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  1. Failure to Launch Game

    Oh ok Thanks, now it seems to be running fine, how do I configure my steam rights?
  2. Failure to Launch Game

    Where can i find the executable file ?
  3. Failure to Launch Game

    So Yeah, When I try to load up my Dayz Standalone Im met with this, Tried Reinstalling, Validating the Files and signing in as admin but no result.
  4. Calling out to all Misfits [OPEN COMS]

    *Chuk Lewandozka grabs radio from his holster, he takes his beret off as a smirk appears on his face. He adjusts his aviators as He pushes down on the PTT button* "Brother... wait for the signal, watch the skies until you see orange " *He readjusts his Beret* "The Boys are Back" *Chuk releases the PTT button and looks down the long road, placing the radio back in the holster as the adventures are about to begin*
  5. S1 Killed when crashed 01/04-2017 14:10

    Pal, Please remain civil, I understand that loosing a few virtual in game items might be difficult for you when there are valid reasons behind it.
  6. S1 Killed when crashed 01/04-2017 14:10

    No I wasn't aware & no it wasn't as his in game character was still moving once I had initiated on him, his avatar then continued to move, I saw this as him not following orders and not valuing his life.
  7. S1 Killed when crashed 01/04-2017 14:10

    My pov : After arriving in gorka and witnessing the blood bath that lay before me I spoke to the man calmly and peacefully since I was scared on discovering him in such a situation, when his back was turned I took my chance and used voip to initiate and when to didn't follow instructs I shot and killed him.
  8. My Travels through Chernarus

    These show some of my many exploits around this vibrant and stunning island
  9. S1: RDM/BadRP in Gorka 4/1/2017 14:52

    @derik8008beef Right.... this is clearly false and lies but alright whatever since I never had a pistol and already had my hands raised.
  10. S1: RDM/BadRP in Gorka 4/1/2017 14:52

    Erm... what about your excuse for killing me? There was no initiation since I was already being help up and complying with all the commands sent,
  11. S1: RDM/BadRP in Gorka 4/1/2017 14:52

    I do not have any other evidence than the logs
  12. S1: RDM/BadRP in Gorka 4/1/2017 14:52

    Im pretty sure I was the random, (Names Baz Leki) My Pov : I arrived in gorka and spotted a dead body on the road, I approached it and begin looting when I was then approached and told to raise my hands which I complied with, I then was told several other orders all in text chat which I followed before I heard someone ask if they were hungry, I thought he was speaking to me at the time so i agreed but as I did I was shot in the head without an explanation.
  13. As you can see from the video uploaded from @Kevin and my video of ts these do not match up. @Dusty said he was within the 500 meters and he knew i would keep driving so he ran south but as @Kevin video shows he had no idea where i was as he asked his team mates what way I was driving, if in fact you some how was in the 500 meters and gained kill rights you would have seen and heard what way I was driving (as I was heading to you as you claim you ran south) and not had to ask. He (Dusty) was told I was driving past the fire station and if he was heading south as he said, he would have already seen and heard me coming his way.just look at the two videos it shows all. Also at 35s in the video someone opens fire (without knowledge of an initiation as no one told them it had been dropped in game). I would also like to question the validity of @Dusty discussing my location and sending text initiations to his group members over steam to copy and paste into game to be used against me. Is this allowed? Rule 11.1 states: "You may not use meta gaming to give your character information that he/she would otherwise not have access to or to gain any kind of advantage over other players.". By @Dusty supplying text for text initiations on steam to his group member he was giving them an unfair advantage using meta gaming as @Kevin did not have this prepared himself and was clear ill prepared to make a text initiation. On top of this rule 7.1 states: "Killing another player must always be justified with role play...", I hardly think that copying and pasting a text initiation to @Kevin which was then used to get the drop on someone driving a car because they wanted it (unlikely the driver would be looking out for text) counts as justified by RP. Additionally rule 6.3 says "When initiating hostile action upon a vehicle you must use voice and text to prevent miscommunication.", as you can see in @Kevin video he did not in fact use voice at all. Also the server logs show that each of the three individuals involved logged out before the 30 minute timer ended, this is in direct violation of rule: 12.2 "After a hostile action has occurred, you may only log out after a minimum of 30 minutes have passed since you broke the line of sight with those involved."
  14. Still over the 500 Meter initiation zone, and this is generous considering your friend dropped initiation at the back of the hanger.