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  1. dany1

    Friend Appreciation Thread

    sorry that i forgot to add u in mine let me do it real quick i forgot u were on here
  2. dany1

    Friend Appreciation Thread

    @NozzyRP @ntoxrp @YNW Jasper @YNW Law @YNW Viking @dawsonpark @abumuhammad @groovy clarence @Dusty all ya'll are chill as fuck and im glad to have met u even if i barely play on this server this includes all my qrp homies @aidan @optic @achmed @captain von @preacher @Toker @silver @powerjake
  3. dany1

    OREL (Recruitment Open)

    good job on the page guys, good luck with your group i really like the aesthetic
  4. dany1

    Tackling the Shoes Problem

    just remove the feature lol it makes zero sense, mil boots or just shoes in general would last u atleast a year of use
  5. dany1

    31st NBCP Media Thread

    allah yakun maeak brothers mundi dialect aside, very good media you guys are putting out keep it up
  6. dany1

    Denouncing the Rumours [Open Freq.]

    -User has been warned for this post-
  7. dany1

    some roleplaying help/ advice needed

    i always try to have a unique gimmick to my characters, you should look to a tv show or something similar and look for ideas from that
  8. Howdy folks, i'm just wondering if a turban/shemagh that covers the face could be potentially added in ? I'm talking like the ones you would see in Arma 2 DayZ, The good ol' bandit turban that can be in multiple colors perhaps. I think it would be a very cool addition for us Mujahideen gamers. I would also love to see a Kufi if possible. What do you think? Examples are below
  9. Josef Cervanko was born on September 20th, 1990 to a poor family in the city of Dobkovicy in the province of Central Kopec. Josef had a relatively simple childhood, growing up in the poor living conditions of the city of Dobkovicy, the unfortunately effect of the previously collapsed USSR. Josef excelled in his grades at his under-performing school, picking up a few hobbies along the way. He always enjoyed football, old Hollywood movies, and reading. During his late teenage years, Josef volunteered to join the newly established Chernarussian Defense Forces. Inspired by his patriotic fervor and father who was also a veteren of the late Soviet Army in the conflicts in Afghanistan. Josef spent the majority of his military career combating insurgents with the infamous 'Boží Brigada' (God's Brigade), well known within the 4th Army for the amount of success it had fighting the Russian-backed separatists around the northern parts of Central Kopec during the bloody Civil War of 2009. After several long years of fighting the communists, Josef had rose to the rank of Seržant (Sergeant) within the 1st Rifle Company. After the bloody conflict and victory of the U.S and Chernarussian forces, Josef was transferred to the 93rd Brigade of South Zagoria, 22nd 'Svarog' Mechanized Battalion which was garrisoning the Tisy Missile installation. When the infection hit, Josef was assisting in evacuation efforts of South Zagoria. During the evacuation, the checkpoint he was garrisoned at was attacked by Chedaki remnants and a overrunning amount of infected. Josef managed to escape with his life, lost in the woods and deeply resenting his choice to this day.
  10. the soviet helmets are fucking epic plz keep it up
  11. wow this is very cool good job, will definitely use this if i ever decide to do a cdf guy
  12. why do you trust and respect disgusting people like that the only relatively acceptable anime is attack on titan but it has its limits
  13. Modi Mundi picks up his radio and speaks in response to the man "DONT CARE, DONT CARE, STILL DONT CARE, I DONT CARE. I DONT."
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