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    Non Active Character

    Server is currently outdated until Rolle updates it, since bohemia rolled a hotfix out.
  2. Chewy


    You can't beanz in forum games /party'sover
  3. Chewy

    2018 Midterm Election Thread

    Thank you Nihooliooo
  4. Chewy

    2018 Midterm Election Thread

    So... Why do you guys need mid terms to see who stays in power? Will Trump get overthrown if enough people vote theoretically speaking? Would you get a new president? I don't get it.
  5. Chewy

    Real life picture Thread

    Are you donating it for cancer patients wigs? That'd be quite thoughtful.
  6. Chewy

    Calling all the Artists ;)

    Why not both? B) Traditional vs Digital is pretty different though.
  7. Chewy

    Calling all the Artists ;)

    I use a Wacom One. A5 size but it does what I need. Unfortunately it's discontinued though but you can find some for about 40-50 quid on Ebay. Nothing wrong with that.
  8. Chewy

    Question about Premium upgrading

    If you upgrade it upgrades immediately.
  9. Chewy

    The Horde (Open Recruitment)

    God I love this concept so much! All hail the holy bucket! Good luck!
  10. Chewy

    Tag the recent 5 viewers of a profile and comment

    @Aisling I love you<3 @MoodyOG I'll get ingame soon I PROMIIIIIISE @Jm Von Cat Long time no see. Where you been? @Voh Friend? Frieeeeend... @Dan Whatchu want I left your private channel damnit
  11. Chewy

    Real S A D B O I Hours

    People being happy when I'm feeling like shit. #realedgyhours
  12. Chewy

    This is odd

    Correct you are. It's to avoid UPs and stuff. It doesnt mean the opening post.
  13. Chewy

    Item shop descriptions

    PayDay Masks Time to get spoopy. Dress Put some pants on, PLEASE!
  14. Chewy

    Forum Search Bar Missing?

    It's- ..Gone. Looks like it's not just you. @Roland WHERE IS SEARCH
  15. Chewy

    How has the community dealt with surrender since the animation was removed?

    Yeah... F1 or heart animation works if you're on the ground. Also feels very tense when you're trying to figure out how to drop stuff while having said hands up, because you can't access your inventory q.q
  16. Chewy

    Graphics card upgrade

    If you can't get a 1060, 960 is still a good choice but it's discontinued.
  17. Chewy

    Starting Clothing

    Custom clothes would be great, but at the same time I have a tendency to switch it up now and then. I mean who wears the same shirt for 2 weeks solid? *flashbacks to a year ago* ...Anyway. Clothes? Yeah why not.
  18. Chewy

    [FM] Free Medics

    If I werent having much fun with my current character I would totally bring Cait back to play with you guys! I'm all about passive/good guy RP, and she was like a med student/psych student pre apoc.
  19. Chewy

    Hey, anybody out there?

    *Chell would awaken from her snoring slumber, a little too excited at her walkie buzzing with life. She listened with big gleaming eyes before pushing the button.* Hello? Helloo..? Hey mister? Are you there? Yesterday I met some people.. In.. In Novy Sobor! And it was raining and they took me to a house and gave me food and shelter and water and- *She would take a deep breath after spewing out endless words* And there were some doctors and a fisher! And they punished a bad cowboy guy who killed a man and then there was this REALLY nice guy called Leroy! And he had a fun, sticky out accent that made him nice. I don't remember where they took me, but it's this nice brick house with a well and everything! Not too far away from where they found me. But I gots to sleep. So I hope you find Leroy! If you do, tell him Chell says hi! That's "Shell" but with a C! *Exhausted from blabbering, she drops the walkie and lays back with a sigh.*
  20. Chewy

    Food being rare: Discussion

    I spent 5 minutes wandering about and every tree I found, almost 9/10 times I found apples and pears at the foot of them. The odd can of food too. I don't think there's a problem with food, y'all just don't have eyes if you can't see them.
  21. Chewy

    Staff members Spawn in items.

    +1 Found a damaged M4 at the military checkpoint near Ratnoe(?) on the Northern Highway. Spawns are weird.
  22. Chewy

    Abyss Corporation

    Wanna second this, you guys seriously caught me off guard in Novy after that event and I'm glad to have been part of it all. I'm kinda sad but also happy that you guys didn't hurt poor Chell, because there were people in the kitchen when the painRP came around (Yes my setup is in the kitchen). Well done!
  23. Chewy

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Absolutely fantastic RP Today! Thanks to Abyss and co. for giving me some solid roleplay! Tagging those I can remember who were there - @ASqueakyCleanPado, @Clammy, @Jackfish, @DeadKiller, @neom and @Jamie I believe? And all the others I can't put a name to! Thank you the evening!
  24. Chewy

    In game Premium poll

    "Selectable respawn locations" This screams "Hell no" for NLR..
  25. Chewy

    Real life picture Thread

    B i g F o r e h e a d