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  1. Owen

    501 (Recruitment Open)

    You were killed five years ago though!!! (Also good luck!)
  2. Owen


    Got a Mk23 3d kit printed seeing the pistol itself shots about ~70 yards. @Dax supplied the kit!
  3. Owen

    How will you: Get Permabanned

    By necroing this 3 year old thread
  4. Owen

    DayZRP Mod Nostalgia Thread

    Last days of the mod going into SA I believe.
  5. Owen


    Thought being a medic would be easy...
  6. Owen

    DayZRP Mod Nostalgia Thread

    Never did get to see the kill logs for that if they existed.
  7. Owen


    Was a fun year with some odd moments.
  8. Owen

    DayZRP Mod Nostalgia Thread

    Wish I had footage from Altar Castle. Defending that place was a epic and the body count was always high.
  9. Owen

    Teamspeak 3 Memorial Thread

    *laughs in Private TS*
  10. Owen

    DayZ leaving Early Access December 13 Trailer - LUL

    5 years too late...
  11. Owen

    Reading Reports

  12. Owen

    What's your favourite dayZRP Jargon!

    "Run into the wall and I'll kick you" "I crashed in an open field" "Plz my naem is..." "Suspect/User has been banned due to other circumstances." /report closed "Dicksplash" "Dogpig"
  13. OxeN

    • OxeN
    • Owen

    do you recognize the name migoo from 2012-2013?

  14. Owen


    Smoke grenades are not good for you lungs at all.
  15. Owen


    All those arcade shooters helped I guess.
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