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  1. POV: I was sitting at our base with RiZ when I heard the guy then saw him standing on the other side of the wall. In which all of them show them selves. And RiZ does all of the talking of course, my character not having a tongue therefore not being able to talk. I stood there until initiations happened in which both of us complied due to being outnumbered. They tell us to get in the car in which we do. After a long time of just driving further and further we stop in some woods. In which they question me due to not knowing anything about me except the fact my character's name was Sam. I write a note saying that I am not Wolfpack as my character is afraid what they'll do if they find out she is. They say that I helped one of their people before and that i'm fine. They tell me nothing will happen to me and that "I will be brought to the prison for compensation". So I just sit there, not really doing much as I've been told to stay where I am until told otherwise whilst they question RiZ. One of them ask me if I want to beat RiZ up in which I shake my head but he insists. So I get up and walk over to him. Punching him each time he tells me to. Then I just stand there whilst they talk to each other and RiZ. Not much I can do or say when I don't talk. Someone else shows up and they decide they want to take RiZ. In which they tell me to go with them to be taken to the prison. I get in and sit there until they ask me questions, they rp passing me a paper and pen and I rp writing the answers and handing it back. As shown in the logs. We eventually reach wherever the hell we were by the end. Beside Topolin on the edge of the map or something, I get out and they begin talking to RiZ and during which state they don't even know why i'm there. They decide to soak a bag with gasoline and I simply watch them idly, not being able to do much. They ask me how long I've known RiZ, they ask if it was simply just a day. In which I simply just nod to it. They ask me to light the torch in which I do and I simply hold it until i'm told to drop it in which I do. I legit just stand there and don't do much. As I can't do much with practically no way to communicate. I was pretty content with standing there though. They turn to me and say i'm free so I simply walk off and that's really where my part ended. Pretty boring but that was more of due to miscommunication. (Dunno if I was supposed to be driven all the way over there to stand there.) And also because they were confident I was completely un-involved and simply caught at the wrong place at the wrong time. That was really all that happened on my side of things.
  2. I think everything sounds good except the sleeping part.
  3. Fun role play with @Cracka_tee @Husky. @Blisna @burRP @ImDraagen @DrCrazyGamer and everyone else I role played with today
  4. As i'm most likely going to be called in due to presence at both of the situations(The one with the light blue surgical gloves and the shovel on my back). Here is my POV. I was simply chilling when I saw Noah in the woods with the guys right beside Soup Kitchen and I think nothing of it. Assuming they're probably having a private conversation. Later I hear gunfire, so I run over and see one guy dead on the ground and Noah(Masonn) and Umbuto(Dongle) pointing guns at another dude who has his hands up. I simply stand back and watch as they go to tie the guy up. The other guy goes to run, sprinting around bystanders to try and get an advantage over the other two. Noah guns him down and I head back into camp for about 20-30 minutes. Kenny(BurRP) shows up and asks what happens to me, Noah and Umbuto go back into the woods where it happened with Kenny to explain. In which there is two other people with us. As seen in the video, the dude who we had no idea was involved pulls a gun and shouts, "Thanks for killing my friend's motherfuckers." and begins shooting everyone in that crowd. I begin to run as he turns to me and shoots me once in the arm or something. I presume it was the arm as it ruined my jacket. I spray back along with Noah and one of us get him. After he's down I spray him in the head due to being uncertain if he was dead or simply unconscious and due to seeing he is quick to fire I didn't want to risk him getting back up and shooting me or anyone else at Soup. So I do that and then that's really the end for my POV. I help put some of Umbuto's stuff safely away. And then check on Kenny as he went unconscious with very low health.
  5. Thank you to these people for the brilliant rp today! - @Korha & @Husky. - @Taryn & Another person that I never got the name of sadly ;-; - @RiZ, @Cracka_tee, @PhoenyxxRP - @FireDude, @burRP, @God Thank you to these people and everyone else I role played with today, twas a lot of fun.
  6. Samantha Shelby grew up mostly attached to her mother. She was named after her mother after all due to their similar appearance and similar personality traits. Whilst she got her mother's kindness. She also got her father's attitude. None the less, she tried hard in school. Her brother was going down a similar route to their father and she didn't want that for her life. So she would study hard. But, she did enjoy her brother's company. So she'd spend a lot of time with them and their friends. She knew they were a bad bunch to be around but, it didn't matter much to her, she valued her time with her siblings. This did get her involved in some of her brothers work but she tried her hardest to stay out of it. When the apocalypse happened, she preferred to simply sneak around the sick. She didn't mind killing infected but simply found it easier to avoid them. One day, whilst sneaking around infected. She stopped to loot a small corner shop, wasn't much there, but she did find a 308 Winchester round in her leg. She collapsed down and was approached by armed people who put a bag over her head and shoved her in a car. After what felt like hours of driving. They tied her to a chair and began asking questions. Where after each one she'd make a smart remark, not believing they'd do anything about it. She shut up after sliced out her tongue. They began forcing her to do manual labour for them, they decided to take her to Livonia, where she continued to make food and farm for them. Knowing that they would take drastic measures if she disobeyed. One morning she awoke to the sound of gunfire. A man named Riggs Fuller had discovered her and led her out into the woods. He explained that he was attacking them for their supplies and decided to spare her. She asked him if she could stay with him due to having no idea where to go. And so she did and during this time they gained a close bond. In which he would refer to her as a sister like figure. But one day she decided to go off on her own. She wanted to take some time to herself. And she did, now she travels alone once again.
  7. Thanks to @FaeRP @River @Tomu @[email protected] @Husky. @Korha for the awesome rp for the first day of my new character. Hope to see more of all of you!
  8. Had fun last night on an adventure with @God and @Blisna thanks guys for the awesome time!
  9. POV: Don't have very much to add, I was the one with the yellow plaid shirt in the stream . I didn't do much and wasn't really paying attention to what was happening. I saw people joke around about hitting each other with shovels. But other then that my attention was elsewhere. I'm pretty sure I didn't see the midget glitch, I was probably tabbed out checking discord pings during that time.
  10. Jaiden Winters POV: I don't remember too many details but I will try my best to be as detailed as I can. I was chilling over at Soup Kitchen when I hear someone getting hit, I turn around and see a dude I do not know in short shorts and some other clothing and another dude who I recognise the outfit of but can't immediately remember the name of, me and Lilith walk over. I let Lilith do the talking and then the dude makes some kind of statement like, "he needs to learn respect." which annoys the Joyce even more. The dude then tells the Joyce to calm down, referring to him as his bud or something. He then makes a statement along these lines. "I will go to my base, get my weapons and come and kill you." I believe he says something else as well but I don't remember what. He walks off and the Joyce who has no ammo begins asking for shells for his shotgun for his gun. Eventually he comes over to me and I get confirmation he is a Joyce who is friends with the group that I am a part of the Wolf Pack. So I let him know I will help him if the dude tries anything. I then spot the dude sprint out of Soup Kitchen toward Sitnik in which I let everyone know of that. The Joyce then asks to use my M4 real quick. I agree and drop it in which the Joyce runs toward where the dude ran to try and find him to confront him about what he said. Me and James follow the Joyce to help him in case things don't go as planned and to make sure I can get my gun back. We can't find him, the Joyce gives me my gun back and opts to simply switch clothing as he's a little nervous due to the fact the dude threatened his life. I begin to do what I usually do, stand around and talk when the same dude walks back in, now in full black military clothing with a black plate carrier, an M4 and a Cheytac sniper rifle. Saying something along the lines of: "Alright i'm back, is the guy who was beating me up still here?" Me and Lilith begin to talk to the dude, not revealing whether he is or isn't. Meanwhile the Joyce is busy switching his clothing inside of a tent. I ask this question to the dude: "Hey dude are you Corp or something?You just ran in the direction of their base and came back in full black, fully fuckin' geared." He tells me he isn't and tells me he is completely alone. Lilith also asks something along the lines of: "How'd you get all that stuff so fast..?" He responds with, "I don't want to disclose that information." and Lilith continues talking. The Joyce walks up beside me and nods to me, I nod back and so does he. I understand this as this(without the words but, this is basically what I believe we communicated through the nods.) "This the dude?" "Yes." "Can I have your gun?" "Yes." In which I drop my M4 again and step aside. The Joyce picks up my gun and walks up to the dude saying something roughly along the lines of: "HEY LAD DO YOU WANT TO FUCKING KILL ME?" In which the Joyce aims the gun and shoots the dude killing him instantly. The rest of us loot him and we go back to everything as normal. I get my gun back and the Joyce takes the dude's guns.
  11. Jaiden Winters POV: Wolf pack and a couple others decide that we're going to head over to the Corporation base as we were fairly certain that had stolen from Soup Kitchen. Our main objective in going there was to take back the storage containers they had stolen from our friends over at Soup. So we walked over and began to raid. From my point of view, I was simply watching windows to see if any of them would peek. Considering after the first corp member, Chuck Zielinkski had already been killed and initiations had already happened prior. When I heard that there was someone on the roof shooting. I decided to risk climbing onto the crane to try and rid them for my teammates. So I managed to get up, saw the dude laying down. And simply shot him once in the head. Where he went unconscious and must of died on his own. EDIT: Oh and, I never went inside of the school. So other then leaving the area after the raid was done. That's all I did during it.
  12. Excited for the future and what it may hold.
  13. He presses his radio down, he takes a deep breath and begins to speak softly into it. "This is Jaiden Winters, otherwise known to some as Blue. I have heard rumours going around that a member of the 5.0.3 drugged and raped my fifteen year old sister named Haiden, otherwise known as Red. This is not true. I have asked her myself if she had been touched inappropriately at all and she said no. Some may say that she probably wouldn't remember if she was drugged. Whilst that could be the case, that part of the rumour is only partially true. She was given drugs, yes. But she took them by her own decision. She was not forced to take them by any member of the 5.0.3. I am unsure of who started these rumours but some say I did. Now let me say this. Lucifer was one of my friends and I was trying to help him. Why would I want to get my friend hurt and my sister harassed. These rumours have already got one person hurt and killed. If you hear any of these rumours. Please clarify that they are not true. I hope that this will be all I am going to have to do about this situation. Thank you for listening." He exhales, as if able to finally breathe again. He then switches off his radio. Hoping that this will be it.
  14. Beautiful singing and beautiful video!
  15. Jaiden Winters POV: I logged into the tower inside of the soup kitchen in which on further inspection at 0:39 of the video you can actually see me in it if you look closely, and saw the two people getting hold up. After warning a few people on the radio in which I double mic'd and whispered ig but nobody would've heard me as I was too far from the situation to be heard, such as Soup Kitchen discord and another friend discord, I went down to go check what was going on in which I was told it was something to do with cannibals. After that I walked off, I told the people I warned on the radio what the situation was about. I went back over and asked if I could go inside of the cabin, I was told I could so I walked in. In which I simply stood by and watched for a while. Then they decided to put me in charge of the situation, so I asked if they one hundred percent had the disease. After Kim and Fae spoke, Fae offering to rip out the man's teeth so he couldn't eat anyone else. My character decided that there was only so many options as he was told they'd die and suffer whilst they did. So he said what options he could think of. And then Jack and Fae began to argue, my character tried to get control and quiet it all down, resorting to shooting twice in the air to gain people's attention again. Then saying, he didn't mind if they just simply left. In which they decided to take that option and I warned them that due to them being apparently cannibals they'd probably get a lot of hassle no matter where they went. They asked for my name so I gave it to him, then we escorted them out and that was about it from my POV, let me know if ya'll need anything else from me.
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