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  1. G19RP

    What are you tired of seeing most?

    I’m tired of us V them, I’ve seen how people have been at it for 2 and a half years, and I’ve heard it’s been going on long before that. No matter what you leave people with, or what ways out you give them, they pretend to enjoy it just to throw shade behind your back and complain. People need to be more open all around, give in to the hostage RP, give up info, be realistic, on the other hand treat your hostages realistically, don’t gas them for speaking when you told them not to. Shitty attitudes from either side lead to shitty OOC attitudes where people gain reputations for being “that guy” that no one wants to initiate on because they don’t want to deal with the shitstorm afterwards. Then, on top of all the other shit, we have bases. If it were up to me we’d remove them entirely, embrace Rolle’s platform of group settlements that use offline tools. Far too often people sit behind their walls and shit talk, feeling impenetrable up until the moment someone breaks in, kills them and steals everything. Then the connection to their gear is prevalent and they get shitty because you stole all of their valuable roleplay items. Fuck basebuilding entirely, it’s cancer and we need to get rid of it. It tanks server performance, gives people an invincibility complex and makes RP so stale. But those are just my two cents, rant over.
  2. G19RP

    KOS - NWAF - S1

    Nik, Hex and Vegas speak.
  3. G19RP

    KOS - NWAF - S1

    The person has withdrew what was said since the report, and it was in voice. I believe it was more of a rushed statement on their end and Ill retract what I said in my POV about it. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  4. G19RP

    KOS - NWAF - S1

    Here, In this video you can clearly see the OP is more than close enough to hear the shots, in fact he is closer to them than I am. He then aims his rifle right at the shots, where my ally has told me on the radio he just killed a man. Seeing as my AK is badly damaged I wait to line up a good shot in case I jam, I line it up and fire, one pushes me, I wait for his ammo to run dry and risk it again with my badly damaged AK. All in all, you heard the shots, ran toward them, aimed a rifle toward the man who was firing (who was my ally), then moved to take cover. If you look carefully at 18 seconds you can see the men we are fighting moving literally right next to you, coming from your direction. It appears to me that you knew what was going on from the start, yet you still decided to aim your rifle in the active firefight.
  5. G19RP

    G19's Amnesty Appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Amnesty Why the verdict is not fair: It was completely fair. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: In my last six months I have not received a single point, nor have I used my caution. In the first three months I helped lead 24th Street and The Time. Unfortunately a 2.3 report caused my first appeal to get denied. Since, I have yet to receive any points or use my caution yet again. I led a group called Legion Corporation who received no game bans as far as I know and zero negative feedback. We built the largest (size-wise) settlement the server has ever had. We created, influenced and protected a large portion of the RP on the server. I believe that this met Roland's request of three months of fair RP that he requested in my last appeal. I hope to continue that legacy off of final warning. As far as my behavior before returning six months ago, my last appeal sums it up the same way I would now. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: My final warning removed. What could you have done better?: Never got myself permabanned in the first place.
  6. G19RP

    Vultures (Open Recruitment)

    On the Norway vibe, this group has provided phenomenal roleplay to everyone in the server keeping it interesting, mostly thanks to @bur being capable of smelling the enemy before they even show up. Not to mention @Kordruga being the cutest roleplayer in the server. All in all great roleplay from Vlad’s people and I hope it continues on. Slava Bernarus
  7. G19RP

    KOS - NWAF - S1

    I never claimed that you were there the whole time, like I said. You aimed a rifle during an active firefight that you were no less than 15m away from. If you valued your life you shouldn’t have aimed your weapon during the firefight. You were very close to the fight with an aimed rifle, dancing about. It seems to me that you were playing the rules by aiming your weapon at my allies knowing we didn’t have rights, just to throw up a report after. I’ve spoke with one of your group members and he’s told me you knew what was going on, you heard shots pop off and ran toward it. You are friends with one of the people in the group and we’re trying to meet up with them. Stop acting completely uninvolved, you knew it was a firefight, you ran toward it, aimed a rifle and got shot. Also, I never stated I have evidence, I will check to see if I recorded after I get out of RP.
  8. G19RP

    KOS - NWAF - S1

    POV: Vegas is being robbed by a group of men, we follow them into the treeline. As we approach, Nik shot and killed one, after he began shooting the OP aimed a rifle and took cover behind a tree, I shot and killed him, and two others. As for the OP, you were with the men actively robbing my friends, as in you were within 15 meters of them, and speaking to Vegas afterwards, he saw you in and around the trees lurking. You aimed a rifle at both Nik, the one shooting Dalton's Gang, and at my ally who was hostage. If you would like to message me and talk about what happened I would be more than happy to talk this out, but please do understand what I saw from my perspective. Also, I may have video, but I need to check.
  9. G19RP

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

    It was a great ride everyone, but the time had come to move on. I enjoyed everything that happened and we hope to bring it back one day lads, but after losing my right hand man Wong I dont have the will or want to continue this group. o7 lads as for everyone that wanted to see this happen, have this. //archived
  10. G19RP

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @RiZStream @Joe @Yevgeny Shevchuk @WongRP @SassyRP @JimRP @TurkRP @Real VegasRP @Zero @ZorullRP @FalkRP @bur @JamesRP @Kordruga Great RP today from the lot, Slava Chedaki, Viva!
  11. G19RP

    Our people, our lands, our country.

    *Federov dawns his father's Chedaki beret and presses the PTT* "Hello, this is an announcement from Andrian Federov, representative from the remnants of the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star. We are announcing the complete and utter independence of the South Zagorian State from Chernarus, any political ties, affiliations or otherwise connections between South Zagoria and the Kozlov Regime, is and ought to be hereby dissolved. Over the next few days my brothers and I will make our presence very known to the inhabitants of this region. Any failure to fold in beneath our chain of command and governance will result in death. Make your decisions carefully bratya, we will not give second chances." *Andrian hums the tune of the national anthem before releasing the PTT*
  12. G19RP

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    Up the.... It was a good one lads.
  13. Andrian was born to a very poor family in Belocerzsk, Chernarus. Ethnically Russian he always was torn between his home and his blood. The best of both worlds would emerge in 2009 when the Chernarussian civil war broke out. Naturally he took arms alongside his communist brothers. Together they fought and shed blood in the name of equality, but the imperialist dogs won, with their missiles and ships. Sickened by the Capitalist war dogs of the West, Andrian fled to the black mountains, here, his closest friends and him have been training to re assert communist ideals in an independent South Zagorian state. Now they make their move.
  14. G19RP

    Server wipes every week, encourage map / group settlements, & bring in points of interests.

    Weekly is prefect. Sure people will pick up an inventory load of their best shit, but that's just that, an inventory load. Not 8 tents and 35 boxes. Return the building cost and time to normal and wipe weekly is a great combo.
  15. G19RP

    New Map - Issues

    I would be fine with these zombies of the loot was equivalent, but 4 or so hours of looting between 10 people and the whole map and not a single AR is ridiculous. Not to be the loot-whore, but with this volume of infected we need some better firepower.
  16. G19RP

    Initiating from behind cover

    Maybe you didn't see but I did include a third option??? That's asking too much of people imo, if something spontaneous occurs and an opportunity arises, then they should be able to get to cover and drop an initiation. I'm glad to hear at least one staff member is looking at precedents, but from what I heard, its not that way a majority of the time for GM's and Admins, and as I have heard a million times, its "case by case".
  17. G19RP

    Initiating from behind cover

    Its not dramatic at all? That is literally what you have stated here. It is the most opportune moment of all time, his enemies are literally lined up in a straight line in the open....... Sure, maybe they could coordinate that if they didn't have to double mic, but if Bobby runs up and initiates and gets gassed as or right after he does, which is probable when he'd have to stand in front of the 5 or 6 people and solo it, then as long as he dies before the rest initiate then hes banned for NVFL. Or they could openly say in front of them "alright guys, lets rob them in 3...2...1..." which is laughable to even suggest. We cant make safe bubbles for people who sit in large groups in open fields, its just not practical. If only the staff teamed worked off of precedent we wouldn't be having this discussion. There is no way for us to know. It changes report to report and is vastly different case to case. That is the problem. Who knows? Because we sure as fuck dont, and it seems it depends on what staff member that handles my report, rather than what the rules are in general. At the end of the day, if the player base doesn't want this to be a thing, then it shouldn't. Very simple, I sincerely hope staff looks into this before every fight for the next 4 weeks is reported because the person being initiated on couldn't see the people doing it . I will make sure to tap everyone on the shoulder so they turn around and stand directly in front of them to avoid this in the meantime. Also, notice how every response from staff has been "when I get initiated on", none have mentioned "When I initiate", perhaps if you guys had a bit more experience in the matter of initiating then you would have a batter understanding of what goes on, but that's just my two cents.
  18. G19RP

    Initiating from behind cover

    Yes, it happens all the time. Number advantage doesn't mean anything when you have capable shooters among your ranks. @Shroud can you add a poll for us to vote on our opinions?
  19. G19RP

    Initiating from behind cover

    Not as simple as that, he has friends there, and more than enough to fight the group without NVFL. However, since his group is not official, while technically having allies, its still NVFL. if you have the opportunity to take your enemies, or to attempt a robbery, and the only thing stopping it is a wall, then the rule is fucked IMO. It makes no sense to run up to someones face to initiate when its safer to do so behind cover.
  20. G19RP

    Initiating from behind cover

    I dont see how. @Bobby is not in an official group; therefore, even with his allies nearby, from a rules standpoint he is still "alone". he must initiate for himself, as do his allies. In this report, if he were to do that, it is NVFL. Anything more than double your numbers, in Bobby's case 2 people, is NVFL. So you, as a staff team, are asking him to run up and NVFL initiate on the crowd and risk dying which would get him banned, or initiate from cover and get banned for invalid initiation, or not initiate at all and give people invulnerability in numbers. Its not clear cut at all and in anyway. You are asking him to either break rule A, or break rule B, with the C option being let them go because their numbers make them invincible. That's not fair at all to any attackers.
  21. G19RP

    Initiating from behind cover

    That is the exact problem I have seen in the last year or so, sure context needs to be looked at, but the rules shouldn't be this open for interpretation. I should not have to be looking through ask the staff threads to find what i can and cant do, and the vague rules with no examples dont give players, especially new ones a proper chance at not getting themselves banned. Make the rules black and white, add examples, if people loophole it, ban them. I've asked multiple staff members recently about reports, and all I get is "depends on what staff member is handling it". That is a terrible thing to hear coming from the staff team itself and leaves me wondering 10x over in every situation.
  22. G19RP

    Initiating from behind cover

    "Everyone inside the compound hands up or die!" is just as simple and straightforward as "Everyone put your fucking hands up!". If you hear that, and dont want to die, then put your hands in the air. Who the fuck hears that and goes "hmm I wonder who that is and why/who they are saying it to". No one does, if you hear an initiation and are unsure, then comply. Simple as, the fault shouldn't hit the people who are using common sense and putting themselves in cover. Makes absolutely NO SENSE for me to put myself in the open so I can get firing squaded in front of the crowd, especially when they aren't in an official group and need to all initiate separately.
  23. G19RP

    Initiating from behind cover

    Not at all man. The way its explained in the verdict is not that simple. If I am behind a wall and call out every piece of gear person X is wearing and tell them to put their hands up, is that "personal" enough? The way the verdict is written says since he was behind cover its invalid. You guys need to specify before any further reports get thrown up because the rule is all of a sudden interpreted this way rather than how it was before. EDIT: Now when a compound is attacked I must boost over their walls before initiated, which has been ruled baiting, and get banned no matter what way I approach it. Same goes for people inside, now they have to wait until I land in the base to initiate.There are far too many loopholes and flaws with this interpretation and it needs to be changed ASAP.
  24. G19RP

    Initiating from behind cover

    Makes no sense, I can build a box, or build a wall in a doorway and can never be initiated on. If I cant see them then I'm safe all of a sudden? I understand the use of the rule in regards to megaphones, but VOIP... makes no sense. With this verdict if you are inside a compound you are immortal, you can never be initiated on so long as your walls are tall enough to block LOS. This needs to get changed ASAP before the turtle era begins.
  25. G19RP

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

    They have been removed until they can be active again, thanks for the heads up.
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