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  1. DrMax

    Interview with a Community Member: Dino

    Huh!? Guess I’m a gonna
  2. DrMax

    Interview with a Community Member: Dino

    Loved this interview @Dino! But the offer is always there for staff Dino
  3. Dino

    • Dino
    • DrMax

    Got her X1LLgA0.png

    1. DrMax


      Why would you do this?! 🤬

  4. DrMax


    Nice Idea! I hope to see some old people make a return!
  5. DrMax

    Is DayZRP Mod back!?

    /Moved to Questions Indeed we have Arma 2 mod back, if you look here it will tell you how to get it and play. Standalone server pop is very high atm due to 0.63 being out, get on and try it!
  6. DrMax


    Ayyy! It's September and all these awesome shows are coming back on TV!!!

  7. DrMax

    S1: KOS | Stary | 23:12 - 18/09/18

    Liam Hart POV - I was not directly involved in this situation but was around the area. What happened before this incident was that The Stary Group [In green armbands] ran into an Anarchy member and took them into the church to most likely kill due to the issues with each other. Next minute inside the church is a mini firefight which irrupts into a very big one with multiple people. The firefight took place over 10-15 mins and was all over Stary, the main spot being the church and the second firefight near the red house towards Novy. It seems like you may have just been miss killed during the fight.
  8. DrMax

    Admin kick - experimental

    /Moved to Questions If you head to rules, read through the new rules and when you’re ready, except them which is located at the bottom of the page.
  9. DrMax

    502nd Rozviduvalʹna Kompaniya (Open Recruitment)

    Hey looking over the group, the graphics look really nice and I like the idea of the group. Only issues is that you need to have your goals to be S.M.A.R.T which they currently are not. I would make them smart goals and maybe add a couple more some being short term, and some long term.
  10. DrMax

    Mass-unban and a separate whitelist for Mod.

    It would be nice to see some permabanned players return and put onto final and given a second chance. If we did, we'd have to be careful on who we let back and who we don't. But as Spartan said, not everyone deserves it so we would have to case by case and not let everyone back.
  11. DrMax

    Returning :)

    Welcome back! If you need anything just give me a shout!
  12. DrMax

    DrMax's Photo Book

    @Razareth getting attention! Liam taking a rest and relaxing... @Spartan showing us Ellatopia!
  13. Spartan

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    Happy B-day Max

    1. DrMax


      Thanks Spartan!

  14. Grimnir

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    1. DrMax


      Thanks Grim! That’s the best image too!

  15. Brayces

    • Brayces
    • DrMax

    Happ BIRTH DrMaaaaaxx!!!!!!!


    YAYYY! 🎊

    1. DrMax


      Thank you Brayyyyyyyyyces!! I’ll do as you say and have fun and eat!!!