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  1. jfries


    Don't lock this, could you tell me what you did to get it working. Just downloaded and installed the mod and am getting the same message. *Nevermind, seems as a I missed the patch update*
  2. I submitted an application and was notified within about 24 hours that mine was accepted. I can't say that mine was amazing or anything because I'm my own worst critic but I put thought into it and spent time on my bio as well as the rules section. I did not donate before I was white listed. I didn't want to be accepted because I gave money but because of my application. Call me crazy.
  3. Hello, I've just been whitelisted and looking forward to playing. My character's name is Michael Friez, a retired US Navy Chaplain who decided to become a missionary in Germany. He was in Celle, Germany when the outbreak happened and witnessed the horrific murder of civilians by the military bombing cities and sending in "clean up squads" to exterminate survivors of the bombings. Due to the atrocities he has witnessed in Germany and while escaping to Chernarus he began to doubt his faith, now he doubts God exists but believes that there is still good in humanity...for now. He made his way to Chernarus because he heard rumors that the people here were gathering together to establish a new way of life in this apocalypse and he's hoping to find people who can confirm his faith in fellow man or help him realize that this new world means there is a new morality. Just a snapshot hope you like it.