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  1. G19RP

    S1: BadRP In VMC | 11/12/18

    I do not have any video evidence.
  2. G19RP

    Kozlovská Rodina [Strict Recruitment]

    I have a feeling Latinos will be added with the blacks and Takis soon, best of luck bratrs.
  3. G19RP

    S1: BadRP In VMC | 11/12/18

    POV: We have someone hostage in VMC, I’m checking around the outside and find a few people loitering around. After conversing they tell me that their friend is inside and they want to save him. I relay this info and initiate on one of them, he complies and I tell him not to drop his hands or he will be killed. I am told the other man is taking position on me so I tell the hostage that to follow me inside the walls, as I move I hear a snap in my direction so I turn to look, this is when Brandon’s trade occurs, I also notice the hostages hands are down so he is shot, while I move to help Brandon I see the man lay down in a bush and fire at him so I shoot him as well, saving Brandon. We then wrap up the aforementioned hostage RP and call it a day.
  4. G19RP

    S1: ABOGM/Potential KoS - GM/Summer Camp - 11/12/18

    Restart queues do not last five minutes. @DrMax
  5. G19RP

    S1: ABOGM/Potential KoS - GM/Summer Camp - 11/12/18

    @DrMax I will provide you the screenshot when I get to my PC. I would also like to point out we waited over five minutes from the restart to when we began firing.Terra had no crashes from the restart either. It is not our fault if it takes you over five minutes to log back in while you have a hostage and know a rescue is going to at least be attempted.
  6. G19RP

    S1: ABOGM/Potential KoS - GM/Summer Camp - 11/12/18

    Obviously there is a misunderstanding of the rules. It does not matter if he was in the CP or not my guy, we used dynamic rights and as I explained them, we had rights. Whether or not he was on the roster means nothing, we dont get rights from that either way, we are not approved. We got rights from being in nightwings dynamic. Again
  7. G19RP

    S1: ABOGM/Potential KoS - GM/Summer Camp - 11/12/18

    Javier POV: After a few incidents earlier at VMC, @ScarRP and I headed down to Rogovo and Pogorevka to look for Saviors (since we saw them their yesterday), @Nightwing meets us for gear, but we dont have anything for him other than food and water, so we tell him to go look in Zeleno mil and check for people in the area. He calls out on the radio that there is a lot of people in GM with black armbands. Then he goes radio silent. We figure it is either Liska or District, so Scar and I head back down to check, after we finally get their, GM appears empty so we start looking around the area for where they could've gone. At this point our boy has been radio silent for a decent amount of time and is not responding to our calls. After a brief search we see movement in the Summer Camp. Scar and I set up and wait for backup. Server restarts and we wait around 5 minutes before we shoot, and after seeing them running around the compound and such we decided we had given more than enough time. @Ron 's video isn't accurate because she didn't log in immediately (logs will show server up-time and what not). We give them ample time to log back in, so we begin shooting, I killed two and Scar killed 4. We knew we were the only ones with dynamic rights, hence why we shot. After the the boys came in, the ones pushing Cabin voip initiated on the remaining man, he dies and we call it a day. We then get perms to log from Liska and some of us use them. Now to address some claims. I've already addressed this and logs will show. We had no way of knowing as he remained muted (since you took his radio) and he was invested in the RP. That is to be expected when you are telling him that the only thing Mexicans are good for is cleaning motel bathrooms. Also, you can hear in @Ron 's someone yell, "I told you" as soon as shots fly, and talk about arm bands. You guys clearly knew a fight was coming and the immediate messages to us right after the incident prove such. I'll also add this here, Defense rights can be shared with everyone that you recently role played with as well as all your group members, if you are a part of an approved group.
  8. G19RP

    The House

    It’s been real boys. o7
  9. G19RP

    G19RP's Profile GIF Thread - Open

    Updated, and I am still taking requests.
  10. G19RP

    Pecunia Nervus Belli

    *A mysterious voice looms over the frequency* " Praetor, this is The Consul. We have a proposition. Our last date went well, and we were wondering how you would feel going on a second? Don't worry, we have the bill covered this time. This new restaurant is a few blocks East of the last, just a small slavic place. Well, anyways, if you are interested, meet us at the same place as last time, we'll have a ride waiting. Exequor Cogitatum Invicta." *The mysterious voice ends abruptly to the sound of silence*
  11. G19RP

    It starts now. [126.23]

    *Javier presses the PTT and calls over his fellow gang members, loud music can be heard ringing about the trap house* "Oh shit, you hear this lady? Shes getting all tough and shit. Its finna be like LA all over again. Fuck it I guess, I'll do this shit con mis hermanos." *Javier pulls up his flag, ties it around his face and releases the PTT*
  12. G19RP

    24th Blvd and Prigorodki Street XII, South Zagoria

    When do we get the federales?
  13. G19RP

    Micaela Iglesia

    Great story, kept me captivated. Greatness to come.
  14. G19RP

    S1: BADRP - 06/12/18 Around 21:03

    Javier POV: Were chilling in our car, case of coronas, a few kilos and some Dracos, the usual Garcia day. We get a call saying that the people we met earlier are North of Grishino with a car, so we decide that we need to go. As Ricardo slides over the hood, I open the passenger door, moving the old, beaten up seat back. I climb in, making sure to get my leg room that Hector never lets me have. As Hector enters he is complaining about some Gringa that ignored his advances, Ricardo and I laugh at his pain. We begin to head out and the dull silence is broken by me press checking my Draco over, and over and over again. Annoyed, Ricardo asks for some tunes, so hector plays our favorite (here for anyone wondering). We roll the windows down and get to cruising. As we approach the town we see a man at the well, we all pull down our colors, making sure the man knows who we are, he throws us a nod and we keep rolling. Ahead we see the people, preparing for the robbery we all dap each other up and say a small prayer in Spanish. Getting out we brandish our weapons and tell the men to put their hands up. Immediately they become non complaint, firing and running. Bravely, Ricardo peaks taking one down. With a rush of Adrenaline I move across a creek, putting myself behind my enemies. Instead of doing some coward shit I shout, "Wassup Vatos" and one turns, calling out my position. BOOM! The rounds break out, back and forth we fire but its a two on one. I get hit multiple times but stand like the Mexican Warrior I am. I drop one man with what I thought at the time was my dying breath. As I lay presumably bleeding out I hear a familiar voice, its Hector! he pulls me to safety and fixes me up, narrowly avoiding death (obv thats what we RP at least).