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  1. @Imation11 Appreciate it man, hope to cross paths with you again soon as well
  2. Ming grew up in Hong Kong, his parents were fairly successful business-people and had made a decent living for themselves. They had a nice family apartment in a fancy high rise building, however Ming's parents did not wish to see Ming become a lay about, good for nothing slob. They demanded and enforced that Ming would have to make his own way in life for the most part. He would have to get himself a job, and make his own money, not just living off of their previous successes. Ming was furious but had no choice, so he became a delivery driver. His parents were not pleased. Especially because ‘driver’ is a loose term. He was a courier, on foot. Also it wasn’t food he was delivering day to day, it was hard drugs. Coke, heroin and occasionally meth.. Mings parents were aware of the situation, and threatened to turn him over to the police, however Ming knew this would never happen, they would not stain their family name by outing him as a drug mule, no, this was not what they wanted to be known for. So they let him continue, biding their time until they could force him out of the country through blackmail and threats. They took his phone one night whilst he slept, and threatened to ruin his business with it, this would mean the death of Ming if his suppliers got word of it.. So he agreed to leave the country. After a few meetings, Ming set himself up as a Continental drug mule, he learnt the best ways to conceal, smuggle and transport drugs on a fairly large scale to different countries. It was through this that Ming found himself on a fairly large Crab fishing trawler, it was the perfect disguise to sneak right past coast guards, and dock at a random beach in Chernarus, however, Ming never made it to Chernarus, or atleast, the trawler didn’t. Several of the crew members became infected after sick coast guard officials boarded the boat and brought the infection with them. When they turned Ming was forced to grab all the drugs he could, get in the brightest and tightest little yellow dinghy, and float his way to the shores of Chernarus. Ming quickly realised that this infection had taken over, and if he was to continue to survive in this world, he’d need to make a move quick. He began to offer his courier services to several of the early settlements and camps, and stayed safe for the most part due to his slender asian frame and moped riding skills. Ming soon found his way to the Saviors, where he found himself somewhat at home with this ragtag family, and he begun to make a new name for the Tau family.
  3. Born in Romania, Raised as a football hooligan and now living the good life as a traveller, going across Europe & Asia with my brothers in our many caravans, As the apocalypse took place we survived by hiding in the Thick Chernarus woods until we deemed it safe enough to venture out. My family plan to unite once again and rule Chernarus as the dominant Family. His rough upbringing and the death of his girlfriend turned him into a emotionless psycho not afraid to throw fists, especially when it comes to family, before after all, Family is power , Because I am the oldest brother I have chosen to lead the family and doing so must control my wild and reckless brothers from doing something they would soon regret, With all this time out in the wilderness we has mastered survival techniques and hunting and how to handle small & and large firearms . My first infected kill was my father, he became sick shortly after we arrived in Chernarus and as the oldest I took it upon myself to pull the trigger, ending his suffering as all of my brothers witnessed.
  4. Oh ok Thanks, now it seems to be running fine, how do I configure my steam rights?
  5. Where can i find the executable file ?
  6. So Yeah, When I try to load up my Dayz Standalone Im met with this, Tried Reinstalling, Validating the Files and signing in as admin but no result.
  7. *Chuk Lewandozka grabs radio from his holster, he takes his beret off as a smirk appears on his face. He adjusts his aviators as He pushes down on the PTT button* "Brother... wait for the signal, watch the skies until you see orange " *He readjusts his Beret* "The Boys are Back" *Chuk releases the PTT button and looks down the long road, placing the radio back in the holster as the adventures are about to begin*
  8. Pal, Please remain civil, I understand that loosing a few virtual in game items might be difficult for you when there are valid reasons behind it.
  9. No I wasn't aware & no it wasn't as his in game character was still moving once I had initiated on him, his avatar then continued to move, I saw this as him not following orders and not valuing his life.
  10. My pov : After arriving in gorka and witnessing the blood bath that lay before me I spoke to the man calmly and peacefully since I was scared on discovering him in such a situation, when his back was turned I took my chance and used voip to initiate and when to didn't follow instructs I shot and killed him.
  11. ExodusLives

    My Travels through Chernarus

    These show some of my many exploits around this vibrant and stunning island
  12. @derik8008beef Right.... this is clearly false and lies but alright whatever since I never had a pistol and already had my hands raised.
  13. Erm... what about your excuse for killing me? There was no initiation since I was already being help up and complying with all the commands sent,
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