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  1. Airsofting

    Talking about grenades, here is a quick review I did of one:
  2. Airsofting

    Grenades act as a stun for the enemy for 5 seconds. He wanted to be witnesses and he fell and was promptly shot afterwards.
  3. Airsofting

    Glad you liked it. When you find music that fits the tempo and the situation, it makes watching it all the better.
  4. Airsofting

    New video, now including grenades. Hope you enjoy.
  5. Airsofting

    Grenades can be unfair to those receiving one.
  6. DayZRP Mod Nostalgia Thread

    Applying the good old 40mm pain killer.
  7. Airsofting

    New video out. This time another PoV has been included. Hope you enjoy.
  8. What do you listen to ?

    Both from the Long Dark.
  9. Any Mod lads still about?

    *Watches and waves from the shadows*
  10. Airsofting

    Don't mind watching the videos but I would not partake in one. Too much gear to carry and you'd probably spend the majority of it walking. I do enough of that when I go out to an outside field.
  11. Airsofting

    Time to revive this thread. Recently got into airsoft due to my cousin wanting me to come. Got some footage together over the last month and decided to put it into a montage: At the moment i am trying to get a suitable camera setup for outside usage. Hope you enjoy the video and if there is anything that can be made better in the future let me know.
  12. How I see it is that if you focus too hard on one side, then you will drive the opposite side out just leaving one side left. Then numbers will dwindle and it is game over. Having a balance will ensure that you keep both parties happy and people playing. I know it has been said a million time but the mod days proved this as it struct the perfect balance and went on for 2-3 years until SA took over. @Rolle is it possible to have a hybrid choice to vote on?
  13. help

    Could be a mother board issue as that usually makes various noises depending on the issue. If that is the case consult your mobo manual and look for the relevant information on that. Different beeps could mean different things.