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  1. Damn, this exploded.

    Seriously though? I'm not sure how this rape RP shit has managed to fly. Just months ago people were up in arms saying it was gross and had no place for the community. Now people have done a 180 and said "nah its fine let it be"? I CAN'T agree. The age limit has been lifted from the server, so that just makes it an even bigger no no.

    +1 Get rid of it. I think I recall someone saying something about taking this kind of shit to steam or discord????? I might be wrong though.

    In the words of my good pal Joe Kenda...

  2. Just a quick one for you guys.

    As per the report posting rules, a title generally should include; Location, Time and Date, Server, and the alleged rulebreak.

    I've seen quite a few titles that don't abide by this. I might sound picky here but during my time in staff we would ask the OP to update the title, as per requirement of said posting rules before we pulled logs etc.

    Is this/should this still be enforced? Or is it now a thing of the past?

  3. *Kamila would be laid back in a cabin as she heard the broadcast. She pushed the PTT and started speaking Chernarussian.*

    I cannot offer you medical aid, brother, but you can offer me information, which I can act upon and use to help fight back this foreign scum, who take our country for granted. Stay strong. Do not lose hope, we are the only ones who can truly stop this. You are not alone.

    Slava Chernarus.

    *She releases the PTT, sighing as she does so.*

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