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  1. i've tryed everything like that since yesterday and i cant find out server anywere, i've also tryed to set different kinds of search option hopeing to find it but with no luck, im absolutely clueless of what to do now.
  2. i've tried everything that i can think of, and that i've been sugested, what ever i search for in the community tab i cant find the server, i've even tryed manualy search the server (looking through about 1800 servers) and im clueless to what to do now. ? help a brother out, will check the forums again when i get back from work hopefully i can get back in to the server then. thanks in advance ?
  3. alright, thanks m8 i will try that out and see if i can come up with something playable ?
  4. Still i cant find the server, is there something wrong, and is there a way for me to be up-to-date with whats going on?
  5. thanks m8, then i can stop crawling around the interwebZ for awnsers that I cant get a hold on ?
  6. is it only me that hav had problems finding the server, or any kind of info about the server, this afternoon, evening? cant find it anywere. ?
  7. Alwin Eley is a dirt blond, Blue eyed swed. Ever since he was a little boy his mother used to take him out hunting (his father had been in an accident when Elwin was young that left him disabled for the rest of his life)so he knew how to hunt and survive in the wild. They lived in the northern part of sweden in a town knowned in swedish as Svartbyn (translated to english as Black Village) a small town bettwen Boden and Luleå, he also know first aid since his mother worked as a nurce and he had to come with her to work from time to time. On a hunting trip outside Överkalix in the wilderness he got seperated from the others in the group and was left to fend for himself, but that was not a problem for him, infact he preferd it. That was when he first was attacked by a human infected by the virus, and as he didnt know what had happend (he didnt watch TV that mutch) he was confused over the aggrasive stranger that showed up in the forst, he ran, and he knew that he ran for his life but didnt understand why.. He eventualy ended up on the other side of the swedish boarder in Finland and keept traveling east and came about the town of Rovaniemi, there he found a car and drove south. He came across a few other towns that were infected with the crezies so he keept driving wich ended up on another boarder, the russian boarder. He managed to slip past the guard during night (since it was heavily guarded he thought that the best bet for survival was on that side of the fence) so he came in to russia and travel south to S:T Petersburg were he finaly manage to get some sort of awnser (he had been traveling for a few days now, getting rides were he could to travel fast down south) he now knew that it was some sort of infection or virus of some sort but not were it started (so for him ground zero was the woods outside Överkalix.) He decided to keep traveling south to warmer countrys and from there try to get home (he had no clue how but he'd find a way) he traveled down to eastern europe and managed to get on a boat in Takistan, though the boat was not safe, it had an infected trapped on it without no one knowing and it got free on the open sea, Alwin managed to get of the boat, jump back in to the sea and started swiming for the shore.. he had stranded in Chernarus..
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