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  2. Brothers and Sister of Allah, your worthy sacrifice has been received as a priceless martyr in the holy war against Weebs. Your loss will not be forgotten as we will chant your names as we end this battle. I am calling upon all other Holy men to fight this fight, for far too long these anime lovers have trampled on us. We will prevail as we are guided by Allah. Inshallah borthers and sister, Inshallah. @Bobby-kun @Phoenyxx-chan @RiZ-kun @Turk-chan
  3. HAHAHA you are so funny and creative Gator. ?
  4. Everybody wants a piece of me, there's not enough to go around ? .
  5. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I feel the verdict is not fair because I feel I didn’t abuse the rules to execute the hostage. Pips had been told a multitude of times that once we got to the treeline that she would need to check her pockets for any explosives, guns, and radios. Once we got in the trees, I demanded her directly to go ahead and check her pockets. Sometime after, as we approach a house she says out loud something along the lines of “oh are we going into this house by the road”. This statement prompts me to remind her that having
  6. I too am from NC brother (Fayettnam in specific), welcome to the community, if you need help with anything shoot me a message!
  7. "My time is here and I'm makin' it clear Oh, I love you, my dear But I'm goin', I'm gone I might come back when the Benz all black Ten racks on my lap If I don't relapse and I stay strong I could do anything I want to Bump Lil Peep, when I die, I'ma haunt you"
  8. POV: We pulled up on a group of people on the coast, they begin running away. We chase for a while and end up catching one of them in a field. the rest, in typical fashion, disappear into the trees. We send a few that way to check and find no one. I wait for a little bit, around five minutes or so, then initiate on the female and take her away. I warn her at least three times that if she hides a radio or gun that she would die. We get to the house and she has a radio, so I kill her. We run off to prison island, find nothing, get in our car and drive north, get ambushed at Pav mil and die.
  9. POV: In long firefight with OP and Co, the OP had been moving hill to hill firing down on us, Dexagon was covering the north so I went south and found the OP at a tree, shot him in the back of the head a few times and moved on.
  10. @SassyRP @Turk-chan Free my boy Turk from this weeb filth.
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