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  2. Brothers and Sister of Allah, your worthy sacrifice has been received as a priceless martyr in the holy war against Weebs. Your loss will not be forgotten as we will chant your names as we end this battle. I am calling upon all other Holy men to fight this fight, for far too long these anime lovers have trampled on us. We will prevail as we are guided by Allah. Inshallah borthers and sister, Inshallah. @Bobby-kun @Phoenyxx-chan @RiZ-kun @Turk-chan
  3. HAHAHA you are so funny and creative Gator. ?
  4. Everybody wants a piece of me, there's not enough to go around ? .
  5. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I feel the verdict is not fair because I feel I didn’t abuse the rules to execute the hostage. Pips had been told a multitude of times that once we got to the treeline that she would need to check her pockets for any explosives, guns, and radios. Once we got in the trees, I demanded her directly to go ahead and check her pockets. Sometime after, as we approach a house she says out loud something along the lines of “oh are we going into this house by the road”. This statement prompts me to remind her that having a radio is going to lead to her death, she admits that she has one and tries to give some excuse but I execute her before she can say it because I had already told her that if she had one I’d kill her. At that point, no matter what excuse she could give it would not make up for her actively giving her location away to her group-mates. In conclusion, I had given her multiple warnings about hiding the radio on her, for the very reason she ended up getting executed, giving our position away to her group-mates. If she wouldn’t have gave our position away, I would have let the radio slide, but the fact that she went out of her way to give my location away for obviously malicious intent means that she knew exactly what she was doing and getting herself involved in. It is stated in the verdict that I only gave her one warning, this is not how I remember it and I would like to see the video or have it checked again by other staff members, as I and the others around me heard the multiple warnings. With the way freecam works are you sure that the one recording was close enough to hear all the demands I gave the whole time? Chalking it up to me telling her once is severely damaging to my POV and is not how I or others present remember it. It is also stated that she is no threat to me, however, by actively giving away our location to her armed group members, she is a direct threat, and is going against what I told her to do, for the very reason I told her to do it. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Something that I -should have mentioned in my original POV is the active giving away of valuable information by Pips to her people on the radio. I would understand a ruleplay ban if it was one-off and a random radio she didn’t know she had. However, what prompted me to execute her was her actively hotmicing the location that we had moved her to. This information was extremely valuable as we moved her a considerable distance and the giving away of the house we had brought her to could have easily led us to our deaths. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Have my ban and my points removed What could you have done better?: Refer to the “additional statement” post.
  6. I too am from NC brother (Fayettnam in specific), welcome to the community, if you need help with anything shoot me a message!
  7. "My time is here and I'm makin' it clear Oh, I love you, my dear But I'm goin', I'm gone I might come back when the Benz all black Ten racks on my lap If I don't relapse and I stay strong I could do anything I want to Bump Lil Peep, when I die, I'ma haunt you"
  8. POV: We pulled up on a group of people on the coast, they begin running away. We chase for a while and end up catching one of them in a field. the rest, in typical fashion, disappear into the trees. We send a few that way to check and find no one. I wait for a little bit, around five minutes or so, then initiate on the female and take her away. I warn her at least three times that if she hides a radio or gun that she would die. We get to the house and she has a radio, so I kill her. We run off to prison island, find nothing, get in our car and drive north, get ambushed at Pav mil and die. I'd like to note that as of recent reports and statements regarding dynamic rights, you must be present in the situation in order to gain rights. The others in Kamenici had run off full speed and a decent distance away. Meaning that they did NOT have defensive dynamic rights. On top of this, a large portion of the people in truck had not previously initiated. Meaning that they were RDM'd. If position logs are pulled it will show that they were far away by the time we initiated, after snagging the women we RP'd for around five minutes before initiating, and we searched the immediate area. They were not close enough to see it, and were definitely NOT PRESENT for the initiation in anyway. I would formally like to also report them for RDM x7, and of course the two invalid executions on Oxen and Shepherd. To add on to the execution, Rolle says "The hostage who was killed is classed as not affiliated because he is not a member of the attacker approved group, nor an approved group that is marked as an ally of that group". The Trade Union are not marked as our ally, and they were only with us through randomly finding them on a road. Last time I was involved in one of these reports with the suspects, they linked a report that got me put on final over a year ago. I assume that it will be linked again, so I will take this opportunity to defend myself. This situation is nothing similar. My official group initiates on the female, the rest of her dynamic group have been long gone, out of LOS and nowhere present for the initiation. The female then fails to comply with my orders and is executed. The two situations are completely different and I hope that it is not aimlessly thrown once again at me. I'd like to point out the clever use of words regarding their POV's. They say things such as "shortly after" when referring to when we initiated on Pips, but this is blatantly false. I role-played with her for at least five or so minutes before ever initiating, and if we get the full position logs pulled for this team, from myself, pips and the rest of the suspects then we can prove just how far they had run. Just from what we have now, we see that Mexi was located at the red circle (pictured below), and even with a generous estimate on the hostage location (could be wrong, need more pos logs still), then he was around 2.3 km away from the initiation site three minutes after the hostage being executed. Keep in mind there was about 3 or 4 minutes between initiation and execution, but even accounting for that there is no way that Mexi and Co. were anywhere close enough to see or be involved in the roleplay leading to the initiation. Even with dex you cannot move that fast or that far. They have yet to say whether or not they were close or present because they know they were not, and the use of vocabulary such as "soon after" or "shortly after" when regarding the initiation is blatantly false as roleplay was given to Pips for several minutes before an initiation. "You need to be present when the initiation is dropped, or you yourself personally need to be initiated on to gain defender rights." Although verdicts do not cause precedent, it shows the interpretation of the rules and how they are being enforced. On top of this, to add on to what @Queerios said, the behavior from @groovy pips was NVFL and baiting. When I offered to resolve this by having her walk to the truck for a conversation she would respond with statements like "or what" and "what are you going to do about it" and "I dont think I am going to". Even though she was HEAVILY outnumbered by just my group, not to mention the bystanders watching idly by. She showed no value for her own life and displayed clear paths of baiting. With that I would also like to bring about this accusation of baiting and NVFL formally, if I must make a separate report let me know staff. This is the logs plotted out at 23:57, roughly as we initiated on Pips. Keep in mind this could even be before we initiated, as when we initiated on Pips we began moving her south of this position. Meaning at the absolute best, with perfect timing, that this was the closest they could possibly be to the situation. The closest groovy member was well over a KM away and the rest of the gang was almost 2KM at 1800 M. Above us is Chase, who chased them even further, the men were full sprint running away and were NOT INVOLVED in the situation at all. They abandoned their dynamic member, completely lost LOS and were 2KM away before we even initiated. Thank you @Hofer for the rest of the logs, and as you mentioned before, I will be representing my group, "The Time".
  9. POV: In long firefight with OP and Co, the OP had been moving hill to hill firing down on us, Dexagon was covering the north so I went south and found the OP at a tree, shot him in the back of the head a few times and moved on.
  10. @SassyRP @Turk-chan Free my boy Turk from this weeb filth.
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