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  1. John Blakeley

    Design team.

    +1 However, I think if this were to become a thing, it might as well be a media team reboot. Perhaps with fresh faces in the scene, it could turn out better than last time. If the people mentioned in your post would be up for the job, then I see no actual reason it shouldn't happen.
  2. Thanks guys! Yes. Failure to deliver payment upon receipt of your TV license will result in the elite BBC Super Solider Special Forces Delta Reconnaissance Regiment (BBCSSSFDRR) being dispatched to your location immediately armed with the latest in "drep weps 10 secs" technology. I haven't actually seen that thread, it must have been from the mod or posted during my break from here. I'm glad you like it! Please welcome Junior Producer House and Security member Crabmane!
  3. [mp3]http://puu.sh/dGEFQ/3ca20a1daa.mp3[/mp3] The scene of the crash "The blood stained sands of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. The police lines in countless surreal riots and uprisings. I have been to all these places, yet I know of no place so destitute and lacking in even the faintest glimmer of humanity as Chernarus. I must resign myself to it, I suppose. I am a journalist by nature, and I see no good reason to simply give up." You'll likely find a distinction between who we were and who we are now. Change has been thrust upon us, and we have been molded by circumstance and time. We were, in the beginning, a British news crew dispatched to Chernarus during a particularly harsh winter to report and investigate rumours and rumblings of an infection. Our arrival was uneventful, out attempted departure days later less so. We quickly resigned ourselves to a grim existence in Chernarus for the forseeable future. Among our crew, prominent journalists and media executives squabbled over where to hide, where to run, what to do next. The rumblings had turned out to be true. The hordes were massing, and the fatigued soldiers assigned to us had been picked off slowly. The arguments over the question of "what now?" escalated until Jorge Keremy, a lowly war correspondent, rose to his feet and spoke for the briefest of moments. "It's really very simple", he said. Heads turned to regard the man, intrigued as to what on earth he was proposing. His gaze flickered to look at the eyes of everyone present, their attention now in him. "We investigate, and we report. That's all." The blatant simplicity of the statement that had just been uttered took effect. We had been squabbling over where to run, what to do next, when the answer was very simple, as Jorge had said. We were journalists, and we had to carry on with our jobs. That was the birth of a new idea, a new way of life. From that point on, we knew what to do. The crew is organized to suit everyone's individual talents within the team. Field reporters are encouraged to travel with an armed escort, and fixers are in charge of logistics and planning. As such, there are three primary roles one can assume within the crew. Reporters are required to carry out the same tasks as they would in any other situation, investigating and reporting on important issues and stories. Ex-military or more combat orientated personnel are usually assigned to travel with journalists in the field to ensure their ultimate safety from infected and humans alike. Security personnel are often hardened survivors Fixers are tasked with acquiring the necessary resources and putting together travel plans and safety procedures for the crew. They are often local to the area, or have extensive knowledge of the land. They are responsible for making sure that the crew always has the right vehicle, weapon, or supplies for the job. Some fixers will also be charged with ensuring that any publications run by the crew are free of delays and technical problems. One of our crew, days before the failed escape Our mission is to investigate and report on the events unfolding in Chernarus, to keep the survivors of the outbreak informed, and, more importantly, give them hope in otherwise dire times. The duty of a journalist doesn't change, no matter the situation. The Green Mountain radio tower is an eventual goal, and the establishment of a makeshift news/radio service is absolutely critical. Even if we should perish, if all comes to an end, our efforts will document the final days of the human race in Chernarus. The reality sets in Our role is to observe and document, to investigate. Our job here is dangerous and fraught with risk, and as such our reporters must be able to keep calm and collected under mentally and physically straining conditions. Armed escorts must be alert at all times and are expected to handle tense situations on a daily basis. Jorge Keremy - John Blakeley Roger McKelly - Bulld0g Arthur Wake - House Nathan Hill - Crabmane Age (16+): Timezone: DayzRP experience: Map knowledge: Estimated activity per week: Past clans (If Any): Your skill with weapons (1-10): Your proficiency at RP (Elaborate): Can you show initiative? (Elaborate): Your character's backstory? (Summary) : PM applications to John Blakeley, please.
  4. Freelance graphic designer here. I've worked for a few small companies/startups before but I much prefer freelance, gives me a lot of freedom, although I guess it's pretty difficult.
  5. John Blakeley

    [SRR] Special Reconnaissance Regiment [Recruitment Closed]

    John Blakeley here. I don't play much (or at all, even) anymore, but I see people have raised the issue of this being already created by me in the mod. To chime in, I personally don't have a problem with it currently. It was the first group I created and as such holds some significance to me, and as such I would like to see any group under the banner of the SRR in good hands. I believe that it is. The only thing I would like to mention is that my brows are currently furrowed while looking at the logo used for this thread (I have a "remastered" version without the white lines and all that silliness). I have all the original resources used for the old thread which I think you'll want to use. I will, if you are OK with it, PM you all the graphic resources I have. Perhaps you can work in the backstory of the old SRR into yours, although I expect you'd prefer to start fresh. Either way, please do let me know if you'll be wanting those resources. And best of luck!
  6. Seen your design work, was pleasantly surprised 6/10
  7. John Blakeley

    [W.I.P] Groupe d'Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale [GIGN]

    Good luck! Hopefully you'll do better than I did
  8. Archive Request Group Name: The Justicars Group Thread Link: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-active-justice-the-justicars-fight-the-good-fight-recruitment-open Reason: Insert vague reason here
  9. Thread has now been updated with a backstory, some fine tuning will be made, most likely to break up that wall of text. We've also reached our 5 member count, so I'm hereby marking this as active!
  10. Please welcome TehGreekGamer and Joao to the Justicars! Hope to have some great RP with you guys!