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  1. Ashlyn was a pretty smart kid growing up, but she noticed she really liked soldiers and the military in general. Gaining an admiration for guns and people who served in the military. She also tried to enjoy just talking to people whilst growing up, socialising was one of her least favourite things. But however, "Boredom is the true killer in the world." She'd tell people who'd ask her why she would always try and be doing something. Another strange thing for her is he began to work out from an early age. Enjoying the feeling of being control of her own body. When people would ask him what profession she wanted, she'd usually answer something to do with military. But ultimately, she decided that she didn't have the guts to kill anyone. But she still wanted to learn how to shoot a firearm, or at least see what it was like. She had landed a decent job in photography at 18. As well as getting a boyfriend, this boyfriend was strange however. He would hit her if she didn't listen to him, but despite this she'd tell herself that he loved her. Eventually they got into an argument and she threatened to leave him, he picked up a knife and pinned her down, painfully cutting out her tongue. She doesn't know why he did, but that is what he did in the moment. She managed to free herself and managed to escape, fleeing to Chernarus a week before the infection had occurred.
  2. Ash was a pretty smart kid growing up, but he noticed he really liked soldiers and militaries. Gaining an admiration for guns and people who served in the military. He also tried to enjoy just talking to people whilst growing up, socialising was one of his least favourite things. But however, "Boredom is the true killer in the world." He'd tell people who'd ask him why he would always try and be doing something. Another strange thing for him is he began to work out from an early age. Enjoying the feeling of being control of his own body. When people would ask him what profession he wanted, he'd usually answer something to do with military. But ultimately, he decided that he didn't have the guts to kill anyone. But he still wanted to learn how to shoot a firearm, or at least see what it was like. He had landed a decent job in photography at 18. On his birthday he decided to have a week vacation to somewhere cheap, where he could probably learn how to fire some kind of gun. Chernarus. Not a very well known place, but He'd heard of a few wars there. He felt like if anywhere would be an interesting vacation for him. It'd be there, and so he went. Getting trapped inside of the country when the outbreak began to spread.
  3. Samantha Shelby POV, perms to post by GM Para: Green = Rangers Yellow = Allies/Friends Blue = Kings Ridge First things first, the griefing, whether I believe it was or wasn't griefing. That has nothing to do with me, @KorhaBB or @HuskyBB. We did not drop them, so that wasn't us. But what I can say about it, is that I am pretty sure others in my group had rp'd burning the gear as they did not want Rangers to break back into the prison and take it from us. We also believed that we owned the prison now, as shown later. I even saw members of my group roleplay burning the guns. But I did not take part in that so, you would have to ask people who did. For the first thing, I was radio'd by @HuskyBB(Icly, Joe Collins) that there were people at the prison trying to hire him to fight the group that I and Olivia Rose @KorhaBB are a part of, Kings Ridge, so in response I logged in or otherwise I woke up to see what was going on, I had previously logged off outside the prison. And there was still a watchtower on the side of the prison from the raid on the previous few days. So I climbed up onto the watchtower and jumped onto the small bridge that connects the two sections of it. In which I was crouched inside of the prison. I was sitting there and I heard someone up on the roof walking about and I heard someone walking around in the floor just above me, I then found out that Marcus Ward ( @Searoz) woke up, at first I did not know it was him, so I was a bit jumpy, but after recognising his outfit and armband. I told him what was going on as he was clueless, I told him that there were people trying to hire Joe Collins @HuskyBB to fight us and that I had heard a dude walking about on the roof. We decided that we were going to go up on the roof and either talk to the guy or question him. We weren't sure. So we walked up onto the little platform and he immediately began pointing his gun at us and I believe asking "Who are you, what are you doing here." Or something along those lines. Marcus Ward spoke to him a bit, and I jumped down onto the roof with the guy, I was walking around when I heard Olivia Rose, aka @KorhaBB. Initiate on the guy talking to Joe Collins @HuskyBB down below. So in response, I began to initiate, I did mess up a couple times, the first initiation was not valid I believe, the second I was messing up with pressing my voice button. And the third one was 100% valid. As you can see in the clip that he provided from my POV, I pointed my gun directly at him and played the voice line, "Put your hands up or die." In which his response was to point his gun at me so I shot him. That was really all I did, I checked his body and then decided to let the others deal with the other one who complied as he wasn't really my problem. I then climbed down the watchtower on the side of the prison, went for a nice jog down to the town. Role played with some dude on the bridge. As for the entire prison firefight, our ic reasoning for attacking ya'll was because we had been tipped that Michael Brown( @IntenseGeek), one of our people were being held in a prison cell. We were just quietly building a watchtower outside, our plan was to try and get up into the prison as sneakily as we could and then initiate onto you guys then . But you guys initiated onto us whilst we were building. I do not personally have video evidence of this, but perhaps someone else will. The Rangers initiate and we carry on building, one of the Rangers jump out of the prison and run up behind us spraying a Saiga, I turn around and spray this dude down before anyone of us is killed. I believe roughly before or just after that, we all made sure to put our mic's on level 3 and initiate on the entire prison, saying to put your hands up or die. We carry on building, have some difficulties at some points. I am watching the bridge, I see one of the Rangers running with a gun out on the bridge, so I spray into the gap, killing the Ranger, as shown in this brief clip, but also in the clip you can see what I believe to be aogm with the barriers. There was a LOT of this throughout the prison, with cabinets and other barriers. Other then this, I do not do much else for the rest of this firefight other then loot the secured prison afterwards. I remember there being an insane amount of loot that made all of us sick, I believe some people may have some pictures or video evidence of it but I'm not sure who. We then asked oocly if we could take over the prison, shown here: So therefore we believed that we then owned the prison, perhaps it was a misunderstanding due to strange wording but, that is the message we got from that. We changed the codes and put them on some of the doors, like the front ones. That was the end of the prison raid. Now to the final thing that happened roughly yesterday. We were getting ready to finish up our rp for the day because were about to prepare rp to move to Chernarus, we had previously in the day executed the Ranger's leader I believe. With pk perms granted by the user. For some context, we had also been roleplaying with a kid named Johnny throughout the day, who had made a joke about eating people, so I believe(may be wrong, as I was not present)Tyler [email protected] and Kessik [email protected] decided to initiate on him to question him, can't really comment on what happened during it, but he got away somehow and Kayden Jyo @IntenseGeek decided to go looking for the kid, no idea on what his intentions were. I then was having my good friend Jet Anderson @ItsChocolateMan radio my friend back, due to him telling me that he is in Brena despite the fact we were about to start the rp journey to Chernarus. So Jet radio's him for me due to being a mute icly and only using limited voice lines to actually talk, Kayden Jyo @IntenseGeek, on a different character due to him PK'ing Michael Brown) and got the response as shown here: This was of course, mildly concerning but, I continued to just chill over in Gliniska, but as time went on my character got more and more worried that he didn't respond. I then got radio'd this eight minutes later: So I began to tell everyone around, as quickly as a mute can. Word spread around the radio and we decided that we weren't going to leave him behind and we would go try and rescue him. We were aware that the police station could be a trap so we devised a plan that only I and later Mads @Duke would walk up to it and the rest would check the surrounding area for any people waiting for a potential trap to be sprung. I walked up to the police station, a gun in my backpack and a green armband on for identification, after several demands for me to enter the police station and me being unsure whether to or not and someone inside of the police station saying something alone the lines of, "Everyone around the police station you will be killed if you do not have your hands up." or something, I can't remember it too well because radio chatter was a bit too loud. Mads @Duke walked up to try and negotiate as a mute can't really do that. They expressed that they wanted my character, Sammy in particular.I decide eventually to enter the police station with my hands up. I am put into a room with Kayden Jyo @IntenseGeek as someone aims at me and speaks a bit to me and then says this to me, which I took as an initiation from this individual in particular: There is both a demand, "Sit down" and a threat, "Otherwise I'll shoot..." And it is clear you were talking to me as you say my name at the beginning of the message. I listen to him and I crouch in the corner, a fully loaded AK still sitting in my bag. The other Ranger comes into the room, puts away his gun and takes out handcuffs, telling me to put my hands down, I take my opportunity to prevent being used as a bargaining tool or a leverage tool and I pull out my AK and shoot both of them, as shown here: I have no idea what occurred between the people outside, I know someone was killed in a building, but I honestly don't have a clue about what happened there as I was not present nor was I described what happened. As for you asking me why I didn't tell them to not log out in the prison, I believed we owned the prison. So I didn't feel the need to tell people to not log in there, I myself have never logged out in the prison due to simply not wanting to either go through the gates every time. I believe this is where my long POV for each event should end. Let me know if I need to add anything else.
  4. I personally think that a couple things should be changed, I have never really had a huge problem with hunger as most of the time if I walk into 2-3 houses I find a tin of beans or something alike. But I don't doubt people that aren't always near towns or often on the move have trouble with food. As I usually stay at an rp hotspot, so my hunger bar stays relatively the same. But, things that I do think need to be changed are how quickly you lose hunger when you are sick. There have been times that I have not encountered a single player, it hasn't been raining at all and I hadn't drank from any wells or any non-purified water bottles. But I still got sick and my hunger bar depleted to red and I died due to spawning like twenty minutes ago and not having much food or any tablets to fix the sickness. Slightly off topic but I also think that animals should be a bit easier to kill, as I have shot a deer in the head with an M4 and it just tanked it and ran off. I have no idea if this has changed because this was roughly a month ago but, that is my opinion.
  5. Thanks the awesome rp today everyone! @ItsChocolateMan, @Lamb, @DrMax - Thanks for the great medical rp at the start of the day! @Brayces, @Miamomoh, @Conor, @ChadLR - Thanks for that decently emotional rp! @Blisna - Thanks for...Whatever the hell happened at the end.
  6. Thanks for the rp today. @Lamb and @KorhaBB. See ya'll in a couple days. ^-^
  7. Oops! I knew I was forgetting one of ya'll. My apologies.
  8. Great to reunite with you again! @Peril Had a fun time joking around with, @MaybeleleLR, @Duke, @KohlSkaal, @Inferno Sorry for knocking you two out, @Cormac01, @Harvey And thank you to everyone else for the nice rp today. ^_^
  9. +1, it is just really annoying.
  10. Thanks for the awesome rp today! @Blisna, @River, @Harvey, @Lamb, @Brayces, @Searoz, @Miamomoh As well as the excellent rp later in the night from, @Morytania, @Eagles, @Havikar, @Krullix, @Dongle, @God, @Poster
  11. Btw really fun rp with @Blisna yesterday!
  12. POV: I was sitting at our base with RiZ when I heard the guy then saw him standing on the other side of the wall. In which all of them show them selves. And RiZ does all of the talking of course, my character not having a tongue therefore not being able to talk. I stood there until initiations happened in which both of us complied due to being outnumbered. They tell us to get in the car in which we do. After a long time of just driving further and further we stop in some woods. In which they question me due to not knowing anything about me except the fact my character's name was Sam. I write a note saying that I am not Wolfpack as my character is afraid what they'll do if they find out she is. They say that I helped one of their people before and that i'm fine. They tell me nothing will happen to me and that "I will be brought to the prison for compensation". So I just sit there, not really doing much as I've been told to stay where I am until told otherwise whilst they question RiZ. One of them ask me if I want to beat RiZ up in which I shake my head but he insists. So I get up and walk over to him. Punching him each time he tells me to. Then I just stand there whilst they talk to each other and RiZ. Not much I can do or say when I don't talk. Someone else shows up and they decide they want to take RiZ. In which they tell me to go with them to be taken to the prison. I get in and sit there until they ask me questions, they rp passing me a paper and pen and I rp writing the answers and handing it back. As shown in the logs. We eventually reach wherever the hell we were by the end. Beside Topolin on the edge of the map or something, I get out and they begin talking to RiZ and during which state they don't even know why i'm there. They decide to soak a bag with gasoline and I simply watch them idly, not being able to do much. They ask me how long I've known RiZ, they ask if it was simply just a day. In which I simply just nod to it. They ask me to light the torch in which I do and I simply hold it until i'm told to drop it in which I do. I legit just stand there and don't do much. As I can't do much with practically no way to communicate. I was pretty content with standing there though. They turn to me and say i'm free so I simply walk off and that's really where my part ended. Pretty boring but that was more of due to miscommunication. (Dunno if I was supposed to be driven all the way over there to stand there.) And also because they were confident I was completely un-involved and simply caught at the wrong place at the wrong time. That was really all that happened on my side of things.
  13. I think everything sounds good except the sleeping part.
  14. Fun role play with @Cracka_tee @Husky. @Blisna @burRP @ImDraagen @DrCrazyGamer and everyone else I role played with today
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