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  1. Mirkov Marintripovič, a 27 year old Croatian sniper who is a very quiet and patient person, more of an introvert than an extrovert. He worked alongside the CDF and was part of one of the squads sent to establish checkpoints on roads surrounding the storage base north of Severograd on the 7th of July. Weeks later on the 23rd by the time the outbreak had taken over most of South Zagoria, militarised forces had been whittled down to almost nothing, including the patrol squad Mirkov was a part of. Most of his squad mates were either infected or killed by friendly fire as a result of bombing runs. The storm was at it's worst, Mirkov was left to survive alone on the southern coast and was hiding out inside of a building in Kamyshovo. He was jumped by a group of survivors, weak and unable to f‌ight back, they knocked him unconscious and stole all of his gear and equipment. He woke up the next morning on the 24th, when the storm had calmed and all of Chernarus had descended into eerie silence.
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I fully understand the reason for my blacklist, However I've had two years to think about my ignorant decision and I've heard so many good things about your server from friends who I wish I could play with. Additional statements/Comments explaining: I was over excited to play on the server and rushed through the rules as well as my application which led to my blacklist. I posted an appeal not long after the blacklist was issued in January of 2017 and never received a reply, I'm not sure if my appeal was overlooked or not but I've gotten back into DayZ recently which is why I'm trying again now. What would you like to achieve with this: I would appreciate a second chance to write my own unique backstory and submit another whitelist application. What could I have done better: Taken my time to thoroughly read and understand the rules and put effort into my backstory.
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