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  1. *Sid stops at a big bridge, looks at the horizon and reach to his radio* Im not sure if I can reach South Zagoria from this distance, but I'll give it a shot. Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is the one the only .. *Stops for a second before he says his name* Im not a big fan of radio broadcasting but it had to be done. Some of you recognize my voice, yes it is the specialist. To my family, friends and enemies, yes I care about the feelings of my enemies. Im out of country, I have "Unfortunately" an important business to attend to. I'll be back in one or two months and if you are wondering Im heading to Turkey. Take care people and remember no names here. *releases the ptt button*
  3. -user was warned for this post-
  4. I understand, but I can see a lot of people miss that part of having a default frequency IG. So it would be better if they are notified
  5. This would be epic for Sid
  6. 10/10 good cunt <3
  7. *Sid hears the man's message and bust out laughing, presses the radio button * This ... This cunt is funny *Continues laughing as he release the button, Presses the button to answer the other lad with a completely different voice * Sorry to hear that but I think the boys were asleep and I'm out of town, visiting tomorrow is your best option *Releases the button*
  8. A default "in game" radio frequency used IC only and known by the community to use. I hope I did a good job explaining this
  9. Thanx for the help, Added a pole
  10. So I was thinking about this, How a bout making an IG default radio frequency like a Global chat but IC. However, According to the last status report Hicks mentioned that encouraging players to use IG radios might lead to make the radio a starting item. With that being said here's why I think DayZRP should announce a radio frequency like "87.5" for example as a default IG frequency. It will definitely encourage people to use radio as its a useless item IG at the moment. And that will help the devs, might as will we see radios as a starting item in the future. More dynamic RP for survivors specially the ones looking for supplies or nearby groups for help. That will generate a lot of unique and awesome stories. Plus, less stuff in Radio chatter. That's my opinion and the two reasons. And of course it will be optional and not mandatory, just announcing the frequency if people would like to use it. I also want to hear other opinions regarding the matter. Cheers !
  11. You forgot your helmet :(

    1. Hannibal Lecter

      Hannibal Lecter

      I believe it disappeared after server restart :(

    2. Venzzy


      Nah i found it outside the house, oh well you'll get a new one ^_^

    3. Hannibal Lecter

      Hannibal Lecter

      U can always find a replacement ;)

  12. *Introduction* After the story of Dr. Hannibal, both characters settled on friendly terms. Sid and Dr.Hannibal share the same background but different believes. As the story progresses with both of them trying to do right by the body they are using something turned out to be wrong in the story. I would call it illusion, as a part of the story doesn't seem right. *The Reality* Things started to be more clear for Sid as he doesn't trust his brain still. If his brain can split to two sides and show a character that doesn't exist, its not trustworthy. However, Before the apocalypse when the Training Camp got busted, Sid believes that he flee to Berezino and locked himself inside a house. But in reality he did flee to Berezino but got caught while going there, he didn't make it. In fact, they sent him to Prison Island and locked him in solitary confinement. Nonetheless, in order to get used to be in a small cell his brain helped himself by altering the cell to make it look like a home. His brain continued tricking him and never found out. *The Escape* After the infection, Sid over heard the guards talking about some kind of virus spreading out the lands of South Zergoria. Military personnel never arrived to the prison island but he heard that Berezino is still standing and cities are falling, yet the prisoners are still in their cells treated as usual. Sid Anderson managed to break through, after telling the guards that he is feeling odd. The guards thought that the he got the infection so they rushed to execute him. Two guards were assigned to execute the man, they put a gun to the back of his head. Hence, Sid has a higher chance of surviving this due to low security and less guards as many of them escaped to meet their families. One guard was over watching the execution, the man noticed him. The wanted to make one last request so they granted him that, he said "I want to be executed while standing by the sea and looking at the sun". The granted him his wish and the execution was postponed till sunset. The hour has come, again they put him down on his knees and a gun on the back of his head, but no guards are over watching. luckily the man moved his head and the executioner missed the shot, so man fought them. Strangled the executioner and slaughtered the other guard. Immediately after that he stole guns from the armory and swim his way back to the main land. *Sanity ?* The man is way from normal, yet this part altered with another story in his brain. The man's brain done a lot of shit to the owner but for protection. In simple words its a defense mechanism, Sid will always be a psychopath, and stories are yet to come to prove it. *Conclusion* The story provided in the character's page is what Sid Anderson think it is. the initials of the headings in this post describe Sid Anderson character accurately "IRES", a word form old french meaning "Anger, Wrath, Violence". Sid Anderson childhood met with a lot of violence that fucked up with his brain, so the events that happened and will happen to him are explainable by that.
  13. Awesome RP session, where do I start. @Kunkka @Sarilla @Lyca Amaing RP with you guys, lots of laughs and shit. Too bad had to end . But don't worry Im coming back for that threesome, see what I did there, its my 69th post And I believe it was @Venzzy, amazing hostile RP from you guys. However, had fun and laughs with yea
  14. *Sid picks his radio and presses the button* "Don't look back Endeavor, always look forward" *Sid Releases the button*
  15. *Sid press the radio button* "I think I know you .. " *Stopped for a moment* "Holly shit you are the doctor, I bet you recognize my voice. I might pay you a visit to say Hi and check on you. As you know last encounter wasn't pleasant, see you soon sunshine and good luck" *Releases the button*