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  1. kopo79

    DayZRP 19.8.1

    created new character but unfortunately didnt like the server CLE about civilian guns and ammo. tried to read from lore that when outbreak begins and is there some timescale what day is today or year to understand why there is massive amount of civilian guns and bullets in houses. who left them there or why nobody took the with them? all other civilian items i understand,bottles,clothes etc but after 15 minutes of playing i found colt,makarov,izh-18 and 22 rifle bullets.
  2. kopo79

    DayZRP 19.8.1

    i played in this server some years ago and come to check how is it going... also trying to find some immersive apocalyptic server for me and some thing i noticed in patch notes...change for ammo. and now that important question: is ammo decreased or increased? also,is there some problem in server just now...ping is huge and i cant find server in game? didnt notice that new patch is released today:D
  3. DAY4: From Rog to the Zub. I visited Rog at the early morning...Or maybe i could call it "suden tunti" Its finnish word for the Hour of the Wolf,The moment between night and dawn. ...And that got me thinking that could there be wolfs or other predators in here? But thank god i have found some weapon.It has scope attached to it. It gives some safe feeling when im thinking all the "things" what could live here. Rog castle was nice place to visit and few pictures also was taken. Castle was empty,no one there but maybe some time ago there was some people there. I could tell it from the marks on the ground. There was also radio tower and some shed but nothing was found on there. Near vysoky Kamen i decided to try my luck on fishing because im done with the chickens.Yak! But i guess im not very good fisher because no salmon,no carp.But instead i managed to get BOOTS. ...You dont believe me? i have picture about those boots... With my handmade fishingrod and with real maggot i got boots from the pond!!!... So im back to eating chickens. After bootsfishing i continued to the Zubcastle. I didnt visit mogilevka,I rounded it from the north because it felt somehow dangerous place to visit. Zubcastle ruins were awesome.What a view. I could stay there at top to just look at the landscape for hours but damn rain just made me to take pictures and move on quite quickly. Just when i was leaving from the ruins i heard footsteps and someone was just approaching to the place where i was. It was human!!!...no chicken,wolf,monster but living human being. But i frozed...yeah.physically and mentally.I was just hiding in bushes and waited that this (maybe boot-thief) would run away. After 10 minutes,he was gone and I was disappointed to myself,what a chicken i was. There i was on my hiding place thinking wolfs again and my forthcoming trip to the north. I could really have some company when im starting my next task to the Old fields castle.
  4. DAY 3: Skalisty island I visited today in Tulga. I found battery from there and managed to power-up my camera. On my way there i found someones camping place on forest.It was just one tent. I was curious that what is inside,so i checked the tent. Quite alot stuff but no batterys. Yeah,i dont wanna be thief,so i didnt steal anything.Its not my stuff. From tulga i went to the shore and swimmed to some little island and grilled chicken. It was damn cold but i managed to make fire and warm myself.I slept few hours there and then continued to the Skalisty island. What a beatiful place that was.I took few pictures from ruins and also looted the houses.I found really nice backpack... I also found rice so i can spice up my next chicken meal...But that will be the last one because i have eated too much those little zombies!!! Maybe i wanna go fishing or something. My next move is to go visit Rog castle.
  5. DAY 2: Black face of sorrow ``Mitä sulle kuuluu,mulle kuuluu hyvää`` That way i always started my letters to my girlfriend(s) when i was in school in finland. Yeah,its like, `How was your day,i got a splendid day` But this day has not be any good to me. Its not catastrophic but quite lame. Examble,my machete is ruined...gone... But oddly enough i found new one and its even better than the old nameless one... And what is wrong with this country? Not even single battery but weapons everywhere. I could easily start my army and end this madness in this place but if you wanna take some pictures from ants,appletrees,castleruins,butterflys...end of hope... God,i miss sauna and beer. 70 celsius and good cold beer like sandels or classic lapin kulta.Its like heaven. And i really need to take a shower or something to wash myself because when i looked to mirror today, my face was completely black from dirt.If im gonna make some contact to others like me, i dont wanna look like that.but its raining just now,so i have to clean my face from dirt. And my new machete is not nameless like that old one...I decided to call it Wilson. Like in that movie.
  6. Im playing EU server. http://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-4881/ My name is Mika Nurmi and NO,Im not Relative to the famous Finnish middle/longdistance runner Paavo Nurmi...But i like to run because its healty. In finland i was working in newspaper as a photographer and recently i was tasked to go take pictures from Finlands finest castles,examble Hämeenlinna,Olavinlinna and Turunlinna. I guess it went well because my next task was go to the chernarus and take photos from those castles and ruins...and photograph some nature also. Soon after i came here something happened,some virus or epidemia break loose and i was here stuck and i was forced to cancel my photographing. Batteries went down on my camera ages ago but i think that it should not be problem to find some batteries for my "weapon". For start i got hardtime to find any of food here but i have just managed to learn to catch chickens.its quite easy. When i was kid,i used to go fishing and also as 12 years old, i prepared my own fish fillets, so somehow i knew what to do with those chickens. Just a few times i have managed to get some stomach illness. Of course theres allways food in nature examble apples and WHOAH...This place is just epidemic with those apple trees....Too bad that im allergic to the apples. Those just cause me nausea... I think its maybe that acid from the apples. I really dont know what is happening in my homecountry,how is my family?but i know that i have to survive here and maybe get some contact to someone. and of course...PHOTOGRAPH. (WARNING)...my english is not that good that im able to do some awesome storytelling but this gives me some extra spiceup to my playing.(WARNING) DAY1: Machete Not much to tell.Today i decided to start work on my photographing again.First i need to power-up my camera.Nizhnoye was quite empty but i find Machete from there.I like it.Maybe i give name to it... But havent decide which name.Maybe its a girl or boy...maybe both.(wirn) I visited also Berezino,its more bigger town but oddly it was more empty than Nizhoye. Only those infected were wandering there...its funny... The infected are just like chicken,easy to catch and put down with my nameless machete. But i believe that chicken tastes better. From berezino i travelled to the factory near Orlovets.I have heard rumours that there would be some others like me. But it was disappointment.No one there.Maybe infection got them or they moved some other place.I dont know. I have to go sleep now.I like and hate to sleep outside.fresh air keeps my damned nose open...(yeah,i have allergic nose also.) but ants.I HATE THEM.
  7. ok....im new in this servers and just want know that if im allowed to use dayzrp map while in game? for me its feels quite odd that im able to see some settlements there,and my character wouldn`t know that. i did find ingame map but those are just bugged. and of course my character came to the chernarus with pristine map:D
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