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  1. UniiLR


    Just now thinking of it, 2020 has been such a shit year man, I know this status update is stating nothing new. I kind of wanna ask, can anyone tell me good things that have come from 2020? I'm too wrapped up in the deaths of the likes of Juice WRLD, Kobe and all of those legends. 

    1. vanon02


      bobby shmurda gets out

    2. groovy ducky

      groovy ducky

      Try to look on the positive side of things, even in negative events.

      With Corona going worldwide and continuing to be a big issue there are some good things coming from it.

      Many governments are learning more and more about controlling these kinds of events and more safety measures are being taken, the result of this should be that we will be able to respond better, faster and more appropriately should there ever be a similar problem, which very well could occur.

      Another upside of less people going out is that of traffic, less people outside means less cars, and therefore less pollution in the air, many places who were crowded with traffic and heavy smog eased up, even for only a short while, allowing many researchers to gain valuable information to help improve conditions in the longer term, information that we otherwise, probably wouldn't have gotten.

      Restaurants are now selling their stock in bulk as well as meal kits, allowing more to learn the joy of cooking at home and thus reducing costs on the overall consumer, the entertainment business is also thriving due to the pandemic, which means that for us gamers we may see more of our favorite titles returning.

      Educational systems also have the ability to test remote education on a much larger scale, which potentially could improve learning conditions in the longer run as well.


      The point im trying to make is that, yes, things are very bad right now, and they could easily get worse, however its better for us to lift the chin up and try to see the good sometimes instead of the bad, because when we surround ourselves with nothing but negativity we get choked up and lose focus.


      And while I am sure some of your favorite celebrities and artists are a big inspiration to you, and perhaps have a deeper meaning to you, obsessing over their passing and focusing on it will only keep you down.

      Listen to your favorite songs, and try to remember them for the good things they did, and the art that they created, rather than focusing on their unfortunate passing.


      I hope this helps with some perspective, and maybe helps you look at things in a way that makes you a little less sad.

    3. UniiLR


      @groovy ducky Yeah I see what you mean. I didn't think about all of the good that this qurantine created. Of course, I already know all of the bad so no need to bring it up. Anyways thanks for the kind words lad, helped change my perspective quite a bit.

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