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  1. First day back has been pretty good so far. Got shit in the ass and surprisingly had an amazing Role Playable experience. And Thanks Guys!
  2. Me and my character "Lucas Vercetti" will be walking the land once again. After a month long break I've decided to make a return! I hope to adapt to these new features and clans that have been created. Hope to see you around!
  3. Jamess

    Epoch experiment server.

    I think this is a great idea due to the selling and buying of goods. It will add a better expierence to DayzRP I believe! Maybe they can add a bank, so where you could rob it or currency as well. But anyways good idea! +1 Also I've recently been getting into Epoch servers. I myself would be happy to give yours a go. If you could can you send me the Ip and infromation through message. Thanks!
  4. On my opinion I believe you should get yourself an intro and introduce the video and what will take place in it rather than trying to talk over others. Other than that nice video man!
  5. Ahh I did not know both of those. Thought it was run through a dedicated form of host.
  6. Since A wide range of DayZRP players are American but as well from Europe and etc. But I'm suggesting that soon or hopefully in the future time being, that there will be a server that is hosted in the United States. My ping goes pretty high while playing but its playable with so not complaining just believe it would be better for a closer host. Let me know some of your suggestions and hopefully this can reach some attention.
  7. Jamess

    OOC Rage.

    Link to report : http://www.dayzrp.com/t-no-roadblock-rdm?page=2 Why the verdict is not fair : Just to let the admins and every other GM I am pursuing on getting rid of the warning points for the OOC Rage and only that. I believe this is not fair because there was no "raging" coming from me. .Direct: Lucas Vercetti: NICE kos and nice roadblock buddy .Direct: Lucas Vercetti: nice roadblock ira you will be reported that was unecarry .Direct: Lucas Vercetti: rdm and no roadblock (Spelling was horrible) Here are the chat logs coming from the report. I was simply warning them that there was going to be a report filed on this. I now realize and look back upon this and realize it was a dumb RP mistake coming from me. It may have looked as rage as how I posted this as soon as I died but it was indeed not. I was furious at first but quickly got over it. I jumped to conclusions to fast without knowing the rules as well. I was informed later in the report that talking in direct was not aloud when dead which is common knowledge in the RP world and I was not thinking straight during the time knowing that I was just. Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) : I was not Raging in the Direct Chat. I was warning them that there would be a report. I did not intend any hostile/rage towards anyone. What would you like to achieve with this appeal : I would like to achieve a lowered amount to my warning point score. As my unban is tomorrow and I waited the full 7 days I looked back at the report and was wondering why it was considered rage? What could you have done better? I could have just simply not have even said anything in chat and just post a report in the "Report Discussion" and could have talked it out instead of going straight formal.
  8. Server 1 looks like its being ddosed and as well when I was on I just got red chains and lag spikes that froze me up. Is this happening to anyone else or just me?
  9. Hey I was trying to put a picture as my signature but not to sure how to? Could I get some help on it as well. Is there a special amount of posts you need to be able to do so?
  10. Just want to know why server 1 is down at the moment?
  11. Jamess


    Hey just wondering if "ingame time is running off military time". If so could someone tell me what 15:35 is in game?
  12. Ok thank you that's all I needed.