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  1. DrMax

    Austin Martin - Ban Appeal (Blacklist Appeal)

    Please don't bump your appeal. We will get to it when we can.
  2. DrMax

    S1 : RDM / Killing compliant hostage 11/7/2018 Around 22:40

    The staff team have reviewed the report and have agreed to /close this. Before we do so, we'd like to mention that during a firefight that you ID your targets to avoid killing any complying ones like the situation here. Signed @DrMax, @Dino & @lukaszxe
  3. DrMax

    S1 - Mass RDM Kabinino 5/11/2018 11:00 approx

    Verdict doobysnuu | Mass RDM | Guilty Hydroman710 | Invalid Kill & No Value For Life | Guilty Explanation A team of staff have reviewed this report and have came to a conclusion. To start off with, the situation in the piano house. After Jean & Leon get initiated on by a group, they go to the piano house where they do some medicalRP and meet Hydroman and dooby. While doing this, dooby aims his weapon and sprays down the three people inside. This was plain and simple mass RDM. Due to this and your reaction in the report, you have been permanently removed from this community. In this situation, Hydro also took a shot at one person as dooby started shooting. We would like to remind you Hydro, that just because you met dooby and he gave you food does not mean that you can help him out with killing people if you're not involved. Next we'll move on to the kill on G19. So, G19 hears the shots coming from the town and decides to check it out. He goes into the piano house and is allowed to take some supplies from the dead corpses. Once he finishes, he leaves the building only to be met with a gun to the head and an execution without any words other than 'Hello'. G19, who was not involved in the situation, was straight up killed without an initiation and therefore hydroman will be punished for Invalid Kill. Moving on, the situation when Kamenici find Hydroman in the house and question him. After Kamenici find out that G19 was killed and know who it was they decide to question him. While doing so, they threaten to execute him so he jogs around the room. As Hydroman does this, he takes out a gun and tries to kill them. We have looked at the video and see that you take out a gun and try to take on 3 people who had guns on him. Due to this, you will be punished for not valuing your characters life. As well as, while being questioned about your friend, you tell them that he told you he was dead. How would your friend tell you that he was dead, being dead? In the future, please take more care on speaking about your friends dying. This could've easily been different if you said he was shot instead of dead. Finally, we'd also like to mention that you failed to mention multiple things in your POVs. First off, you mentioned in your pov that you were a complying hostage at all times. From the video we can see that this is a straight up lie. You ran around the room and pulled out a gun from your jacket and tried to kill them which you somehow failed to mention in your POV. Next, after being asked by Sleepyhead if you were in comms with dooby you answered with 'No, I just met him'. From the video we can also see this is a lie too. You state in game that he told you he was killed by Kamenici. Now how would he do that if you were not in comms with him? Due to this, you will also be hit with lying in a report. Outcome @doobysnuu | Mass RDM | Guilty [Permanently banned] @hydroman710| Invalid Kill & No Value For Life & Lying in a report | Guilty [7 day ban & 15 warning points + removal of whitelist] Signed @DrMax, @Jamie & @Dino
  4. DrMax


  5. DrMax

    Guess I'll make one of these...

    Welcome back!
  6. DrMax

    S1: KOS / Pavlovo - 11/11/18 11:49

    @TIMELAPSE, Please use the following template when doing a report;
  7. DrMax

    S1 - FAIL RP GRISHINO - 7/11/2018 - 15:10

    Thank you, your ban has been lifted.
  8. DrMax

    S1 - FAIL RP GRISHINO - 7/11/2018 - 15:10

    @Richard Fisby will be temporally banned until they post their POV. You have 24hrs to post it.
  9. DrMax

    Hey friends!

    Welcome to DayZRP!
  10. DrMax

    Hello! (Again)

    Welcome back!
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    New in this community :3

  12. DrMax

    Johnny Blues Introduction

    Hello and welcome to DayZRP!
  13. DrMax

    Ftmch Introduction.

  14. DrMax

    Bad Version

  15. DrMax


    Welcome to DayZRP! If you need anything, just give us a shout!