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  1. All things HARO and doctor like go here. I swear we are skilled really. Don't believe everything you see in the pictures below.. ____________________________________________________ 'Kids Meeting Their Idols' @AndreyQ & @eDgY ScOuSe 'Fuck You, Frenzied Flu!' @IosephusQ 'Rest After His First Shift'
  2. Updated the roster with promotions as well as changes to the goals. We are RECRUITING! If you wish to apply, read the requirements on the front page and send in an application. Your hospital needs you! If you have any questions about your application, feel free to PM me on the forums or discord!
  3. "Classes will be held one on one whenever we can. If you pop on by the hospital when you are not on duty we can speak some more and I can take a look at your arm too while you are around." "Come to the hospital and ask to speak to a member of the team, someone will speak with you and take a look at you."
  4. "Ano, we are doctors. However we are not 'shit'. "We can keep an eye out on books for you Miss, but we do teach first aid classes. If you want to find out some more on the classes, come down to the hospital. We can speak to you more on that for you. If you can not attend classes I can write some things down for you to learn so you know more on first aid. Hope this helps you miss. " *He releases PTT and then presses it again to answer the other lady* "Thank you for the advice, I will see."
  5. *Alek presses the PTT as he walks around the medical facility and speaks* "Ahoj. My name is Dr. Alek Vetrov. I run an organisation called Humanitarian Aid and Relief Organisation, or HARO for short. Some of you may have already ran into us on your travels. We are a team of doctors and other medical personnel who have set up a hospital in Elektrozavodsk. If you require medical attention or have any questions regarding your health, please contact us here and we will arrange an appointment with you. We have an emergency hotline too for urgent medical attention which you can find by looking at our posters around the towns as well as asking us in person if you see us. But if you do not have that frequency, please use this frequency to ask for assistance too. We have many ears listening in to assist wherever you may be." *He pauses before continuing his speak* "Moving on, we are also looking to recruit other medical personnel too, to help our hospital and team. If you are a doctor, nurse, medic or other medical professional, please contact us. We always need more help running departments. If you wish to join, speak to me in person and we can have a chat. " "Stay safe and always wear a mask and gloves." *He releases the PTT*
  6. Thank you all for the kind comments! Myself and the lore team as well as our group members have been working hard to get it out today. Excited to be leading it! I hope to see you all on my operating table soon
  7. When you are in bed but get a notification from your favourite youtuber LilBB!



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  8. This is my favorite live performance of any song. It's old, but a classic. Enjoy


  9. Thanks for the roleplay today doctors @Venob0ss & @Aleksi-Baraszkov! Here's to more days like today Thank you for the roleplay too @Drbeans, @FireDude, @Burak. Met ya'll all over today in the aidhotspot of Berezino. Big mention to @ZedLR for the Fisherman roleplay. Try not to kill yourself on your own fish hook...
  10. Is this really LilBB or is this John Smith in Disguise?
  11. Alek Vetrov was born in Staroye, Chernarus. He was born into a middle class family and lived with his two parents. His father was a dentist and mother a teacher. When Alek finished school, he was unsure on what to do. He did not know if he wanted to follow his father's footsteps or a different career path. After a strong suggestion from his mother and having an interest in medicine himself, he decided to go to med school to become a doctor. While studying medicine at school, his father died from cancer. Alek was close to leaving med school because of this to return home and support his mother, but she insisted that he stayed and make his father proud. So he did. He finished medical school and went on to take a surgical residency at a local hospital connected to the school. He worked in the hospital for a few years and reached the end of his residency taking a one year fellowship into General Surgery. He worked in General Surgery for a few years, mainly focusing his projects and work on infections in the body before and after surgery. After being a surgeon for three years, he decided to take a fellowship in Internal Medicine at the same hospital so he could become an infectious diseases specialist. After studying further for a few years and becoming a double board certified doctor and a board certified surgeon, he became a popular figure at the hospital. He worked at the hospital for many years, using his skills in different departments and flying to places to help prevent and control diseases. In 2018, Alek met a lady called Anya. Anya worked at the hospital and was a neonatal surgeon. Alek and Anya worked on a case together in the Emergency Department and worked well together. Alek had a crush on Anya after seeing her in the hospital quite a few times, so after the case he asked her out for a drink. The two of them really hit it off on the date and two weeks later became an item. 4 months on from their first date, Anya announced she was pregnant with Alek’s child. Alek and Anya were over the moon with the news and moved in together. Two weeks into 2019, Anya gave birth to a girl called Lada. Anya enjoyed her work as a surgeon and wanted to go back a few months after. Alek made the decision to stay at home full time with Lada. Alek still went to the hospital to advise some of his colleges with situations and cases. In October of 2019, Alek did return to full time work and Lada Anya’s mother became the full time nanny. In 2020, the Russian Ministry Of Health approached Dr. Vetrov, asking him to run a task force backed by the government. He would be sent to South Zagoria to find out, prevent and control the sickness spreading the country. Alek knew he had to do it and help out where he could. He was sent in a helicopter to South Zagoria with a few other doctors and medical professionals who would be helping too. The team would set up a medical center for general care as well as a quarantine and prevention zone. Dr. Vetrov was now in his place of work. He had to make sure this infection would not break out anymore that it had. _______________________________________________ Likes Surgery Fruit Traveling Women Dislikes Bad Medical Dramas People Who Think They Know Better Than Doctors Regarding Their HEALTH. FUCK SAKE MAN Jess Glynne Puke On My Clothes _______________________________________________ Best Friends Dr. Nina Khodasevich A very good friend of mine. I have known her and her husband for a few years while working at the same hospital. We worked a lot of cases together. She is a good friend of mine and I think she had a crush on me for quite some time. Friends & Acquaintances _______________________________________________
  12. Humanitarian Aid & Relief Organisation Организация гуманитарной помощи и помощи Organizace pro humanitární pomoc a pomoc Nobody knows where they might end up. Alek Vetrov certainly did not think he would be dealing with deadly infections when he grew up. Dr. Alek Vetrov was born in Staryoe, Chernarus but lived and worked in Moscow as a General Surgeon as well as a specialist in internal medicine, sub-specialising in Infectious Diseases. Alek was a known doctor in the region of Moscow and often worked with the Russian Ministry of Health on any infections or diseases that could cause an outbreak. If he was not needed to focus on infectious diseases he would work at the hospital in his other specialties, working with internists that arrive with patients as well as general treatment inside the hospital. Even though Alek did not run a department, he was a well known and respected member of staff at the hospital and was often called in on important cases. In 2018, Alek met his girlfriend Anya who worked at the hospital too. Their love hit off and half a year later she revealed she was pregnant. When early 2019 hit, their daughter was born and Alek decided to become a full time stay at home dad. After returning to work in the early 2020, Dr. Vetrov was approached in confidence by the Russian Ministry of Health Officer regarding a third wave of the sickness. The infection was getting worse and a third wave would be coming soon. He insisted that Alek would make an organization to be sent into a region near Russia to control and prevent anything after the third wave. Alek took the officer and formed an organisation called Humanitarian aid and relief organisation. The HARO team was a selection of doctors and medical professionals who were hand chosen for the job. The team were from many different nationalities from all over the world, some being local and some far west. After having a big board meeting with the HARO as well as the Russian Health Minister, the team was deployed into the region of South Zagoria. The team was flown to Balota airfield near the city of Chernogorsk. Once arriving, the HARO team had to find a small place to set up to start building their foundations. They found a medium sized compound near the coast to set up the compound. The compound consisted of a medical centre, quarantine zone and research lab. Alek and his team immediately started work on gathering resources to investigate as well as providing treatment to civilians who showed signs of the sickness the world feared. The team kept to themselves for a few weeks once arriving to set everything up. They knew going public soon after arivial like the RAC in Vybor would not end well for themselves. Being off the radar would allow them to get a headstart of their research project as well as treating people they meet on the streets. As they worked on finding information on the virus, the doctors soon realised how dangerous the infection was. A slight fear roamed the hospital they were set up in, causing a panic in the team. Not everyone in the organisation was used to working with such deadly things and were worried for their own safety. One doctor eventually took their leave due to fear of the unknown. Once any sort of information was found on the adaptation of the frenzied flu, the team had a meeting to discuss what it could mean. Occasionally, the discussion would go off track into a huge argument on theories of what it could be. No one really knew why or how the frenzied flu became such a dangerous and deadly illness. But as each day passed, they became closer to finding out about the transformation of the disease. While running the organisation, Alek also had to write letters back to the Ministry Officer about the sickness and what they found out, as well as keeping tabs and reporting back about the people in the area. The HARO team was there to investigate, control and provide general treatment to all. No military were in the soldiers, they had to fend for themselves or find someone to protect them. But that wasn’t their main priority. They had to stop the third wave taking away innocent lives and spreading out the country to other areas. The research began and so did the treatment, slowly moving around the area doing both. For the sake of the region, information had to be found on the adapted virus before it became too extreme. The world relied on it. Medical Director Dr. Alek Vetrov - @DrMax Chief of General Surgery Infectious Disease & Internal Medicine Specialist Chief of Department Dr. Astrid Dior - @groovy lamb Chief of Psychiatry Dr. Isaac Sutton - @Venob0ss Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery Respiratory Medicine Specialist Doctor Dr. Nina Khodasevich - @Kerkkoh General Surgeon & Oncology Specialist Dr. Phillip Roscoe - @Edwardou Pediatrician subspecialising in Cardiology & Infectious Diseases Dr. Pietrov Cernyles - @Aleksi-Baraszkov Anesthesiology & Biochemistry Specialist Medic Jack Keller - @J. Estonia Paramedic Apprentice Damian Del Toro - @eDgY ScOuSe First Aid IC Goals Secure base of operation (Day 31) Establish contact with RAC (Day 34) Establish contact with local taxi and uber services regarding an ambulance service (Day 35) Do autopsies on the deceased sick people to find out more information (Day 40) Create the Doctor Network so fellow medical personnel can give their opinion on cases and patients. (Day 43) Create 0/3 War Outposts (Day 48) Create a media presence to spread awareness about the virus (Day 44) Teach First Aid to 1/3 people who are willing to learn and help out (Day 45) Secure and setup the Evacuation Hospital (Day 50) Locate and collect samples of animals in the area. (Day 50) Recruit 3/5 more medical professionals to help out the team (Day 50) Locate and collect samples of water from water sources and dams (Day 55) Locate and collect samples of plants in the area (Day 55) Study and contain infected people (Day 60) Make sure to keep the operating suite clean and sterile (Ongoing) Provide general treatment and humanity aid to all civilians and locals in the area (Ongoing) Schedule deliveries for medical supplies such as test kits and vaccines (Ongoing) Vaccinate everyone (5 people a week) (Ongoing) Create weekly updates about situation in SZ not just pertaining to infection back to HQ (Ongoing) OOC Goals Provide high quality medical roleplay to all. Push the medical and sickness front of the lore. Recruit medical civilians from all nationalities to include people into the lore who are not Russian or Chernarussian. Teach group and dynamic group members some standard medical training IC / OOC if they wish to learn. If you wish to join the faction, please message DrMax on the forums using the template found below. Please keep in mind we are ONLY recruiting medical staff. We are not recruiting security, cooks and hunters etc, only medical staff. If you still want to join but have not done MedicalRP before, please state that in the application and you still may be considered. We will happily help and teach you some standard knowledge. The group is backed by the Russian Government however we will accept westerners into the group as long as they fit the criteria above. If you are unsure if your character will fit or you have any questions, please feel free to PM DrMax. You can also join our discord by clicking the logo at the bottom of the page if you have any further questions. PM Template IG Name: Age: Country & Timezone: What kind of specialty would you choose if you joined the group? What previous clans / factions / groups have you been a part of? Why do you want to join? What character would you join with? Would you be willing to make a new character to fit the group? If you watch any medical shows, which ones? Thank you @Banshee for the graphics.
  13. This is very hostile and I do not like this. Dr. Balek is not a rat. He is a talented surgeon who just wants safety for all. Other than CLF scum.
  14. Congratulations on admin! You will do well. Someone needs to keep Hofer in check. 

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