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  1. My playtime on the server is about 7-8 hours now, and I haven't been robbed once. I've only been met with friendship and comradely intentions.
  2. Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Would absolutely love a PlayerID reset, I got it wrong the first time. //Avah: PID reset. Please re-enter it in the donation exchange.
  3. PsiSyndicate's Video

    Depends on who you meet. If you head to places like Sanctuary or the Raven's Nest, you'll find a lot of stories, action and drama there like in Psi's videos. If you run around NWAF constantly you'll probably only stumble across lone wolves and bandits.
  4. I was there about an hour ago. Thank god I didn't stick around.
  5. I'm new and I agree, this server is the shining beacon of excellent player interaction and competition; DayZRP is the golden lighthouse in the sea of filth that is every. other. DayZ. server. Read: DayZRP is really, really great.