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  1. Distress Call. [Open Frequency]

    *Fyodr grasps his radio, pressing down the PTT* "What the fuck is happening? Shit shit shit, we are on our way." *You can hear the sounds of multiple men scrambling for their rifles and starting a truck* "We need some context brother. Are you still holding out? Can Anyone hear this frequency? We have faith, hold out." *Fyodr releases the PTT*
  2. G19RP

    real sad boy hours out here

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    Tell me you didn’t willingfully commit to this weeb shit brother

    1. Chewy


      Rolle has forced this curse up on us staff members

    2. UndeadRP


      jesus jim....

    3. JimRP


      I did not brothers. @UndeadRP @G19RP

  3. Mr. America's Propaganda Station (OPEN FREQ)

    *Fyodr presses the PTT* "This shit must be a joke eh? Well friend, perhaps if you gather some more men, I can do to them, what I did to you. Knock them out that is. I also have your mask, although a little red spray-paint prettied it up a bit. Oh, and the hammer and sickle of course. Maybe now you will respect us a little more, I could've blown your fucking brain-matter across the street, I mean hell, you even saw how everyone their practically works for us. Well, anyways, hopefully your little militia goes well, more people for me to fuck up." *Fyodr lights a cigar, tokes it, and releases the PTT*
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    To quote Joffrey, I believe we are witnessing rock bottom friend.

    1. BorisRP


      yep yep

    2. Zero


      You reposted in the wrong neighborhood.

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    Ehm brother you like the new staff members?

    1. Josei


      Hi friends

  5. What do you listen to ?

    Been whipped by a certain someone lately, threw together a little playlist, here's the highlights, spotify link for the full one.
  6. Real life picture Thread

    Heres my goodest boy
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  7. G19RP

    Che <3

    @BorisRP @Cosmo

    1. Cosmo

      Hell, it’s about time! 

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      Oh shit the nice theme are back finally ima need to bring in my nice theme you to @Cosmo

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      love your profile but I went a bit odd

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