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  1. Leik

    5.0.3 Media Thread

    slava [redacted]
  2. PRE-OUTBREAK Harald was a Young and promising example of a fighter, he was very skilled with both bladed weapons and fire arms he grew up in a village far in the Woods in denmark but unlike others he had recently fallen ill and would not make it to raid chernarus however a few months after the others had left he himself decided to go there due to the outbreak he was all alone almost he had gotten a Group os survivors from the village with him to go on the journey POST-OUTBREAK him and his Group finally made it to South zagoria now they searched loosing pepole to various reason like disease, gunfights ect they had 3 Guys left when they heard from a trader that there was a guy called bjørn in a Group called 503 but they had moved to and place by poland Harald then took his map, setting off to a new voyage however his 2 comrades died in a bandit ambush on the way there after killing the bandits he let out a Roar so loud it hurt his own ears and kept moving all alone i came across few pepole on his way there but he finally made it excited to find new Places to talk about when he reaches valhalla
  3. Leik

    DayZRP 20.2.3

    This is gonna be great! Cant wait to get some campfire rp hours in 10/10
  4. i mean at the end of the day when you have this many diffrent pepole with diffrent wievs on things atleast a little toxicity is unavoidable especially when things like gear, over sensitivity and dark humor with all the diversity that comes with servers like this to be honest i do not see a way avoid such things i mean they are gonna happend and thats just the way it is on RP servers
  5. Leik

    5.0.3 Media Thread

    thumbs up 10/10 meme
  6. i'd say the best advice i could give is give off the creepy vibe but not enough to act on. grab pepole, rp out cutting a piece of them off and eating it, prey on the weak do not biteoff more than you can chew and most of all have a great time for both parties
  7. He was being completely silent he pulled out a weapon where i open fire he then Puts it back on his back and starts running No signs of compliance were to be seen and No i do not have video evidence on Me sadly
  8. Luci POV: its a pretty short story really we looted around novaya petrovka where we were looking for a radiator to fix our car on our journey we see the the OP and his friend where we have some idle chit chat where me and @Atrix17 decide to initiate one decides non comply and the other pulls his gun and so i open fire, getting ghost bullets so he runs and i shoot him while running away when i specifically said to put his hands up that's really where the situation end
  9. I Mean take what you want tbh like i wear rider jacket plate Carrier canvas bag along with an m4 kivarii and a sword so i Mean if you wanna be a horder then you do you just don't get salty about losing it
  10. Leik

    5.0.3 Media Thread

    hope y'all liked my freestyle
  11. i like the dynamics of other Groups and us, seeing how we're diffrent and them seeing what to apocolypse has done to some pepole and just in general having more RP so its a nono for me fam
  12. ayyy bro you already know how we down
  13. *Lucifer hearing CJ's broadcast pushing the PTT he just cackles like a mad man on the radio* "oh my god! yeah you told em big bro!" *he continues the cackling* "you get you're asses handed to you and you still try to talk shit?! this is the best shit i've heard all day" *you hear his loud and arogant cackles on the frequency for another minute before he lets go of the PTT*
  14. *lucifer listens in, cackling, his way of speech is disjointed and in general he sounds like a mad man* "this is great this is fucking great theese good samaritans trying to fuck over CJ for No godamn reason now i'll give you a chance to get redemption *his voice turns serious* you have 24 hours. After that well... You'll see"
  15. *lucifer sits in the Woods All his homes lost and he himself feeling lost he decides to try keeping his shaky sanity some what intact to write some of his thoughts down* "Ari... I miss you, i dont know what to do right now but I know you wont be completely gone because you Will be in My heart forever. The memories we shared were great it was well known we werent saints but you were the best man i ever knew but now you're gone... I hate you for leaving Me with theese crazy Killers All alone it feels like im going crazy i just Hope that one Day that i'll be able to walk around and smile again and now i Hope im wrong in My beliefs and if so that i can go to the same place as you've gone to" *tears form in his eyes* "but none of that matters now this soldier has to keep marching on in this fucking war" *feeling down and angry he carves into some trees and walks off not knowing what to do with himself*
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