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  1. I Request to allow Bananas in pistol holsters mod
  2. The Heroes Livonia need, but don't deserve
  3. 10/10 would die twice from infected again
  4. Dear Section: 20, On behalf of Wulf Company limited, we would like to thank you for the planned RP experience. We at Wulf company limited are stunned by your military RP. It is satisfying to see the dynamic of your group and how it functions. Please see the attachment below: Sid Sandman | VP of Wulf Company limited | God Like Voice
  5. They are a bit annoying, so I don't fight them and lock them inside buildings instead.
  6. SidChaos

    5.0.3 Media Thread

    Thanks for robbing me of something I already was gonna give
  7. Definitely one of the most memorable nights in my time on the server. That horde was insane, and the defence was epic.
  8. was wondering when you'll make a group Good luck lads
  9. Congratz on the approval boyos , been enjoying every encounter with ya'll
  10. Really interesting group, best of luck
  11. More Livonia groups blz, Good luck
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