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  1. Motrek

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    I require a GUID reset please. >.> I think I put in a wrong digit somewhere. //Voodoo: GUID Reset
  2. Pretty sure I've put in the wrong GUID. Must have messed up one of the characters. Is there a way my account can be cleared so I can put in another?
  3. Motrek


    What are these events exactly? I presume there in the event server I saw that was up but is there anything in-particular I should know about them because I was reading through it and LOST MY SHIT. They sound amazing! I cant attend the ones coming up I'm afraid but is sign up mandatory and how far in advance are they posted most often?
  4. I installed the hot fix to fix the issue. If you downloaded the "full" download its a version old. So download the 1.3.3 version or whatever it is on the download page.
  5. I arrived in this place a day ago. Looking for my little brother, I remained inactive for a while, examining one of these zombies for a time. It appears to be like any other corpse. Though somewhat rotted. I left to go looking for supply's and to get my bearings. I quickly found a machete that I found quite capable of killing the infected quickly and quietly. I think I'll hold on to it for while. Its getting late so I think I'll make this entry a short and precise one. If you find this, my name is Matthew Fridy. I'm here looking for my little brother Jacob. He's here somewhere, still alive. I can feel it. This is my story. Day One: ((9-6-2013)) Found a vehicle in almost working condition. The tires were almost completely flat and damaged, I left the vehicle there while I went to search for more supply's. More specifically a tool box and tires. I ended up finding a mosin, backpack, some food and water, as well as this book to right in. When I got back to the car there were two other already there, attempting to fix this up. They were friendly and I traded them the two tires I had for some information about the area and some more suiting clothing for the area. They were members of a group called the Sovereign or something. Warned me about the IRA and several other factions that as of right now are not note worthy. They hadn't heard of Jacob. I should have figured it wouldn't be that easy. I think I'll see those guys again, they seem like solid lads. Won't need to worry about them shooting me in the back for my beans. I think I'll end this journal entry here. Its late, I've made camp above a some town and I'm keeping an eye it. I have some string and empty cans set up around the camp in case a infected shambles in. No fire tonight, cant risk being seen by another survivor before I know the climate of this area. Tomorrow, I look for a better weapon and try to find more survivors to get a better feel for the land. As well as a map and compass.
  6. Well I tried dropping all my fire walls but still nothing. Is anyone else for sure getting updates from the launcher? Just to make sure it IS something on my end.
  7. Hey-o. I'm accepted I'll see you guys in that zombie infested wasteland!
  8. Launching it through the respective dayzrp launcher. I'll go through the steps I was advised and report back. Thank you for the help Hm. well its not letting me connect to the patch server. I keep timing out. Do I need to drop firewalls?
  9. Having an issue with starting the game with Dayzrp. It says my application was accepted so I presume I have been whitelisted? I hope? Pretty please? Anyways, I tried to join and its tossing me this error. EDIT: Looked at it a little more hard, its tossing me the error from the DAYZRP file itself. If its just because I'm not whitelisted than I'm sorry I've waisted your time.
  10. Thanks for the welcome! Can't wait to get in! I see good times ahead! (Presuming I do of course)
  11. I'm new and yet to be whitelisted but I would prefer a good ol' hardcore server anyday. One I will feel a million times more in character when I cant get the temptation to peek around a corner using third person and I personally prefer hardcore settings. Makes the game harder
  12. Hey all! Just turned in my applications! I'm hoping to be in soon but it seems there a waiting list. I can wait for now but I'm feeling inspired so I'll toss up a little story about how Matthew Fridy made it into this hell hole. I am clearly, by no means a writer. Just thought I would do a little bit of a back story to maybe entertain some people in this hello. What do you think?