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  1. Welcome and enjoy your stay but remember it isn't all about killing but about the experience!
  2. Don't have a preference to what I listen to. I just...listen. If that makes sense. Everything is pretty much good for me, beside too much Country. One of the only downsides I have with music. Right now I've got Go Radio - Letters and Love Notes on. http://youtu.be/AKaQqMkNYyo
  3. 1. PewDiePie 2. JennaMarbles 3. SeaNanners. 4. Music (Anything at all that I listen to.) 5. Random shit that I find while browsing. There's a few others that I didn't list, because...I watch way too many people to list in the first place...but yeah. That's basically it.
  4. So...I found this from a really good friend of mine, Stuart, and figured I'd give it a shot. My name's...well...figure it out. I don't usually talk to new people, kind of bad at it..unless I get to know someone personally, which could take a while. I've role-played before, for about..three-ish years, give or take...? Somewhere around there. Anywho, I'm kind of anti-social, as I already said about being bad at talking to people, but..that doesn't mean I won't try. I mean hey...I did think about saying hi just now, no? Gotta count for something.~
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