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  1. Thanks for the detailed POV, I will remove the ban shortly so long as I do not see any other issues. Thankyou if you need to speak to me about anything feel free to pm me and i can come on ts or whatever needs to be cooperate.
  2. I appreciate that man i have no bad blood with you what so ever, I am sorry if you thought what i did was against the rules it was just the way you worded the report seemed like you left bits out to me. If you would of said to me "Let me see if your hands are shaking" That would of been fine but you took out your gun and said "Why dont you go ahead and put your hands up mate", At first i thought you was robbing me but you said you was not so i honestly thought you was a cannibal hunter and was going to execute me. Thats why i killed you, If you would of kept your gun on your back and asked can i see your hands show me if they are shaking etc i would of continued to play out the situation with you. Hopefully this can get resolved and we meet in better circumstances next time bud. I would never kill someone without valid reason its hard enough to get into this community when it was not populated i would not risk being banned from it for a cheap KOS diminishes everything i play dayz for. Also i apologise to the admins if they think i am being pushy with this just frustrating when i am banned from playing atm due to this crappy situation.
  3. First off pretty annoyed that i have been banned today for killing someone when all you have from him is a kill log and no actual evidence of what was said can see that being abused. But anyway to my defence everything he said is true up to the shaking hands part, Normal RP etc etc then i made the joke that i am a cannibal which caused a few nervous gestures. "I simply asked if he could show me if his hands were shaking or not" If he would of said that i had no reason to shoot him but his exact words after drawing his gun was, "Well your going to need to put your hands up mate" while drawing his gun i then replied saying you really want to do this to which the third guy backed away and said i have nothing to do with this. He said i second time i dont want to rob you i want to see your hands, So in my mind a man who does not want to rob me has drawn his weapon on me and has asked to show him my hands after the cannibal confession either wants to cause me harm or have me as some form of slave. i feared for my life and acted accordingly. Video below please if someone can PM me or anyone i can talk to on Ts about how flawed this Report system is i know its hard to keep on top off but rather annoying that i have been punished for literally kill logs when i was in my right to kill him. Uploading the video of the full situation RN will update when its done Video is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_q5xnw7To_Q&feature=youtu.be
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    My Adventures

    aha I have no idea lol it was just a screenshot from in game not edited the video at all
  5. Madnuss

    My Adventures

    Thought i would create a thread where i can post all my videos on when i make a episode on here so if you like what you see then feel free to sub it always helps look forward to seeing you all in game. [video=youtube]
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome have no fear the rules have been given a a good read .
  7. Hello people of the DayZRP community my name is James i am 21 from the UK, I joined the community back in arma 2 but didnt really play that much. I was not a big fan of standalone so kinda stayed away for a while. But now that desolation is here i will be putting alot of hours into it coming over with a few friends and hoping to make some great gaming memories I will be streaming most of my adventures and making a little montage of my best moments so if you want to check them out aswell i will leave them below : Livestream : www.twitch.tv/madnuss Youtube : www.youtube.com/madnusstv