"dlǝɥ ǝsɐǝld uʍop ǝpᴉsdn sᴉ ƃuᴉɥʇʎɹǝʌǝ poƃ ɥO"

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  1. If it thunders, I will do a sad.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Chewy
    3. Voodoo


      I cant wait for the storms, should be at 5pm

    4. ToeZ


      already raining around me, very very cloudy


  3. Hi there. I'm here to inform the thread occupants as a whole to cut the crap and stay on topic. This is your first and final warning. Play nice. If you don't, you should expect consequences. Thank you very muchly.
  4. Debating taking el Ruski character for a spin when maintenance is over.. Not sure though.

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    2. Rolle


      So you go on vacation to spend time with family and then you play computer games. Nice B|

    3. Chewy


      S'what we do.

      Sister's at work, brother's at school, mum's at work, other brother's in bed. And my dad?

      Playing games on his laptop off work because he ill. B)

    4. Rolle


      The best kind of family gatherings :D

  5. It's 1:22am and my fish have decided it's a great idea to pretend they're dolphins and redecorate/spit pebbles against the tank walls.

    1. Mexi


      Buy a cat and introduce them.

    2. Chewy


      I mean... Cat in Sweden, fish in England.. I'd say it's doable.

    • Chewy
    • Mercy

    Y u changing your name doe

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    2. Mercy


      Then you're a weeb :P 

    3. Chewy



    4. Mercy



  6. Ekaterina Volkova

    Volf was always a troublemaker. She never really got along with many people, but those she did weren't exactly the nicest bunch of folk. Her parents never really thought twice themselves. One a drug addict and another working away from home for long periods of time. Volf was on her own in terms of entertaining herself, caring for herself. Despite all of her negatives she was always good at fending for herself which would help her in the future for the apocalypse hit. Prior to the apocalypse she'd have been on a trip alone, crossing the border of Russia over to Chernarus on foot. It was an impulsive adventure of her own that wasn't too far away, but at least a different country. During her small period of freedom she'd go urban exploring and camping out in secluded areas. It wasn't apparent to her that chaos was abounding within the cities of South Zagoria until she saw the traffic jams that went on for miles, people all trying to squirm their way out of the country. Store windows were being smashed in and looted. People were screaming and running in the streets in panic, that sort of thing. For the most part she lay low, yet still curious as to what had been going on while she'd been keeping to herself. Days passed and everything was going quiet. She couldn't sit idle for much longer and so she delved into the cities, walking empty roads- save for the shambling corpses. Her gameplan was to be quiet and move stealthily- she was good at sneaky. For the most part to this day she keeps to herself when out looting, but eventually she would yearn for a family of sorts.
  7. Hannibal no :c Seeyou around.. Ya got me on steam if you ever wanna chat!
  8. aDozzj7_460svwm.gif.399d2cc38bed87008dc73c1ca7aa0b7e.gif

    1. Chewy


      No touchy my fishy

    2. ToeZ


      but imma touch tha fishy tho

  9. 20170620_141015.thumb.jpg.f466a114f1f140bda9f1d9a4c78acf36.jpg


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    2. Chewy


      I give you permission to meet my feesh.

    3. ToeZ


      I accept and am very excited to meet your feesh.

    4. Kvjavs
  10. Send help


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    2. ToeZ


      That and Monday I guess.

      Planning my trains now.

    3. Chewy


      Upto you tbh, was pretty sure @Realizepc was coming down on the weekend but I dont think he minds a weekday instead :P

    4. ToeZ


      I thought he Said Monday?

  11. When did you last update your mobo? Maybe it's far more than just the headset or mouse issue. Edit; have you tried rebinding your push to talk key from caps to another button?
  12. don't

    1. SweetJoe


      or know...what ever floats your boat.

  13. Sure, it makes it a lot easier to have video evidence, but I don't think we can enforce it as a mandatory requirement to make a report. So, I disagree with making it an absolute yes in order to make a report. We can only really encourage it. There are so many factors for people not having evidence on hand, like not having the video recording program ready for one.