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  1. IGN: Mike West (subject to change, depending on who i join up with. Not developed any relations yet) Age: 27 Country: Norway English skills: Secondary language, very good. DayZ Experience: Been playing for nearly 1,5 year, started out soon after its release. What kind of role best describes you: I am very good at all roles, but i excel at medium range/long range. My best skills would be tactics, spotting, awareness and backup/cover. I do well at close combat, but do not enjoy that role as much as the others. Have you been in any clan/group previously: No, recently joined up in dayZ RP. Additional notes: I would like a faction with mature people that knows how to play and have fun. I do enjoy some banditry now and then, but do tend to go for the 'good guy' role as its more in my nature. Best way to contact you: PM Backstory: Subject to change depending on what clan I get accepted into, if any.
  2. Joined a few days ago, already experienced much fun! Looking forward to meet you all at some point and getting to know you and your factions.