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  1. Not much is known about Gus's early life, except that he's a well educated man with some heists in the UK with his previous gang. The last gang he was in was not organized and massive like The Hotline. However, they planned to hit a big jewelry store, estimated robbery value was around 5 million US dollars. One of gang members was caught during the escape, the leaders of the gang panicked and decided to execute everyone involved in the job. The leaders wanted to keep the cuts and escape to country where the authorities won't find them. Gus ran away from the gang and relocated so no one would find him. Right before leaving, Gus was waiting in the airport for the boarding to start. He heard a phone ringing next to him on a plane ticket, the caller ID was "Pick me up". Curios to this Hollywood bullshit, he picked up. "Greetings Gus, we have been watching you for a while. You work is exactly what we need. We have successfully got rid of every trace that leads to you. We also left you a ticket to join our organisation, should you chose to board the plain. We will have a meeting and welcome you to the company. This is a one time offer" the called said, then immediately hung up. Gus look to the side, picked up the ticket and boarded to join the Hotline. The Hotline organization, an underground professional heisters company led by a "mysterious upper management". The gang never been caught, they don't leave a trace in any shape or form. However, every member of the organization is specialized in something. Gus, specially good in tactics, sneaky hits, melee combat and throwing stuff at people. Him and another gang members were assigned to take a high stakes job in Chernarus, due to the state of the region and the newly spread virus. The state of the pandemic was getting out of hands, and the gang members wasn't able to get out of country or establish a secure line of connection with the company leaders. They were stranded in the region with shit ton of money. *WIP*
  2. 20200517211811_2.jpg.befe72edae7c20b1ef98975f354238cd.jpg


    I thought he'd put up a fight 

    1. Wulf


      Cheese for the cheese god

  3. I Request to allow Bananas in pistol holsters mod
  4. The Heroes Livonia need, but don't deserve
  5. 10/10 would die twice from infected again
  6. Dear Section: 20, On behalf of Wulf Company limited, we would like to thank you for the planned RP experience. We at Wulf company limited are stunned by your military RP. It is satisfying to see the dynamic of your group and how it functions. Please see the attachment below: Sid Sandman | VP of Wulf Company limited | God Like Voice
  7. They are a bit annoying, so I don't fight them and lock them inside buildings instead.
  8. Thanks for robbing me of something I already was gonna give
  9. Definitely one of the most memorable nights in my time on the server. That horde was insane, and the defence was epic.
  10. was wondering when you'll make a group Good luck lads
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