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  1. I don't see people swapping characters that often as it is, unless they're making new, unrelated characters to anyone and anything, OR playing event characters. 24 hours is fine. So issa nah from me.
  2. Hope you all stay safe <3

    I'll never forget the time you- Nah.. fuck that, I'm over it. Adieu Galaxy, I miss your soundboard. You redeemed yourself pretty damn well as opposed to when you first started here.
  3. Chewy

    When you hop into helpdesk for 5 mins with the flu because you selfless af

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  4. Staff Appreciation Thread

    Me? Future admin? Don't be silly. Appreciate it though. Thank you Joff.
  5. Real life picture Thread

    I'm sick. Help.
  6. Blacklisted suspicious steam

    These things can take some time as the admins have a lot on their plate at times. Please be patient and do not bump your appeal unless you have anything relevant to add.
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    • Hebi Kotei

    RAWR X'D ^w^

  7. Okay! So. New to the community. And I was told that I need to post in another section to prevent my account from being deleted.. Sooo.. I figured I would post some drawings of my character, and a couple of buddies. Above is the character I'm going to be using in DayZRP! Her name is Caitlyn. Pretty weary, but generally upbeat around her allies. This is Cait's closest friend.. Could technically call him her boyfriend. He's a mechanic but I guess 0.61 put him out of a job. x) ^ I'm pretty proud of this one. I spent quite a bit of time on it. <3 And this.. Is Chernarus's Rick Grimes, haha! Unfortunately he got killed due to miscommunication.
  8. Chewy's DayZ fan art :3 (And other art.)

    I drew an obnoxiously loud robot today. His name is Bernard.
  9. Chewy

    Everytime I exhale my throat quietly wheezes.

    1. Keira


      I can see that being a problem

    2. Chewy


      I hope it passes. I don't want bronchitis.

    3. DustyRP


      Thoughts and prayers.

      I'm finally getting a bit better, but that means I sound like a child again.

    4. Keira


      you sounded like a child anyway wtf

    5. DustyRP



    6. Chewy


      Send me some'a that feelgood stuff in order for me to get well friends

  10. I mean, if the situation were that you initiated on him and THEN he said 'no you drop your guns or I'll kill _______________' then it would kind of put your buddy at risk. Again we're kind of aiming for RP to come out of these situations, and standoff situations could be pretty interesting rather than everyone gassing everyone. We already do that in some cases. Feelsbad
  11. No? That'd be invalid execution/invalid kill if your boy had complied to the man's demands.
  12. You can't yeet him regardless to where you are as the man did not initiate on -you- You would have to initiate on him, and only then would he have to try and attack you or disobey your initiation in order for you to gain kill rights
  13. Okay. Here's the thing. You can still roll with people dynamically. HOWEVER. Should one of you initiate, the rest of the group do NOT receive kill rights if the opposing player (Or players) decides to fight back. The rest of the group should they want to share these rights would ALSO have to initiate, you dig? The same goes the other way. If a group initiates on some dynamic group and has told "everyone" in the group to put their hands up, anyone who is on the other side of town in the dynamic group will not have kill rights, regardless as to whether they were within 500m, as they were -not- initiated on/were not in the initiators range. We are NOT getting rid of dynamic groups. We are simply changing the way kill rights work among them.
  14. Chewy


    Obnoxious ButlerBot, AKA Bernard

  15. Chewy

    Left index finger is in agonizing pain. Causing my entire hand to ache. Fuck my life it's gonna be surgically removing stuff off my thumb all over again

    1. Macbrine
    2. Josei


      Get better dear.


    3. Chewy


      I'd rather amputate at this point

  16. Chewy's DayZ fan art :3 (And other art.)

    I only draw the finest crap. Should you wish me to draw some crap for you, do not hesitate to ask
  17. Chewy's DayZ fan art :3 (And other art.)

    komihomihoo I think I need help
  18. Hello?

    welcome back.
  19. Chewy


    my artistic genius knows no bounds

    1. i am Bambi

      i am Bambi

      ITS OVER 9000


    2. Spartan


      That's a cool duck

  20. Chewy

    Chewy make fire. Fire good. Fire warm.


    1. i am Bambi

      i am Bambi

      that carpet looks like you killed a sheep


  21. Chewy

    I should have stayed asleep.

    1. Nihoolious


      i should've gone to bed tbh

  22. Hello? Anybody? (Open Frequency)

    *She would respond with a smile on her face* "Ohh, happy to help, uh, mister. But, I have to, I got to like, I need to sleep so... I'm going to sleep now but, there should be others! Lots of people uhh.. they, uhh they walk the highway that goes to and fro Severograd, mister. But I got to sleep." *She sets the radio down, curling up with a coat over her body*
    • Chewy
    • Mr. Blue

    If I'm getting myself into trouble with this radio chatter it better be fun mister.

    1. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      It should be great, I don't usually play anything but the good guys, so it'll be something different, that's for sure.

      Dunno if you saw Asher's character profile, but if you really want to know OOC what Asher has to deal with, here's a link:


      Also if you or anyone else is interested, I'm willing to plan out encounters if you want to go the full route. 


    2. Chewy


      Hmm. I dont think I'm willing to let Chell die already, but I'm good for some dank spooky torture RP or the likes.

    3. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      I think I'm also going to be planning out just eating limbs as well. Most people aren't too determined to kill their characters, but losing a limb is great character development if that's what some people want. You'd be injected with a certain chemical to forget what happened though.

    4. Chewy


      But I like remembering! I wanna know how I lost the limb but if you can obscure the thought of who did it, that would work. *Shrug*

    5. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      That's what I meant, not remembering who did it but remembering that it was eaten is fine.