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  1. (A/N: I don't know if I'll ever add to this, just felt like writing a little bit based on ingame events and the effects it could portray on my character.) It must have been two weeks since Caitlyn felt forced to fire a gun, an act of self defense, an act of heroism to save her patient, and her patient's newfound friend. As a result her torso had been caught in the crossfire, it still ached now and then. Cait lay on the floor of her house, body sprawled out like a starfish as she stared at the ceiling, her phone blutooth connected to a small speaker as it quietly played David Bowie's Life on Mars. It's a God-awful small affair, to the girl with the mousy hair… She shivered, not sure if it was from the lyrics that weaved their way around the room, or the lack of heating. She closed her eyes and raised her head to take a swig of cider, before laying back down. But her mummy is yelling "No", and her daddy has told her to go... She shoots upright, like a deer in headlights she appears frightened all of a sudden, as if something has made her jump. Yet, nothing audible in the real world could be heard. But her friend is nowhere to be seen, now she walks through her sunken dream, to the seat with the clearest view- And she's hooked to the silver screen- She shoves a dresser in front of the doorway and curls up in a corner. She taps the volume button up on her phone, and so does the music get louder. But the film is a saddening bore; for she's live it ten times or more! The booming of the orchestral-like build-up isn't enough to block out whatever instills fear in her, she cranks it up a little more but also covers her ears. She could spit in the eyes of fools, as they ask her to focus on… "Make it STOP! Make them stop!" She wails to no one, heaving and scrunching her face up, quivering on the cold hard floor of her house, Bowie singing his heart out as she begs repeatedly, his lyrics eventually drowning out whatever is bothering her. ...Is there life on Mars? Caitlyn lays there, shivering, in a slightly drunken stupor. She whimpers and shakes her head, lifting it cautiously to peer out of the window, almost feeling stupefied to find that there was nobody, nothing there, nothing outside. She'd still yell, out of caution. "Go away! I know you're there, fuck off!" Nothing. A bird chirped, hopping across the grass before finally taking off. "They're out to get me." She whispered quietly, hesitantly turning her music down. Bowie had almost finished his performance at that point. But Caitlyn was convinced there was something going on. She'd seen people out of the corner of her eye, over her shoulder and such. She'd heard them. They knocked on her door every night, but were never to be seen. She took a last swig from her can of cider, crunching it up and tossing it in the small rubbish bin in the kitchen area. "There is nothing wrong with me. Everyone else is going insane. I won't be brought down by it." So she thought.
  2. I am insane which grants me KOS rights.

    1. Whitename


      i thought you were above out of context status updates Ms Chewy

    2. Jim Smokes

      Jim Smokes

      This is the new meta. Just say you're trying some new crazy character RP.

    3. Chewy


      Me? Zero context? Neverrrr.

  3. You are allowed to join with DZSA Launcher, yes
  4. Summer Chernarus and the ambient temperature of buildings has been increased.
  5. Pretty sure you don't need a roadblock, just make sure you initiate via voice -and- text
  6. Who said it was a lockdown- got damn lie

  7. Go home, lock the door, watch cartoons for an hour turn off the lights, look at the recluse.

    Look at the recluse.

    Look at the recluse.

    Look at the rec

  8. I might add the very fact that this is once again a Russian mod and that even in the comments section I quote That alone sets off alarm bells. would not want to get hit by copyright problems using a mod that steals from another mod
  9. Poll is biased dude, you need to change it to "Yes" and "No" or else it's gonna get yeeted. I personally think we have enough vehicles- We tried stuff like the hummer and it just didn't work. Also you didn't leave a link to the mod.
  10. I've been thinking recently. I really like using the leggings with things like sneakers and timbs/working boots, as it shows the entire shoe off. The only thing that irks me is that we only have latex variants and I won't lie, the shiny/sleek look of them puts me off a tad. I was wondering if it wouldn't do any harm to see cotton/denim variants, as well as a personal favourite, black and white stripy leggings? (Okay that last one is a bit bias) But anyway! Could we see cotton/denim leggings/jeggings in the future? Would you like to see them? Some examples in the spoiler below.
  11. Hell yeah. Lets see some coffee beans/canned coffee/cold coffee. Beans/canned coffee should be able to be cooked in a cooking pot and turn the water into covfefe.
  12. Meaning, more skidaddles or less? THIS IS IMPORTANT.
  13. The staff can't give you an ETA on when a report verdict will be made. All cases are different and they can't exactly go and say, "Okay Chewy, we'll make the verdict for this report on Sunday" that's just not how it works. Remember that these people using their freetime voluntarily, to make sure the rules of a community are upheld, it's not like they have a deadline to meet and I personally don't think they should have the stress of a deadline. Also the poll is biased. It needs to be a "Yes" or "No" - nothing else, or else it will probably be yeeted into the void. -1.
  14. Chewy

    Houdini Truck.jpg

    Smells like Bethesda
  15. Hey dude, make sure your steam profile is set to public.
  16. Chewy

    car stuff

    That was one hell of a rollercoaster
  17. @Comrade Icy @Hofer I had to do it I'm sorry- No ill intent here just a bit of funsame_group.png.fd82a804a640d20813d176ee69a263fd.png

    1. Duplessis



      Is this flame?

  18. aa.png.1712382ebf602913c9e7e3f30ba8e081.png

    1. cjackson821


      It’s the alcohol 😅

    2. Chewy


      Alcohol guns.

    3. TurkRP


      Tell em its protected by the Tsepovs!

  19. Must confirm Negan is hella fun to play on Tekken 7

  20. Mmmmmm I personally think it's more realistic taking a metal door down with an axe. A hatchet maybe not so much but an axe- you could just cleave away at the hinges in retrospect. I think it's fine having both axes and sledges taking down metal doors, so -1.
  21. I'm curious as to what difference it makes from whipping it off your back to whipping it out your backpack. While I get the whole Houdini act with it appearing out of nowhere, you would have to reach for your back eitherway.
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