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    Invalid Execution of Hostage 17-10-2018, 21:50 S1

    Zednik POV: We heard over the radio that someone was tasking slaves, we went to investigate. As I approach they murder the man in the streets so I chase them down to initiate, once I catch up I do so. We take them to the castle to interrogate and torture them. We ask for PK since it would make since at this point, it is denied so we ask for them to be involved in one of our propaganda videos. They say no, it is now that I am told that Endeavor has participated actively in the killing of our men and allies, so we decide an execution is all that makes since for us. As we are setting up, a large group of men are spotted so we must expedite the process, we film a small video then leave. Furthermore, I would like the staff team to consider the OP for posting a false report. Lets go over the facts, that the OP personally knew before posting this report: 1. For the last week, the OP has been a vassal to the Saviors. He is a "Governor" within the government of the Saviors, the Governor of the Tortugan state. He has vocally supported the Saviors IC'ly both IG, and on Radio chatters. 2. He got into a firefight with us, for over 2 hours the day before, where he was aggressively calling for us all to surrender to the Saviors. He negotiated for over an hour, and then killed on of our members, then one of our members killed him in the firefight. We know he is with a huge enemy of ours, one of the top, key members of the resistance. He is a Governor. We find him and capture him, and exact revenge for his crimes. The OP clearly knows he is an RP enemy of our group. He clearly knows, he has done violent and non-violent crimes against us for the last week. And now he complains when he faces the obvious consequences of being caught by the enemy. This is a clear cut.. salt report in which the OP knowingly tries to get us banned, for doing logical, and non-rule breaking things IG to get revenge IC'ily.
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    Invalid Execution/RDM and Attempted RDM - S1 Novy Sobor - 20:30 Server Time

    Quite and edgy response there MR. Like I said, if you think you still had rights even after I was released then you are supporting that ruleplay be allowed. I am confused man, I am sure you know as a GM what ruleplay is and that there are no loopholes around it.
  6. G19RP

    Invalid Execution/RDM and Attempted RDM - S1 Novy Sobor - 20:30 Server Time

    Interesting, so either you knew I was a hostage or didn't, either way you executed a compliant hostage. Also @Se7en has video evidence that may include what happens I would like to ask @Se7en if we could see his full and unedited video for the sake of the report, and if not hopefully staff will do so.
  7. G19RP

    Invalid Execution/RDM and Attempted RDM - S1 Novy Sobor - 20:30 Server Time

    If that was the case then why did Dew let me go? It seems that its simply a miscommunication on your groups end. No one tried to inside man. I complied and was then taken hostage by YOUR group, held at gunpoint and shot. Your rights that you "had" in the beginning of the fight dissipated when I became your compliant hostage. I am sure you guys can find the plethora of reports where compliant hostages were killed, and what the outcomes were.
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    Invalid Execution/RDM and Attempted RDM - S1 Novy Sobor - 20:30 Server Time

    No one in our group knew Boris was initiating, when he did I complied not knowing who did it, then I was taken into your groups custody. I was shot while complaint by Dew, then told directly at gunpoint to drop my guns and bandage myself, then I am told to take my weapons and leave. With two weapons one had to be in my hands. Dew watched me walk away with the weapon in my hand, so I dont understand why I would be shot later. If your argument is that you had rights regardless of the weapon in my hand then it would simply be rule-play.
  10. G19RP

    Invalid Execution/RDM and Attempted RDM - S1 Novy Sobor - 20:30 Server Time

    Server and location: Server One Novy Sobor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 20:30 Your in game name: Zednik Sousek Names of allies involved: Kamenici Name of suspect/s: ??? Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Lots of people in Novy, everyone is pushing hostilities, out of no where Boris drops an initiation, not knowing whats going on I comply and wave my hands around, that's when I believe that Dew shot me while my hands are up and told me to drop my weapons, I comply and bandage. I ask him what I should do and he tells me to grab my guns and leave, on my way out of town I run into a guy, I have my hand up and tell him I was told to leave by the people in town, as I walked away he blew my brains out. without any warning.
  11. G19RP

    Trading Outpost, All are welcome (Open Frequency)

    *Zednik holds the PTT* "Hello, my name is Zednik and my friends and I would love to help your town! We can provide all sorts of services, like protection, balaclava sales and ethnic cleansing. Just let us know when and where and well be there man!" *Zednik releases the PTT*
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    What would you like to see from Groups + Events.

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    This event was literally cancer...

    Teleport players to play as the CDF and BPR, obviously its a little too hard for you guys to play the op-for and do the spawning. It was repetitive and linear with little to no variation, maybe have a more diverse path rather than just circles and spawning wolf/zombies. Have multiple ambushes set along the way, or give supports temporary access to the panels so they can spawn shit. Have it all setup before hand so there is no confusion on when people can loot and where. Overall it seemed rushed and unorganized. Always prepare for the worst possible outcome so this shit doesn't happen again.
  15. G19RP

    This event was literally cancer...

    Yes it was man, shit was all over the floor and we were told we had to wait until the whole group arrived, only to have another group walk up and take it all before we could. Can’t change what happened but fuck, we made it there first why do we get the short end.