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  1. DayZRP Cow Massacre

    BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU *Moos in Chernarussian*
  2. DayZRP Cow Massacre

    Step it up former loremaster Major o:
  3. My apologies. Just as a heads up you will be temporarily banned from the servers due to the lack of backstory in your character page. Please PM a GM or higher when you've fixed that, thankyou.
  4. @Vartax In the meantime could you please post a POV?
  5. DayZRP Cow Massacre

    Holy cow, that's a lot of cows.
  6. Connection Logs: Hit Logs: Death Logs: Chat Logs: N/A Calling in the following to post their POVs of the situation: @Mr.Panda - Bobby Krey, @Vartax - Jax Nazario, @Wungus Bill - Mongo Okeke, @Honeybee - Avery Dailey POVs already posted: @Puncture - Jayden Renolds, @Eagle - Jhon Derek, @Bubblegum - Adonde Akrabutla. In addition to your POVs please list any further allies that were involved in the situation and any full and unedited video evidence of the situation you may have.
  7. I would like to second this notion, please. Only post if you have anything that is necessary and sheds new light on the report. If you wish to talk about the situation at hand you can always talk it over on TeamSpeak or via PMs.
  8. Chewy

    and down

  9. Chewy

    Idk what I'm doing with my life but I'm okay with it right now

  10. Chewy

    Alright, energy levels are at an all time low now. Bedtime for bonzo Chewy.

  11. HoboDepot 2.0

    Lots. Of. Duct Tape.
  12. S1 - BadRP: 04:00-05:00AM 19/11/17 NW Airfield

    An answer to the following?:
  13. S1 - BadRP: 04:00-05:00AM 19/11/17 NW Airfield

    We can wait for the answers. Please respond when you're available.
  14. S1 - BadRP: 04:00-05:00AM 19/11/17 NW Airfield

    It did not seem that way. I am curious, however. In your character page seen here, you state that your character was "tought to be polite and kind to other people." - Though this is clearly not the attitude you had posed in the situation at hand. Interesting choice of attitude. I'd also like to point out while we're here that your character's image is that of a 4 year old child from a viral video while your character is 19. You might want to get that sorted. Secondly, if you take this server "very serious" why, pray tell, did you not even attempt to RP with your hostage?
  15. Chewy


  16. S1 - BadRP: 04:00-05:00AM 19/11/17 NW Airfield

    That's not a POV. Please post your POV of the situation.
  17. S1 - BadRP: 04:00-05:00AM 19/11/17 NW Airfield

    The report will remain open and @kingaog will remain tempbanned until his POV is posted.
  18. S1 - BadRP: 04:00-05:00AM 19/11/17 NW Airfield

    Okay. Goodbye.
  19. S1 - BadRP: 04:00-05:00AM 19/11/17 NW Airfield

    Flash has not been online on the server for 9 hours. Again, don't fuck around please. State the actual ally who was with you. Thanks.
  20. S1 - BadRP: 04:00-05:00AM 19/11/17 NW Airfield

    Connect Logs: @botjoey12 Please post a written POV of the events that occurred. Additionally, please state your ally's name. There is nobody by the name of John Smith on the server so please don't fuck around. We're also curious as to why you felt it necessary to strip @Lady In Blue down with absolutely no roleplay, and as well as that why you were not speaking in-game when you were talking over whatever voice communications you were using. Logs are being updated to show @kingaog - Eric Spade please post your full and detailed POV regarding the situation. You have been temporary banned until you do so.
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    i made this

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      omg noo :c

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      Lady In Blue


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      That's fucking sad. 

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      Yeah.. And then last month it was George Young..

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