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  1. Jake was a relatively good kid in school, got good grades and had good friends. But one of their friends shared his name, so they found another name for Jake, his favourite colour was Blue. And his eye colour was Blue. So why not?His name became Blue in school, and outside of school eventually as well. He grew up as an active child, and did a lot of parkour for fun. It involved a lot of minor injuries. But it was the risk that was fun. He became pretty good at it. At 18 his parents decided they should go on holiday, to a place called Chernarus, he was alright with it and went on holiday to a place, admittedly he had never even heard of. Geography wasn't exactly his strongest point in school. He enjoyed the few days of the holiday, well until the outbreak happened there. They became trapped. And he watched as his family slowly perished as time went on, he made friends just to lose them. So he began to prefer to go alone.
  2. Vivian was born in Kingsgate Hospital in England and was a very good child for her mother and father. She also had her brother Elijah who was always an amazing brother and he cared for her deeply. She was educated well inside of a private school, she didn't make many friends and was a very shy child. She also partook in medical school a bit later. She was extremely smart and preferred to keep to herself. She spent a lot of her time in a library during her free time. Or just reading books at home. At fourteen her brother left to be a cameraman a show in Chernarus named Rising Stars, she felt it was awesome but she was going to miss her brother, but she knew he'd come visit on holidays. One month later, her and her family got on a plane to visit her brother Elijah and surprise him. Half way through the flight, the intercom turned on and the pilot told them that they'd gotten word some kind of an infection had broken out in chernarus and that the plane would have to land in a neighbouring country for the time being. And that was what happened. Her parents decided to make the most of it and they had some what of a holiday in the country.They tried many times to contact Elijah but never got an answer. They also tried to book a flight back home to England but all flights were cancelled. And then the outbreak began spread to the neighbouring country the infected began to rampage through that country. And chaos began, on that day her father got out the car to speak to one of them and ask if they were alright, and she watched as they pounced onto him and ripped out his throat, her mother and her screamed his name. Then more began to swarm the car. Her mother took it upon herself to drive through the infected and to a church that was taking people in. Sadly leaving her husband behind, she didn't want to. They both cried for days, but her mother knew she had protect her daughter and make sure she could survive. Her mother was a nurse, so she began teaching Vivi everything she hadn't already learnt in the medical school. But also re-going over things she had already learnt. A kind man taught her a few things about the infected, that they mostly needed sound to see you, so sneaking around them was her best bet. Two years went by, her mother eventually passed away from an illness, in which they in no way the right nor enough medical items to treat it. They shot her in the head and buried her. Vivi decided she ought to travel to chernarus, and look for her brother. She packed up some essential supplies and travelled all the way to the borders of Chernarus, which at this point were abandoned and filled with infected, Vivi used the skills she developed to sneak by them slowly, eventually passing the border and she began travelling through Chernarus's woods, on the search for her brother.
  3. Server and location: DayzRP Server 1 Vybor Military base. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 4/8/19 5:00PM GMT+1 Your in game name:Elijah Riverwood Names of allies involved:Joss Trent Name of suspect/s:Didn't see them. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):None from what I know. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):My friend has a stream, I'll link it when he is finished later on today.^^ Detailed description of the events:I met Joss in Kabanino and then we ran to the Vybor Military Base together, we looted it at and we went to leave we saw a guy who was very on edge, he asked us to please put our guns away as he only wants to talk, we answered saying we will if he puts his away first. And then he just sprinted off, we figured it was a weirdo and just went about our business, five minutes later roughly as we were leaving VMC, we heard a loud bang, so we assumed it was probably a grenade of some sort. As one may be, we were quite curious. So we we were going to investigate a little. As we were jogging there, someone began to shoot at us, we freaked out, but didn't run because we were confused why we were getting shot at, and we didn't know if they were shooting at us or very close to us. Before we could spot where they were shooting from, they shot Joss in the head, and before I could react to it, I got shot in the head as well. My input is, it could've been a stream sniper on Joss's stream.
  4. Elijah as a child was very cheerful and loved to joke around. Eli overall pretty decent in every class. He was also a boy scout which taught him some valuable survival techniques and skills, on top of this every Sunday afternoon he would go hunting with his father. Learning how to handle all types of hunting weaponry. One Monday afternoon after a school day, a kid in his class named Jacob decided to pick a fight with him. He never knew why but this kid never liked him. Eli struggled to keep his cool and hit him in the jaw, when Jacob got back up, he pulled a knife out. Stabbing Elijah in the chest and running off, later to be arrested by the authorities. Eli was taken to the hospital to have it treated, a few months later it was simply a scar. He carried on with his education, even getting a license to ride a motorcycle legally and got hired as part of a camera crew in a TV show inside of Chernarus. They flew to it a month before the outbreak. Making his last contact to his family before the outbreak.
  5. ViperTCA

    S1 Bad/Avoiding RP, No time to comply, possible NVFL. Near VMC.

    Me, Josh, Eric, Jack were at Stary Sobor and had spent about 30 minutes RP'ing with some FRIENDLY people up until the point where we asked them to go look for our father in Kabanino who was Eddie Sorella. He was having problems with his game crashing so there wasn't much he could do. We stay at Stary for a while longer until we go around to the back of Kabanino where we meet some people. We had a normal conversation with these people so I don't know where you get we were arguing from? Anyway eventually we find a group of 3 people around the road between Kabanino and Rogovo Near VMC. We speak to these people but they claim to know our Father and wish to look after us for the time being. Josh said he was fine with Amber (me) because these people seemed very odd and as far as RP goes, why would some kids just stay with some random strangers. So they respond saying "That is rude". We are kind of hanging around and they start to say things like "Your Dad is Dead" etc. I then said to the man "Leave him alone". He then continues to be rude to us and I say "Don't say that". This triggered our sibling Jack and he responded "My Dad is a bigger man than you'll ever be". I then said to Jack "Stop" twice. Jack stops and this man then responded with threats like "I'll put you in the ground" or something like that. He continues to make threats and I then realise that this will just end up in people getting killed. So I say "Lets go". The conversation continued. They continue to be rude to Jack even though I say "He's a kid". I say again "We're leaving". We start to run away and they call us "pussies". I decide not to retaliate and non of us do. We then find out that Eric Sorella has to log out so this gives us more of a reason to leave the situation. As Josh said. We weren't avoiding RP we were scared and didn't want to die. This situation was clearly going to end up in people dying so we wanted to leave. In an apocalypse you would not stay to chit chat if things are becoming hostile/heated. As we were running away we are followed by these people again even though Josh had said Sorry to them. Me and Josh now realise at this point that these people don't want to help us or be friendly. They just want to start 'Beef'. There were shots in the background but these people completely ignore then and this gives us another reason to keep running. We then stop down the road and around the deer stand. The 'Beef' continues and they are rude to us provoking Jack to say "I'll stab you". Me and Josh say things to cool down the situation. We must have said atleast 5 different things. I had said "Jack Leave it", "Hes not" (going to do anything hostile), "Jack Stop". They then asked around 10 times for Jack to say it again. Jack was obviously scared at this point and said "Im not saying it again because i'm respectful". I responded "Please just leave him hes a kid". They then asked Jack for some reason "Where he was from?". Jack responded with Birmingham as that is where his character was from. They then start imitating his voice and taking the mick out of where he came from which I think is really poor RP as this is so irrelevant to the situation. At this point these guys were just trying to get Jack to retaliate and say something hostile so the other guys would have kill rights. They then say you need to teach your brother some respect. I then responded "Okay i'll teach him". I then say "We just want to go home". The 'Beef' continues and I say again "Please just leave him" and "Hes not grown up". I say then "Were going home Jack". I then say "NOW!". Jack and these guys continues to argue while we start to talk to the other guy and I say "We just want to get Eric home hes tired". Josh says "Amber we need to go". We all start running together but me and Eric are stuck together with one of the group members while Jack and Josh are about 250m away from us with the other member. We start talking to one of the guys. We then hear shots over towards where Josh and Jack were. I start running towards Jack and Josh and then I see the person we were just speaking with shooting Eric. I turned around aimed at the mans head and shot him in the head a second after he killed Eric. I then start running towards Jack and Josh and they ask "Is the bad guy dead?". I reply "Yes". They ask where Eric was. I say "Eric is Dead". They start panicking ignoring what I said and I said Again "ERIC IS DEAD". We are in so much shock and anger but I as the older one say "Lets go!". These people didn't want any RP whatsoever. They just wanted to kill us and I know it. They were doing poor RP and had no real RP reason to follow us around. We had apologised and cooled the situation but they followed us to the point where we had to be hostile back. Again we didn't avoid RP we were scared for our lives. We were aware that it could have been considered ignoring people attempting to Role Play with us but these guys didn't want to RP at all they just wanted to kill us clearly. We didn't want to have anything to do with it. We were prioritising Role Play over Rule Play in this situation as we were again 'Scared' of the situation as our characters are only children that barely know how to shoot and survive.
  6. Link to the source of punishment (report/post):http://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/80727-s1-bad-rp-vybor-08012017-~1800/#comment-1480327 Why the verdict is not fair:POV Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Me and my friends (Polis3n, Eddie Sorello) were running through Vybor after our friend had died twice due to glitches and game crashing while getting hit by a zombie. We saw a person and we didn't want to be vulnerable with our friends bag in our bag (Joshua Lie Kav) so we hid his bag full of loot in a house. We find a guy and spoke to him friendly. We went back to a building and the bag was gone so we assumed that the guy had a friend who stole it. We also needed some drinks for our friend so we held this person up. I didn't really want to be involved in the situation so I backed off and let them do what they had to do. Took his stuff and he was getting attacked by zombies so we did our best to defend them from him. We went into the old school with him and did our best to interegate him. We started getting shot at and we all died. What would you like to achieve with this appeal:My POV What could you have done better?:Theres not much I could have done as I wasn't really involved in the situation I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.
  7. ViperTCA

    S1 - BadRP - Gear over RP & Metagame & CL : 08/01/2017

    I was with Eddie Sorella the entire time but i do know that Eddie and josh were on the radio and were gonna meet at Vybor and me and Eddie were running when we saw 4 people on the road me and Eddie were cautious about approaching them but they had already seen us so we went down to say hi and to be honest i thought we were going to be held up but when we got close it turns out it was Josh Lie Kav and Peter Smith and then Eddie Initiated the hold up and i didn't want any of it so i decided to try and stay out of it as much as I could so we started moving them into some bushes and then Eddie just kept telling the guys too shut his mouth and i will admit that and i made a mistake and said the mans name and asked me how i know him which is understandable Josh told them to run off and they did and then we ran to rogovo about the logging off i was very tired and had school the next day so i had to go
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