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  1. ive had a great time with @burRP @Rinkatorin and the rest of the people at berezino and hope to see y'all again
  2. i've been in and out of the pub and i have nothing but fun times keep up the good work!
  3. Leik


    thank you all for the kind words
  4. Leik


    hey pepole im back
  5. Maxim was born in moscow his parrents were poor and they couldn't always afford food for all of them so he had to fend for his own alot which led him to a life of crime mostly assult,breaking and entering and extortion until one day he got an offer to rob a gambling spot he didnt know who owned it or who were playing but he was desperate he had an alcohol habbit and a taste for hookers so he meets with the guys in an alley way just around the corner from the gambling spot they put thier masks on and the charge in yelling "everybody hands where i can see them!" onne guy pulls and gun and starts shooting and to his right there was a guy with a shotgun maxim shoots the guy with a pistol but in turn gets hit with 2 pellets from the shot gun his friend then shoots the guy with the shotgun in the chest maxim still being able to run and the other guys in there have thier hands up they proceed to run in and take the money they collect most off it and run for it 1 duffle bag full of money but being desperate he had already planned to kill the rest of the crew and keep the money so they got away by the time the police was there they were long gone and so they were counting the money and he pointed his gun and emptied his whole mag in them he puts the money back in the duffle bag and he runs for it using the money to get a fake passport and escaping to cherarussia and living there in hiding from the law he was inside most of the time he even shaved his head in an attempt to be difficult to spot but the pepole after him were from the russian mob and they tried to track maxim but he was fine until the outbreak started. Post outbreak he mostly watched tv in his appartment in novaya petrovka and didn't really pay attention to whats going on outside when one day he decided to burry some of the money when he sees some pepole walking funny he had to pass them but then they started running at him so he punched the first on in the face and pushed other away and began running away as he runs away trying to lose them he sees pepole being bitten and attacked scared and confused he tries to leave the city going towards vybor and the keeps traveling back and fourth through chenarus what feels like months has gone by now maxim has learned some survival skills and he is still roaming chenarus now just trying to figure out what to do
  6. it adds realisim and it can be great for roleplay so im loving the feature
  7. Leik

    5.0.3 Media Thread

    slava [redacted]
  8. Leik

    DayZRP 20.2.3

    This is gonna be great! Cant wait to get some campfire rp hours in 10/10
  9. i mean at the end of the day when you have this many diffrent pepole with diffrent wievs on things atleast a little toxicity is unavoidable especially when things like gear, over sensitivity and dark humor with all the diversity that comes with servers like this to be honest i do not see a way avoid such things i mean they are gonna happend and thats just the way it is on RP servers
  10. Leik

    5.0.3 Media Thread

    thumbs up 10/10 meme
  11. i'd say the best advice i could give is give off the creepy vibe but not enough to act on. grab pepole, rp out cutting a piece of them off and eating it, prey on the weak do not biteoff more than you can chew and most of all have a great time for both parties
  12. He was being completely silent he pulled out a weapon where i open fire he then Puts it back on his back and starts running No signs of compliance were to be seen and No i do not have video evidence on Me sadly
  13. Luci POV: its a pretty short story really we looted around novaya petrovka where we were looking for a radiator to fix our car on our journey we see the the OP and his friend where we have some idle chit chat where me and @Atrix17 decide to initiate one decides non comply and the other pulls his gun and so i open fire, getting ghost bullets so he runs and i shoot him while running away when i specifically said to put his hands up that's really where the situation end
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