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  1. You guys obviously have yet to read the text in the whitelist area, whitelist applications are on hold at the moment. And only special cases "Such as an awesome application." as well as Donator applications are being accepted. So you guys making a big fuss about it, really isnt helping your cause >.>; Just sayin!
  2. I think for the most part, the people that are posting short introductions are just excited to get into the community, that's my case. Though i'm fairly active on forums and such. So there's a difference there, but I do agree, and now that I look back, hindsight is 20/20 so on so forth. Wish I would have put a little more effort into my introduction! But I hope that does't look badly upon myself
  3. Hey thanks for the welcome man, ya i've been looking them over, the rules seem pretty simple and self explanatory for sure. Nothing like Arma 2 City Life though hah! Appreciate the welcome though man, and the advice!
  4. Hey everyone, just joined today, cant wait to get my application reviewed and join up with you all, hope to see you in game soon \m/