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  1. Just a Construction worker that ran into the wrong people at the wrong time. But in the long run it helped me. I've been wondering the streets alone for awhile and i tend to keep it that way. I am constantly on look out for any threats that could come my way. I joined a bikie gang just before the outbreak and that how i was supplied with the weapons i use today.The streets of chernarus are getting more dangerous day by day ive done some things i wish i didnt have to do. But it was to protect myself and thats my number one goal.
  2. I have no clue why i was added to this situation. But i was killed in the firefight quickly. To me was a clean fight.
  3. No sir. Was this event to long ago to check logs at all? No sir i do not have video evidence.
  4. Thankyou for understanding as I am still new to RP I'm glad you understand again I apologise. Thankyou
  5. I dont understand what this is am i in trouble? Oh my goodness i apologies i just watched the video and i was in the wrong. I had no cluw what i was doing because i was extremely shocked i am deeply apologetic about what has happened and it will not happen again, Again i am deeply sorry. I was shocked to find my friend i had lost in a situation few hours prior and spilt it out in shock of the situation I apologise
  6. please help i was signing up for my whitelist i read my passphrase but then had to eat dinner when i cam back i had forgotten what it was please help anyone?
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