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    1. groovy dingo

      groovy dingo

      Had that as my character song for a long time...pog song

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      as chill as it gets

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      The vibe is crazy on this song



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      aye pog fella

  2. Shelbi Novak POV: Me and 3 others in Spero were heading up to Olsha to see what was going on there in which just as I walked up I heard initiation on the town from the chernarussians. I simply put my hand up and was told to back off. I kept in the back of my mind that I had previously been paid by Oleg Boyko icly with a drum mag to assist in case of a situation as my character is a chernarussian PMC which can be seen on the character page. Whilst standing to the side, one of the chernarussian's are sniped and one of my allies run into the house to my right going upstairs to overwatch. I look around, attempting to figure out how I can fulfil my contract and help them out. After this Mr Callahan runs up to me and tells me and my two allies beside me, "If you pull a gun out you will be shot." Which is a demand and consequence. I waited for a little bit for the opportunity and when I saw two of them walking up to me with their guns lowered, I pulled out my FAL and sprayed into one of them and then attempted to spray into Mr Callahan, in which it appeared my gun was loaded with blanks because nothing happened and Mr Callahan (rightfully so) lit me up. I had two allies beside me ( @wastingdoor @Panda ) and one in the house ( @BeanMama ). As for what I meant by my gun being loaded with blanks I believed it was the bug known as ghost bullets unfortunately.
  3. nice pfp mang

    1. Kase


      Thanks homie, the boy @NillerSB yoinked it for memes


    2. NillerSB


      nah bro, i found it online

  4. damn bro your proflile song got me like


    1. SynO



    2. groovy dingo

      groovy dingo

      Dance Reaction GIF by MOODMAN

  5. *Shelbi would stop reading a book and lift her radio, tilting her head curiously as she listens. She would then pick up her phone and play a text-to-speech message through the radio.* "Curious. I have never been one for religion but I would like to ask for some details. May I ask what the, "Church of the last Days on Earth" will be doing exactly? I apologise but I did not understand the cryptic.. Bible lines I assume? And what does, "The Beast" represent exactly? Is it an actual beast or something else which is represented by that phrase? I hope you can answer my questions to the fullest and I can reach more details." *She would put her phone and radio down, wondering to herself what the man meant by the cryptic message but would shrug to herself and continue reading her book.*
  6. lore shit seems kinda dope atm 😃

    keep it up loremasters on realshit, the community feels somewhat alive again which is nice to see and seeing lore events coming back in a new format is dope too. Hope to see some dope things from the new loremasters.


    1. UniiLR


      Plus from what I hear the plane event stuff is already dope btw, make sure to hop in game and get involved boys.

  7. Special thanks to @ItsJet for the amazing graphics homie!
  8. UniiLR

    Valning Map

    Play whatever map popped up, believe it or not, whilst I don't mind Chernarus I still like to explore different maps. Namalsk simply got boring for me and a few others and the namalsk survival mode features started to get irritating to me personally. I prefer Livonia over Chernarus and Namalsk personally.
  9. UniiLR

    Valning Map

    Hola, this map looks dope and looks like a blast to explore. It kind of gives me last of us vibes which is cool. I personally think replacing chernarus would be fine with me but lets be honest, if we've learnt anything from all of these switching map polls, is that replacing chernarus never lasts and it always comes back. So I personally think that whilst Namalsk is cool in its own way I like the look of this map rather then Namalsk. So I would say that this should be put in as a 2nd server to chernarus like Livonia was. And the people who are sick to death of chernarus can go check out that map and the people who seem to love chernarus like it's their baby can stay there. So if it was to be put in either as a replacement for chernarus (which I doubt with how these polls tend to go) or a replacement for Namalsk it's a +1 from me.
  10. Ayo wagwan, can I have 2 piece chicken meal with some chips fella. Oh and a coke too.

    1. Elrod


      Yes G got you big man, you man want any dips wiv dat big man?

    2. UniiLR


      Yeah can I have some burger sauce g?

    3. Elrod


      Course Bossman, coming right up. 

      2 piece chicken meal wiv medium chips and a coke. 5 quid please bossman.



  11. Definitely the most confusing firefight (if u can even call it that) I have ever been apart of, sorry @ItsJet for the tk lmao
  12. Happy new year, hopefully this one is at least a little better!

  13. UniiLR

    NVFL Ban

    1. From my understanding at least, our characters have been boiling over for a while. For months our characters had fought each other, during Cold Winter in Chernarus mostly. And they were fighting recently due to my character trying to direct them down a better path and his character getting fed up. 2. So, he initiated on me, in which I shot him in the back which hit his plate carrier. In which the rest of the group members defused it and told us to chill out and such. Which is why we stopped. To be more detailed, I believe it was Alexei (Panda) who told us to stop and cut it out. 3. As I said in the initial appeal, the role play wasn't great but I was sniped at and shot in the leg in which I was prone to fight back afterwards. 4. Whilst yes I agree the firefight shouldn't have happened due to it not being role played out very well. I did not intend to start it, nor get killed doing so. So, that is why I am appealing the punishment. I acknowledge that yes the role play could have been much better in the situation. But there was no intent for my character to die there. As per any firefight I am apart of, I was looking to survive it and win. But that did not happen. I believe it could have been role played out far better then just starting shooting but. That is why I would like the bad rp part to stick as it is the part I agree with personally.
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