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  1. ScarFace7454

    Oh, hello.

    Welcome to the community. Hope you enjoy your time if you end up getting whitelisted. The aggravation rule is a difficult one, although one i have not had issues with due to the nature of my own character(if any of you jackals see this you may remember Tony) Its a matter of trying to stay true to your character with out letting OOC feelings get in the way of the roleplay (i could be wrong anyone feel free to correct this) Regardless, welcome to the community
  2. ScarFace7454

    Interest in ArmA3: Exile server?

    lets do eeet
  3. //Had good roleplay with you guys. 10/10 (Tony Fonzerelli) Me and my friend Sean had a great time despite us staying up later than we wanted to (the RP was that good that we stayed up) sorry for the awkward OOC-ness during the whole thing but I personally felt it was necessary as my friend needed to be up in the early AM but we both were having an amazing RP experience. best of luck to you guys. Cheers.
  4. I cant vote. I grew up in a video game background (watching Dad play doom and wolfenstien 3d while sitting on his lap before i could walk) but in highschool found GTA SA roleplay servers, and grew up loving Night of the living dead(s) dawn of the dead. Fiding out about the dayz mod was the best thing in my life(seriously i have a pretty dull life) After getting sniped 1239122134213 times i found the dayzrp server. I had learned alot from GTA SA RP servers and well here I am Hope/glad you are enjoying your stay in this community Edit: I was into dayz before i found this server but was into RP before dayz lol so i voted the 2nd choice.
  5. Welcome to the community Brendan! I would suggest not using the sporter against zombies.... idk about stable but my time with it on experimental, i shoot a infected in the head with it 3 times. and it still lives, kept having to use melee to finish the job. its not good against the infected but have never had a need to shoot another player with it. Regardless thank you for sharing a small part of your life with us. Im so envious of people who were raised with a gun in their hands. lol Good luck in-game and in your life endeavors!
  6. ScarFace7454


    I voted against it. I dont think we need it. IMHO I see it causing more drama than its worth. But I wont disagree that it would infact change things up, maybe for the better, maybe for the worse. If it happens it happens, I'd rather see this not come in but if it does I wont quit over it. About the RP/gameplay being dull: I blame turning off persistence. there is no struggle to survive right now, its simply too easy to just check houses instead of trying really hard to find someone who might have what you need. But hey. Just my 2 cents. Cheers everyone.
  7. ScarFace7454

    DayZRP Standalone Private Shard

    both US servers have crashed/restarted 5 times each with in 2 hours. Persistence being off is helping? lolololol (dont mind the TIE fighters)
  8. ScarFace7454

    CONVICTS [Recruitment Open]

    A convict group. its about time! Best of luck and cannot wait to see/read more!
  9. ScarFace7454

    Ender's lost journal -nolonger updating-

    Hey thats really cool you're playing a teen/(maybe your IRL age) Also enjoy these notes. Keep up the creativity! Cheers.
  10. I support this 100%. I voted yes. We do deserve 1(just one) server with First-Person only. Being forced to RP with others who looove third person(for reasons) has been a huge turn off to me I wont go into accusations or anything. I dont want to, or need to; As its also not cool. I just think that alot of players who love first person only are being "black-sheeped" by the community and vice versa. "hardcore" roleplayers (if you will) are the minority here, and are treated like one, and its kind of brutal considering this is the only/best steady growing RP community out there... "dont like third person then dont use it/play another server" that's not fair to those whom want a hardcore experience, while stuck playing with people who dont like "hardcore roleplaying" I hope this thread works in getting one server with it. I know this may be dis-agreed with but im not here to argue with anyone. just to give my 2 cents about the OP. Cheers. TBH I think we need some D&D elements in this community but thats for another thread/discussion.
  11. Haha you didnt?! OP: Eh, Id just stare at it as its perrty and my Char is a Drunk who finds bright lights pleasing while inebriated. lol
  12. I miss first person only.... guess ill have to quit until we get it back.... Im sure everyone loves the fact you all can peak over walls/around corners. So immerse. Much RP. Many Wow.
  13. Sound like me and you share the same problem: we pissed off a Gypsy when we were young and got a long life curse lol JK Best of luck at the dentist. I busted my front tooth at 8 (it was an adult tooth lucky me) and went through 8 root canals and a bunch of other shitty shit. could no listen to a power drill for 8 years.... yyyeeeeshhhh
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