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  1. So when's this lore wipe happening so I can come rp again with @Harveyy??

    1. AndreyQ


      You can do that now! Alongside the rest 14 people!

    2. Gaylaxy


      *Wipes lore*

    3. Jackfish



    4. DrMax


      I refuse to rp unless you are on the server @AndreyQ. Bring back John Smith! 

    5. AndreyQ


      No, I'm good

    6. DrMax


      @Jackfishi look forward to this wipe. Excited to join the lore faction 🙂 

    7. Harveyy


      I'm too busy playing the role of someone who is not currently playing DayZRP I'm afraid

  2. I would like to see KOS rights and roleplay. Last time I ran into the Corp alone, I was stripped naked and dressed in a dress, so hopefully the roleplay will be different next time. I would also like to see a huge base on the map too that can be raided for gear.
  3. Carmichaels POV: So after finding two really, really interesting people near some camp of rangers or whatever they call that monstrosity of a camp where Cece said the classical phrase 'If you cant handle the sass, you cant handle this ass!" we ran into some dude in the forest. Cece, the new mayor of this shithole asked said gentleman to bow before her, which he declined which he is entitled too. It is 2021 in real life which means this man can consent to say yes and no to these demands. We did however, have a discussion privately after this encounter in game to see if this man had mental capacity to make the right decision in game (Referenced in the Mental Capacity Act, 2005) but that is a story for another time. After he said 'NO' to bending the knee for Cece and her dump truck ass, he decided to run off. We then of course decided to follow the man who did not wish to talk much, up to a bridge over the city. During the trip up the bridge, we tried to roleplay with said gentleman where we did not receive much back as he 'did not want to talk'. Now this was a shame because we wanted to try to provide some roleplay on the server with the lacking numbers but it was denied. Pippa (The lady who always has her legs out for some reason in winter) decided to tell the man to stop or die which was very out the blue. The rest of the raiders were not aware this was to come and acted as such which can be seen in the video evidence. Mr Pip, (The man with length and not girth) decided to then tell Pippa to place her gun away as we did not wish to become hostile with this man. After she does so, the smart sneaky gentleman takes out his shotgun, putting Pippa down! For good, you ask? We do not know at this current time.. That is the end of Carmichael's story. The video evidence I have can be seen above. I was eating chicken nuggets from McDonald's at the time, so please excuse the eating and opening of sauce pots from said Fast Food Restaurant. All evidence and references can be seen below, thank you for your time. References Max, D (2021) What happened on the bridge of Nyheim. A Story from DrMax, 74, 849-857 Department of Health. (2005). Mental Capacity Act 2005. London: HMSO McDonald's (2021) I'm loving it! Mmmm Nuggets. Pages 1-4. Beachamp, P (2021) Figure of a lady. Cece and her behind. Issue 1, Page 69. Max, D (2021) Video Evidence. DrMax Eats Chicken Nuggest While Girl Gets Fragged. Available at;
  4. I loved the romantic roleplay. Cant wait to continue you this
  5. *Carmichael would grab Green over from the sofa, throwing him a radio to use. He then tells him what to say. Green would speak on the radio.* "He-hello? I think I have some information about this man. He was very scary. How would I contact you about it, maybe we could meet up? I don't feel safe talking on the radio here just in case he is listening." *Carmichael snatches the radio back from Green, listening for a response*
  6. Just saw your profile quote. What the heck woman! 

    1. Terra


      I mean... it is true, isn't it?

    2. DrMax


      No it is false, I swear!! 

    3. Brayces


      I changed it ages ago! When you complained about me being a not-really-14-yearold!!

      But Terra is right ...

    4. Harveyy


      He literally isnt a doctor, he works in a garden centre.

    5. DrMax


      Harvey, you London chav, I do not work in a bloody garden centre!! 

  7. I really like the map Nyheim. It’s unique to this place and gives me real division vibes which is hella cool. I just could not get into the future lore that was written. Not something that interests me to play. Same with a few others. But if we’re talking about other maps, Deer Isle is amazing, as is Livonia.
  8. To return or not to return...

    Think Tv Land GIF by HULU

    1. Azu


      shakin muh head

    2. Ron



  9. Thank god, now I'll come back and play...


  11. So where do I post to get my post removed and points? 

    1. Jamie


      Woah is this some passive flame MrMax

      HMU in Dms and i'll sell you some good points

    2. Rutkiy


      If you want a perm, I can just send in some nasty stuff you've said to me, hmu if interested 👍

    3. DrMax


      Sorry @Rutkiy? I’ve never said a nasty thing about you here. 

    4. Rutkiy


      Every 2 hours, I'll release a screenshot that'll incriminate you.

      You can stop this when you take those lies back, and 5 beanz are transferred to my profile

  12. This is really upsetting news to hear. I spoke to him a few times while in roleplay and mostly while I was in staff and always seemed like a down to earth, decent bloke. He was taken far, far too soon and I know he will be missed by friends, family and everyone who knew him. My condolences to his family, his rp family and all his friends who will miss him dearly. Rest in peace.
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