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  1. Wickedlike

    Oh no, player interaction!

    Well, i seem to get robbed 2 out of 3 times. There seems to always be some douches around. I have been robbed 2-3 times by SKA/D3 when they attacked Ravens Nest. But that is cool i'm down with that shit. But lately, some people that have probably been robbed themselves, will take it out on someone else. Many times i have been robbed even when i have nothing of value, its kind of shit when you are in the middle of nowhere, and "DROP YOUR WEAPON AND YOU FUCKING BACKPACK". And then you are left there, no food or water and all symbols flashing.. Ur f00cked.
  2. So, i have a little problem, i have two steam accounts, with 2 copys of Arma2. And when i was going to log on dayz rp today, it said that i was not white listed, so i checked my player id, and its the wrong one. So what happened is, one of my player ids is white listed, but when i logged onto the steam account that is not white listed, the game install on my computer seemed to have changed over to the one where im not white listed, so, is there any way to change this back ? I tried logging on to the correct steam account, but it wont change back =S i guess i could uninstall the game and re download it from the correct account, but that will take forever. Oh my, when i tried to restart my steam, it said that the last time i logged on the account it was in equador, it asked if this was really me, guess i got hacked. Trying to figure this shit out now. It works now, somehow =) Thanks anyway.
  3. I liked it a lot as a civilian, and i hung a lot at Ravens Nest, but for a while it was raided every day, so i had to move away from there, haven't really found another place to hang yet. So i'm wandering around now. Got some other civilian friends so we make due =)
  4. Hello there, as soon as i get whitelisted i will be wandering the woods around Msta, looking for the next boar to hunt !
  5. I started at 17, and now it is 21. So im guessing that its counting upwards.