wipe and just at the start. I kind of wish people still did it but nowadays everyone just talks on TeamSpeak as radios I guess.