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  1. G19RP

    S1: KOS in Kab - 2018-12-27, 04:37

    No shots were fired at your people before I died. It seems like a very important detail that they would’ve pointed out. Only person that initiated was Scar, he was holding piano, nobody pushed piano until after I had died so I fail to see where/when shots were fired before my death.
  2. G19RP

    S1: KOS in Kab - 2018-12-27, 04:37

    That is the goal, clarification needs to be made, it’s too open currently and is completely grey area. Because there was no situation, an imitation got dropped, a misunderstanding was pointed out and cleared up, no shots were fired, literally 0, 10 minutes pass, I’m having a friendly conversation with some guy, I give him some food, then as I walk away I get shot in the back of the head without ever being involved. There was no firefight, if there was, we wouldnt be here right now.
  3. G19RP

    S1: KOS in Kab - 2018-12-27, 04:37

    The definition of dynamic is not a technicality. I’m going off of the rules, and trying to get them clarified officially here. Also I would like to point out that being in the same group doesn’t grant you rights, neither would me being in Scars dynamic. If we are not in an approved group, then you only gain rights on the initiators themselves.
  4. G19RP

    S1: KOS in Kab - 2018-12-27, 04:37

    As was seen in the AOGM report that was closed recently, dynamic must be done in game not over the radio. I can link you if you’d like. With your logic I could contact someone over the radio 2km away and now they’d be dynamic, but that’s not how it works.
  5. G19RP

    S1: KOS in Kab - 2018-12-27, 04:37

    With you guys clarifying to him that it was a misunderstanding and leaving, then 10 minutes of nothing/nobody in the actual town, its pretty safe to no firefight was happening. Nor was I even in the area when it happened. That is not how dynamics work. Dynamics require roleplay beforehand. I wasn't even sure who killed me when it happened, hence this section I even spoke with staff before I posted the report to make sure it was a valid point and to clarify the rules.
  6. G19RP

    S1: KOS in Kab - 2018-12-27, 04:37

    Server and location: S1 Kab Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2018-12-27, 04:37 Your in game name: Javier Garcia Names of allies involved: @groovy tonyRP and the Garcia boys Name of suspect/s: No clue Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): NA Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I get told on the radio to come help the lads in Kab, that a potential firefight may break out. Tony and I head in to check it out. I believe Scar initiated on some people telling them to leave the area and they did so saying that they were looking for someone else anyways. No shots had been fired at all. I come into Kab from the North, seeing a man. I offer him some mushrooms and he takes one, as I walk toward a water source with him, we have friendly conversation he says something like "I'm sorry sir" and shoots me in the back of the head. This report is really aimed to clarify what the rules are exactly. Keep in mind I dont even know if who killed me was initiated on, so the following doesn't apply if that's the case. As someone who isn't even in the initiators dynamic, do the targets of the initiation get kill rights on me? Keep in mind it wasn't even a firefight, no shots had been fired at all and it had been like 10 mins or so since the initiation.
  7. G19RP

    Settlement Protections

    Sylvas's group shut down the traders in Cherno, they even archived from it. If he faces the same fate yet complains then it is simple hypocrisy. if you want to go around and shut down settlements and groups and publicly brag about it on the radio forums about it, then expect consequences. People will hate you, and though you are more resilient than who you already wiped out, the same fate can be delivered to both, its only fair. A no from me.
  8. G19RP

    S1 : AOGM - 12/24/18 Around 06: 24 Server time

    POV: I begin breaking into the compound, Scar initiates on the men outside, after finishing the wall I escort the man in, taking him with me while I completely clear out the building, after I get him upstairs one logs in, yawning to emphasize hes waking up. I take him as well, putting him with the other. I then get Lee Harvey Oswalded mid RP and die.
  9. G19RP

    S1 | Novaya Industrial | Invalid Execution/Ruleplay | 2018-12-23| ~23:40

    You uploaded the video at 7:10 EST and the report went up at 6:53 EST, that's a 17 minute gap. You definitely knew it was up before you uploaded your evidence Moody.
  10. G19RP

    S1 | Novaya Industrial | Invalid Execution/Ruleplay | 2018-12-23| ~23:40

    POV: I Initiate on the compound, shots are traded, I spot a sniper shooting at us, flank him, kill him. I then go to the compound, climb the tall tower out back and jump on to the factory roof, killing three more inside. I begin to die from dehydration so I push down and get killed.
  11. G19RP

    S1: Bad RP / Early Shots

    No we did not man, I am NOT in their official group; therefore, I do not share rights with them, nor do they share rights with me. That is how rights work. Ming gained rights from his VOIP initiation and you guys running over Stannis. I gained rights from my text initiation. Cut and dry. Our groups are different and there is no way around it.
  12. G19RP

    S1: Bad RP / Early Shots

    I have said it a plethora of times before my friend, they are not my group. They are an approved group, and I'm simply an IC friend of theirs, in my OWN group. Ming initiated before the text logs my friend, watch the video, you ALL CLEARLY HEAR HIM. The driver even begins to serve to avoid what he knew the consequences were. Between MY initiation and MY shots hitting, there was 6 seconds. My initiation cant count as theirs, as I am not in their official group, that is how rights work. My initiation was for ME, not for them, not for anyone else, but ME. I gave six seconds man, not one. Again not my group man. There was only three of us, if you see more then point it out in the videos please. I have never met you, the Ruskis are not my group, I am my own entity here. If you would like for me to explain over TS or Discord then I would be happy to explain to you in a more detailed manner what the environment consists of.
  13. G19RP

    S1: Bad RP / Early Shots

    ??? Not saying it does, but my point is that my engagement was its own entity and separate from Ming's. I gave you time to comply and you chose to kill my ally and swerve instead. It is quite obvious if you watch the video, I can timestamp it if staff would like. He says “we’ll be fine” as the first shots are fired and begin to hit people. The intention and context is quite clear. The driver of your vehicles attitude and actions behind the wheel prove the intentions were not to stop the car, but to attempt to get away. Not to mention the killing of Stannis.
  14. G19RP

    S1: Bad RP / Early Shots

    Id like to point out that between MY initiation and the time I hit the first one was 6 seconds. 6 seconds in which they began swerving the car, even killing one of my allies before I even shot. In addition I’d also like to address some claims I see. They say they swerve to avoid Ming and I, but as you can see in the VOD neither Ming or myself are “in the middle of the road”, we are to the side of it. As soon as they hear Ming’s initiation the driver begins to swerve the vehicle, even saying “we’re fine boys” in response to gunshots.Then as he aims for stannis, the driver calls out “get fucked idiot” clearly showing that the original plan was of non-compliance. All in all, if you watch the video carefully you can see the car begin to swerve (watch the steering wheel) as soon as they hear/see any initiations, and when being told to stop the car or die, swerving back and forth to avoid gunshots is clear non-compliance.
  15. G19RP

    S1: Bad RP / Early Shots

    Yet his stream was titled DayZRP and his character name. If he didn’t want it to be available to this community then he wouldn’t have streamed it publicly in the first place. No matter what way you put it, it is not “doxing” to find his public bod. I play here to have fun with my friends and when I hear people calling me a “f***t” ooc’ly because of an IC situation, it leaves a terrible taste in my mouth.
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