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  1. Boycey

    Pink Panthers CSGO team

    Good Luck buddy!!!!!!!!!
  2. Boycey

    Overpoch Napf - Official thread

    Forum name: Boycey In game name: Boycey Profile link: http://www.dayzrp.com/User-boycey
  3. Boycey

    Mount & Blade Warband Competition

    Forum Name: Boycey Forum account link: http://www.dayzrp.com/User-boycey Team: 1
  4. Hey welcome to the community!
  5. Boycey

    [GAME]One attribute of the person above you

    Darth drunkard
  6. I believe the addition of drugs to the mod would really improve RP as it would be cool if clans could trade and sell illegal drugs (clans like the cartel). Also it would be cool do have consumables that effected factors other than hunger and thirst. Also stoner characters...
  7. Boycey

    Favorite spawn location?

    Novy definitely, easy to get to stary and prud.
  8. It's fixed!!!! Cheers guys thanks for the help.
  9. The one on the donation exchange, I'm sure I'm entering the correct one as it is the one at the bottom of my edit profile window ingame. Would you like me to tell you my player ID?
  10. No not yet can I send you some screen shots so you can see what's happening?
  11. Seems to be DayZRP only. I disabled my adblock and it made no difference. 8 numbers. Thanks for your help btw
  12. I've already checked and cookies are enabled for my browser. I use Google Chrome.