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  1. Im giving DayZRP another shot, hopefully it will be a good experience

  2. Sid Sandman

    Born in the harsh winter to this cruel world. The accent might fool you, but he's a native. His Mom and Dad used to travel a lot therefore they speaked the English language really well. Sid's family were psychos, they got the name "Sandman" because every newborn in the family must be slapped with sand for good luck. By the age of 12 Sid committed his first murder, gutted a guy because he was a bit too curious about whats inside the human body. He burried his in the hoods, the police never found any evidence regarding the "missing man". Sid liked whats inside the human body and wondered the limits of it. So Sid started making poisons to distrupt and kill the human body. Sid became a really successful "Poison Specialist". After countless of experiments and deals with gangs and madia memebers, Sid discovered that he enjoyed abducting people, torturing and taking their life. By 2008 Sid tortured and killed 69 men, because he thought it would be funny the next time they'd put a story regarding him on the news. Every man, woman and child used to be afraid of the boggy man that kill and torture whoever his mind pleases. People in the north used to be afraid when they hear his nickname "The Specialist". By the year 2017, Sid kill count increased to 209. In January 1st 2017, Sid finally turned himself in saying "Your government will need me". The court sent him to solitary confinement in the Prison Island, and kept delaying his execution for 4 month. Till the court decided they'll execute him by mid year, Sid wasn't afraid, but his mind cracked. The infection spread out and many of the gaurds flew to their homes because of the dark rumors about an infection spreading across South Zergoria excluding the loyal gaurds. One gaurd had enough and decided to execute Sid by sunsit himself. The gaurd put Sid away from the gaurds facing the sunsit, and explained why he want execute him. The gaurd was the husband of one of the women that Sid killed. Sid wanted one last thing before he die, saying that its fair because he allowed all the victims to say their last wishes. Sid demanded a meal, and the gaurd gave him one. Sid started talking to the man till they develop a friendly relationship towards the last bite. Sid moved closer to the guard holding the tray, delivering it to the man's head. Sid shattered that guard head all over the ground. Sid escaped with that gun and swam to the shore, disappearing in the western region of Chernarus.
  3. See yea on the otherside

    I will, see ya around
  4. See yea on the otherside

    U'll be missed guys and my birds now are IG, ambients should carry my thing now
  5. See yea on the otherside

    Well I guess that's it for me in this community. Had a really good run, amazing stories, amazing firefights and amazing shit. Thanx @Mr Anon and Camp101 for the awesome experience. And all the amazing friends and role players I met <3 Y'all will see me in other servers, but I guess Im done here. See you in the next chapter or maybe in 6 months
  6. completing 41h without sleep, and still counting

  7. *Sid stops at a big bridge, looks at the horizon and reach to his radio* Im not sure if I can reach South Zagoria from this distance, but I'll give it a shot. Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is the one the only .. *Stops for a second before he says his name* Im not a big fan of radio broadcasting but it had to be done. Some of you recognize my voice, yes it is the specialist. To my family, friends and enemies, yes I care about the feelings of my enemies. Im out of country, I have "Unfortunately" an important business to attend to. I'll be back in one or two months and if you are wondering Im heading to Turkey. Take care people and remember no names here. *releases the ptt button*
  8. The North [Open Frequency]

  9. The North [Open Frequency]

    -user was warned for this post-
  10. A Default Frequency

    I understand, but I can see a lot of people miss that part of having a default frequency IG. So it would be better if they are notified
  11. This would be epic for Sid
  12. [GAME] Rate the person aboves character profile!

    10/10 good cunt <3
  13. To The 101 *OPEN FREQUENCY*

    *Sid hears the man's message and bust out laughing, presses the radio button * This ... This cunt is funny *Continues laughing as he release the button, Presses the button to answer the other lad with a completely different voice * Sorry to hear that but I think the boys were asleep and I'm out of town, visiting tomorrow is your best option *Releases the button*
  14. A Default Frequency

    A default "in game" radio frequency used IC only and known by the community to use. I hope I did a good job explaining this