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  1. Airsofting

    Rip me
  2. Airsofting

    When the dead are useful
  3. Airsofting

    When the marshals are not clear.
  4. Airsofting

    Poor guy.
  5. Airsofting

    Thought I try something different and mess around with Vegas.
  6. Airsofting

    Two new vids:
  7. Airsofting

    Hope you enjoy
  8. Airsofting

    Footage I got from today. Unedited image from the YT thumbnail.
  9. Airsofting

    Talking about grenades, here is a quick review I did of one:
  10. Airsofting

    Grenades act as a stun for the enemy for 5 seconds. He wanted to be witnesses and he fell and was promptly shot afterwards.
  11. Airsofting

    Glad you liked it. When you find music that fits the tempo and the situation, it makes watching it all the better.
  12. Airsofting

    New video, now including grenades. Hope you enjoy.
  13. Airsofting

    Grenades can be unfair to those receiving one.
  14. DayZRP Mod Nostalgia Thread

    Applying the good old 40mm pain killer.