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  1. Staff notes This guy always breaks rules. He provides little roleplay at all and has been playing for over 5 years. Also, he has been active and not been temp banned? What are you doing GMs!?
  2. Thanks for the roleplay gals @Brayces & @Franny + @Stagsview! Sorry I fucked your plan up! Enjoyed the assistance on the way from the 503 and @Poster & @DieselTheSnowMan! Thanks for being my hero's @The Joyce's & @Cuchulainn! Have you thought about becoming a surgeon Tommylee?
  3. Sup Kozlov leader! Livonia is pretty cool. Many people play it and you can find people basically anywhere. At the moment, you can find military loot in civ houses, so it isn't too hard to get gear. I can't help you with guns... Livonia has hot spots but like I said before, people are all over the place so it isn't hard to find people. There are new cars and drug dealer cars on the server so if Beni wants to deal some good shit, there is a nice black bmw out there. Give it a go though, I've had a lot of fun recently.
  4. Hello David, 

    I require you to investigate some Limescale that I discovered at a local bar ran by 'Susan'. This is unacceptable and needs a look at by the health inspector. 

    Kind regards, 

    Dr. Dylan River | Chief Of Paediatric and Fetal Surgery for King's Ridge Medical. 


    1. Wulf


      Hello Dylan,

      Wulf Company LLC has acknowledged your complaint, and will dispatch a Health and Safety representative within the hour... or two, better make that three just in case.

      Kind regards,

      William Wulf | CEO and sole proprietor of Wulf company limited | handsome individual.

    2. bunny



      Hello Dylan, I represent Wulf Company LLC.
      I have been dispatched to check out the limescale complaint at Susan's Bar.

      We have discovered limescale in the kettles and Susan has been informed that they need a thorough cleaning or replacement if need be. Limescale is not dangerous to consume in small quantities. However, a faint smell of mould has been discovered upon entry of the facility, concentrated around the window areas. This is a health violation.

      The bar has been shut down until they can pass a mould test. If the bar is opened prior to this, they will receive a fine.

      Linda Jones | On work experience

    3. DrMax


      Greetings Linda, 

      I am very pleased to hear that someone has put at stop to this. I struggled to stay in the area too long because of the smell. At first I thought it was a little girl that stays there, called Ellie. I guess I was wrong.

      With all this murder and killing going on, I am very happy to see that this crime has been solved! I will write again in the future for any more issues I have around the towns. 

      Thank you for the fast response, 

      Dr. Dylan River | Man who is good with a scalpel

    4. Brayces


      Dear valued customer,

      Are you tired of having no energy and no drive when engaging in various extensive activities related to your partner in the bedroom? Well, we here at “bang good like” have the solution for you! 

      For only just three easy payments of 199.99 via green dot wire card to us is all you need to get the product that will change you life!! 

      ready to start making a different? 
      ready to bring the wow back into your life?

      Don’t hesitated! Contact us today!! 

      your valued friends at bang good like | not a spam bot | not a scam 


      Attachment: valuedcustomerpaymentform.exe

    5. Wulf


      *Forwards the last proposition to a man of low energy and drive*


    6. bunny


      We at Wulf Company LLC would like to sincerely apologize to all customers who have received a phishing email from us. It seems someone at the company decided to download pirated adult films on the work computers. We have been experiencing cyber attacks all morning. Do not click any links or open any attachments that looks suspicious.

      We are working to resolve the issue. Thank you for your patience.

      Linda Jones | future CEO | pink teddy bears are considered a bribe

    7. SidChaos


      Greetings bang good like, 

      I have found that your product is suited for my needs, unfortunately things are getting softer and softer lately. I would like to purchase a truck full of your product. 

      Yours truly, 

      Sid Sandman | VP of Wulf Company limited | God Like Voice

    8. Watchman


      Greetings my name is Prince Kelobmi my father has recently passed and has left many quantities of money, however law in Nigeria make it no possible for me to riches get.. i will need 1000$ USD for law purposes wired via CITIBANK wire card at number 000069113420 as soon as can do.. as a thank you i will provide 50% of my fathers late money of 10.000.000$ USD.

      Thank you friend of Nigeria,

      Prince Kelobmi | Grandfather of M4's | Ruler of Bankstatements

  5. Welcome to the community!
  6. DrMax


    A woman and her toy.
  7. Enjoyed meeting you last night. Was nice to reunite with Grishgrosh @Conor. I wish we could've spoke longer about the killings but the legend himself, John Smith took you away, so I understand. I hope to meet you all again! Group looks great though! Good luck! P.S. @Ron lemme know when you wanna meet about that STD thing you caught xoxo
  8. Grishgrosh only speaks the truth.. 


  9. Thanks @Hofer. Now come join our med school and learn to be a good surgeon
  10. Thanks for the rp today lads, ladies and Eddie. Enjoyed all of it @Eddie @Phoenix @Scarlett @Kerkkoh @Aron73 @[email protected] + your twin who I don’t know.. Now, @Dino & @Brayces it was an Oscar nominated performance from you guys. Was very fun to get Dr. River sad and angry because of the lil child.. Enjoyed it all guys!
  11. Absolutely cracking roleplay today from you all, other then the people who literally tried to hit me in the car. But other than that, loved it all. Thanks @Imagine @Eddie @Phoenix @Kerkkoh @Ingvalid @ViperTCA
  12. Leonardo 'Leo' Montgomery was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Born into a wealthy family, he was raised by Akela and Ally Montgomery. As well as Leo, the Montgomery's also had another child called Ava. Leo and Ava were very close siblings and often spent a lot of time together, either surfing or just hanging out. Once Leo finished high school at the age of 17, he went to a medical school in the United Kingdom. The Montgomery's had cousins out there in the UK so he lived with them while he studied. He studied medicine for 5 years until he was 22. Once he finished medical school, he moved back home in Hawaii and joined a surgical residency. While learning to become a surgeon, he did also have a personal life. He often went out with his friends from the hospital and also had a fling with the plastic Attending, Isa. While doing his residency, the hospital had a major crisis when the doctors went on a field trip to a homeless center. The bus they were traveling in crashed into a pile of cars and caused a huge accident. In this incident, Leo leaped into action and helped save the lives of his fellow doctors and friends as well as the civilians involved. A few months after the accident, he passed his exams and finished his residency. As Leo was about to move to Seattle to take a fellowship in General Surgery, he got an offer to stay in Honolulu and take a Trauma Surgery fellowship instead. He decided to take that offer as he knew trauma surgery was his passion. His fellowship lasted two years, and then he became an Attending. Just after his first year as an attending, he took the opportunity to head to Afghanistan and help out in a field hospital. While out there, he worked with many soldiers and civilians who came in for medical treatment. He also helped out a lot with women who were wives of terrorist soldiers and came in looking for freedom due to them being raped and pregnant. Leo was enraged about what was going on to these women and wanted to help more. Leo decided to head to Seattle and take a fellowship in OB/GYN. Doing this meant he could really help these women who were raped and pregnant from the captures. After the three years of further studies in another specialty, he received his double board certified surgeon certificate. Because of his work out in Afghanistan, Leo became well known in his state for his skills and was often requested to head to different hospitals in America for patients and medical cases. Even though his main employment was the hospital in Seattle now, he often traveled around different ones with his work. In May 2017, Leo was called to St. Hedwig Hospital to treat a US soldier who was transported to the hospital as he stood on an IED. Leo was flew over and treated the soldier as best he could. A couple of days after, when the soldier was stable, he decided to stay around Berlin and check it out. He extended his trip for a couple of months to take in the area, working on call for the hospital if needed. In July, when he was planing on leaving he saw the news on what was happening further East and the city was cut off. He could not leave, but it was too late and the infection already hit. He regrouped with some soldiers from the US army that were in the area, trying to figure a way to safety. But safety was not a thing anymore, the world was not the same and Leo saw that. It was about survival. Likes Traveling Pineapple The Beach Tequila Doing His Job Dislikes Fanta Fake People A Quiet Day At Work Bad Drugs CHART TBC Shooting - 3 Hand Combat - 4 Survival Skills - 4 Medicine: Trauma Surgery - 5 OB/GYN Surgery - 5 General Practice - 5 Best Friend Ava Montgomery | Sister Friend Acquaintances Disliked
  13. *Dr. Dylan River presses the PTT* "Good evening, my name is Dr. Dylan River, myself and another doctor, Dr. River Cohen, are looking for trained medical staff. If you are a doctor, nurse, paramedic or anything in between, please contact us on this frequency or our practice frequency. We are setting up a practice and hospital and need all the medical staff we can. We are called King's Ridge Medical and are a free of charge service. So, if you are a doctor or a nurse and want to help out, please get in touch and we can set up a meeting. Thank you." *He releases the PTT and continues to travel*
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