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  1. A former special forces operator trained by the elite of the elite in America, Russia, Israel, India and several other undisclosed countries NATO hired him as a mercenary to do the dirty work no country would even think of having its soldiers do. During a single mission in Germany where he was sent in to rescue terrorist hostages he was captured and forced to watch the execution of over a hundred civilian hostages, the years of black ops missions finally made him snap. The details of how he escaped are unknown to this day but survivors of the event say he was a "panzer" a walking tank taking hundreds of rounds before he even flinched, one account even has him take a bullet to the head without him so much as blinking. The stories of being a walking tank would later be credited to a body Armour which is still top secret but the name "Panzer" would stick. He is now taken out of retirement and given a finale mission find patient zero and the cure to the zombies.