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  1. Overwatch Team League

    This is just an idea for some community fun! So hear me out. People who have Overwatch or know about Overwatch will know about the Overwatch leagues which they do. I was think we could do something similar and get in our own Overwatch groups and do the same and compete against each other. So for example me and some of the others will make a group and then compete against other community groups that the members make. I just think it would be a pretty good idea which can bring people together (as cringe as it sounds) I think it would be a good idea. Maybe the groups could make Icons just for the fun. The reward system could be like a tag on the forums saying "Overwatch League Winner" or something along those lines. It was just an idea me and a few friends came up with as we we're kicking ass on Overwatch! Please give feedback on it.
  2. Dr Calvin Taylor

    Writing story now........
  3. DrMax

    Time to create the new character ;) 


  4. What a night to come back and RP on! Huge thanks to @RogueSolace, @Scarlett, @TiviylScratch. And @KyleRP you hostile ass!
  5. DrMax

    I'm back!

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    2. DrMax


      God damn windows 10 destroyed me pc! 

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      its fucked mine and still is broken xD 

    4. DrMax


      I'll pray for you :D

    5. WesternRP


      plz do xD 

    6. cheeks


      welcome back friend!

      (good profile song BTW)

  6. DrMax

    Happy Valentine’s Day people of the dayzrp community! 

    • DrMax
    • Mademoiselle

    It’s number  1 trending now! 


    1. Mademoiselle


      He’s so fucking cute!!!

  7. DrMax

    Remember this at your clinic? @Rory, @KyleRP.     

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    1. KyleRP

      Shittest initiation I ever laid eyes on, how could I forget?


  8. @Dino always love RPing with you. And also @Mademoiselle the future is in your hands now! Thanks to your amazing sidekick Liam.
  9. Dr. Hawk to the Public [Open Frequency]

    *Liam laughs as he hears her response and presses the PTT* "Yeah, well I mean you did walk up to an infected and get bit to prove you're immune so who knows what you're like" "I think Miss Faith has conducted her research today, is this correct Miss Faith?" *He releases the PTT*
  10. Dr. Hawk to the Public [Open Frequency]

    *Liam hears the female familiar voice and presses the PTT* "Solus, nice to know you are still *He takes a minute to think of what to say* Alive." "Anyway, are you still in the Bar area, if so I'm sure we could come over to you" *Liam releases the PTT as he carries on watching Faith work*
  11. DrMax

    When you take RP too seriously.... @Mademoiselle & @Lemons.


    1. Mademoiselle


      Hello it is I, Dr Faith Hawk

    2. Macbrine
    3. DrMax


      Thank you for that. :ph34r:

  12. Dr. Hawk to the Public [Open Frequency]

    *Liam hears the radio go off and remembers the girl he met the other day* "Hey Faith. I did actually meet a girl at the bar called Solace or something along those lines. She got bit around 4 or 5 months ago as well as the other day when she decided to go and punch a fucking infected in the face." *He takes a long breath before continuing* "Anyway, she's normally around the bar a lot so if you want to meet her?" *He releases the PTT and goes back to sitting next to Jenna*
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    My boy is finally growing up

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      Tfw you have no life

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      That's no way for a staff member to speak!

    5. Mademoiselle


      It's true though. Would you want a staff member to lie to you :trolle:

    6. Harvey


      ^^^ Honesty is my policy!

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    profile song is a banger

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      Well thank you! :)