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  1. Chewy

    I should have stayed asleep.

    1. Nihoolious


      i should've gone to bed tbh

  2. Hello? Anybody? (Open Frequency)

    *She would respond with a smile on her face* "Ohh, happy to help, uh, mister. But, I have to, I got to like, I need to sleep so... I'm going to sleep now but, there should be others! Lots of people uhh.. they, uhh they walk the highway that goes to and fro Severograd, mister. But I got to sleep." *She sets the radio down, curling up with a coat over her body*
    • Chewy
    • Mr. Blue

    If I'm getting myself into trouble with this radio chatter it better be fun mister.

    1. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      It should be great, I don't usually play anything but the good guys, so it'll be something different, that's for sure.

      Dunno if you saw Asher's character profile, but if you really want to know OOC what Asher has to deal with, here's a link:


      Also if you or anyone else is interested, I'm willing to plan out encounters if you want to go the full route. 


    2. Chewy


      Hmm. I dont think I'm willing to let Chell die already, but I'm good for some dank spooky torture RP or the likes.

    3. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      I think I'm also going to be planning out just eating limbs as well. Most people aren't too determined to kill their characters, but losing a limb is great character development if that's what some people want. You'd be injected with a certain chemical to forget what happened though.

    4. Chewy


      But I like remembering! I wanna know how I lost the limb but if you can obscure the thought of who did it, that would work. *Shrug*

    5. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      That's what I meant, not remembering who did it but remembering that it was eaten is fine.

  3. Hello? Anybody? (Open Frequency)

    *Chell would hear her beaten up radio sending scratchy sounds of the man's voice through the speaker. She'd take it from her coat pocket staring at it dopily as she listened before pushing down the PTT, speaking in a slurred, slow manner* "H.. H'llo." *She scratches her head in thought before continuing* "There were.. Lot's, lot's of people innn... Severograd, they.. Well before that a man told me uhh... Before I got there lots of people were fighting... And then I met some pirate men who were nice.. And, uhh.. And uhh at the pub, well there werent many of us but..." *She pauses in her ramblings, the lack of speed of her speech probably draining to listen to, should one have little patience.* "The remaining uh.. Townies, they said.. Like... The other people went west of Severograd. I uhm.. I stayed, am staying in a little hotel room thing. It's nice. ...Hello?" *She releases the PTT looking around the room she resided in as if looking for someone*
  4. Hmmm

    My eyes. Yes please also +1 from myself
  5. Chewy

    Dear Diary.

    Today I roleplayed. I got many weird looks but it is because "I'm slow".


    1. Macbrine


      you have one more hour than me in game since the counter been placed woah


      real rp hours

    2. Chewy


      Real dedication

  6. Chewy

    If I see a report go up relevant to the firefight everyone's talking about I'm gonna cry because I KNOW there's a lot of people in that fight.


    1. BorisRP


      ah we killed around 18+ peps :D

    2. Jasper


      It was a firefight. I lost so clearly somehow there was someone breaking a rule or OOC hating or OOC flaming or ruining RP for the server or Metagaming or something somewhere along the lines. How else could I have been beaten? - Whomstever places that report upon the report section

    3. Para


      What the fuck happened... for a firefight ot result in 18 deaths on one side...?


    4. Jasper


      Campfire people VS people that don't play on laptops?

      I kid. Probably. Whatever doesn't get me banned.

    5. UndeadRP


      a wonderful wonderful massacre para. Severo was painted red.

    • Chewy
    • Josei

    You did it b

    1. Josei


      I did it b ❤

  7. Chewy

    Feeling like shoving my head in a burning furnace good fucking lord.

    1. Elmo


      There's easier ways to get a tan

    2. Chewy



    3. Spartan


      Yeah, use some Spraytan

    4. Macbrine


      Theres an oven behind your computer.

      Just crank that baby up and open it

    5. JoffreyRP


      There's no reason for that, come on Chewy. xD

    6. Chewy


      I deserve it for being the shit person I am.

  8. Okay! So. New to the community. And I was told that I need to post in another section to prevent my account from being deleted.. Sooo.. I figured I would post some drawings of my character, and a couple of buddies. Above is the character I'm going to be using in DayZRP! Her name is Caitlyn. Pretty weary, but generally upbeat around her allies. This is Cait's closest friend.. Could technically call him her boyfriend. He's a mechanic but I guess 0.61 put him out of a job. x) ^ I'm pretty proud of this one. I spent quite a bit of time on it. <3 And this.. Is Chernarus's Rick Grimes, haha! Unfortunately he got killed due to miscommunication.
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    • Jasper

    Be a good boi. *pats*

    1. Jasper


      I can't hear you, this cooking is too loud. 


      /no yeet

    2. Chewy


      I would never

    3. Josei



    4. Jasper


      @Josei would. She's new to staff. Wants her first notch in her belt...I see how it is.


    5. Chewy


      She can't. And I wouldn't let her ;) She's in my pocket.

    6. Jasper


      Did someone say 

      S T A F F  B I A S

    7. Josei


      -Stretches her arms out from Chewy's pocket- 



  9. San Valentino [Strict Recruting]

    Sure. But it is like you said, Anarchy has offered to chat in TS about it but there's no need for stirring the pot more than it already as.
  10. San Valentino [Strict Recruting]

    No need for that, Joff. Come on now.
  11. Legbutts (LGBTs) of DayZRP

    Objection! Premium forums! On-topic... I'm bi. *shrug*
  12. Chewy's DayZ fan art :3 (And other art.)

    I do not condone gore art Macbriddle
  13. Not enough crazy sadistic people.

    Come back Todd the server needs you
  14. Chewy's DayZ fan art :3 (And other art.)

    this my life now
  15. Chewy

    Green leader reporting for duty

    1. Josei



    2. Macbrine



    3. SweetJoe


      Red Actual, Awaiting Orders.

    4. Chewy


      Red Actual this is Green Leader; Tell the community to stop using excessive OOC, Over.

    5. SweetJoe


      Red Actual to Green Leader, The Community told me to Jog on, What does that mean Green Leader? Over.

    6. Chewy


      Red Actual, it's British slang for "Go away". Over.

    7. Macbrine


      Red Actual, you are clear to engage. Over

    8. Josei



    9. Chewy



    10. SweetJoe


      Green Leader, Permission to drop a MOAB on the Community? Over.

    11. Chewy


      Image result for thinking meme


    12. SweetJoe



      And the Earth Rang for another Million Years.

    • Chewy
    • NateRP

    Good boy

    1. NateRP


      im a good boy and i know it

  16. Stuff

  17. S1: Firefight Mis-ID in Severograd, 2/17/18

    Connection Logs: Hit Logs: Death Logs: POVs collected: @Mr_Clean - Egwu Mugabe, @LawRP - Mongo Okeke, @BorisRP - Alexi Bodrov, @RandyBiscuit - Johnny Hart Calling in @NateRP - David Anderson and @KyleRP - Aaron Miller for their POVs. Please list any additional allies and upload any unedited video evidence relevant to the report at hand. @RandyBiscuit You were aware of just how big the group was, yes? Can you explain to us why you would try to as one person, kill a group of 3 or more heavily armed players?
  18. Before we close this report up, there are a few things we’d like to discuss. @ryanbroman You decide to hold @Donovan and @Alex Tayno up, taking them to a shed nearby and forcing them to fight to their death. You should know that forcing the two to fight to their death was not an unambiguous demand nor was it reasonable. We should also remind you that you must always have a good reason to commit a hostile action such as this. In addition, the action you took falls under powergaming as you did not gain OOC consent from the hostage party. You forced the two into a situation that would result in a lose-lose result for at least one of them. Had this report continued you would have been punished. To the hostage party, should you not feel comfortable with an action such as this you are in your right to OOC inform the hostage taker that you are not willing to do this. Moving on, while the action you took on shooting Alex Tayno’s corpse does not necessarily fall under powergaming as you did not perma-kill his character,. If you were however to have emoted an action such as: *Grabs the lifeless corpse of the man and cuts his head straight off*, in front of a group of people it would be extremely hard to RP it out for not only the witnesses but yourself included so avoid doing acts like this in the future. As for the NLR claims, this was cleared up early however we shall remind you that you are entitled to go back to where you died, should one hour have passed since your initial death. Since ryanbroman died at 23:11 and the time of this incident occurred at 02:00, it had been well over one hour and he would not have been punished for this. We are glad you guys have come to an agreement and with that being said, the report will now be closed. By @Chewy, @Stagsview and @Hebi Kotei
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    1. Solo


      *puts on tinfoil hat* 

    • Chewy
    • Josei

    If you gonna have a "matching" profile you gots to have a song that includes Slash mkay

    Just wait for dad to fix the profile picture

    1. Josei


      -Looks up at Chewy and strokes her cheek-

      Okayyyy, I'll change it soontm, thanks dad! @Oliv 

  19. What do you listen to ?

    I forgot about this song and remembered that Slash is pretty hot man.