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  1. ChrisVC

    S1 Chernarus NWAF Attempted invalid Kill

    POV: Ok so my group and I showed up to NWAF because we heard some shots so we were interested, so we head to south compound where we found @ImMason so he told us what was happening and we decided to go take a look as we were heading up to the bunker we saw about 3 people on top and we go up to talk and were immediately fired upon so I took a position and killed 2 of them then proceeded to clear out the area I headed into the bunker and I crashed multiple times.
  2. ChrisVC

    S1 Chernarus NWAF Attempted invalid Kill

    @Rover I crashed I believe 3 times when I was in a bunker thats why I was disconnecting
  3. ChrisVC

    Round 2 Merge?

    I agree it sucks to see both of these servers at half pop or below for the past couple of weeks I think merging will help the population and allow people to get involved in RP more
  4. ChrisVC


    Yeah I would be down to be whatever this should be fun
  5. POV I crashed just before this took place in the middle of the field by VMC so I was not there for the initiation so as soon as I woke up I was informed about what had happened and I started to moved towards Green Mountain as I was getting close I was getting ready with my initiation since I have not said mine yet but before I could get closer to say it I saw someone running through the treeline and he ran right by me I get closer to him as I saw him setting up in a spot. He heard me behind him and we both stared at each other for about 10 seconds then he took a shot at me and hit me which brought me down to red health I then killed him and moved out of the area to heal. I was never in the base where the hostages were.
  6. ChrisVC

    S1: BadRP West of Stary Sobor - 2019-11-30, 06:15

    Jeff Jefferson POV: So I helped with the initiation during the whole situation and we brought them into the woods so no one else could see this happening, we then proceeded to question the two of you of people that you knew and how you got into the country etc. I also helped one of you guys who was sick and asked for so medication to help with it so @Baam and I then proceed to help him out with the sickness and gave him medications.
  7. Jeff Jefferson lived in the United States in Montana where he lived with his dad and two brothers sadly his mom past away from Cancer when he was younger. Life was pretty normal for him and his family pretty much living on a ranch. Jeff would go to school everyday go home play his video games and repeat. During his senior year he was bullied a lot by this one kid named Brent. throughout the year he was constantly bullied by this one individual where he got to the point at the end of the year, he couldn't take it anymore. Jeff showed up at Brent's home one day and killed him leaving a note behind for his family that he will be leaving for a long time. He already had a flight ready to go and quickly fled the country, landing in the United Kingdom and taking another flight that happened to be over South Zagoria, an engine failed and the ground was getting closer the pilot attempted to make a emergency landing in the middle of the field by Vybor but was unsuccessful. After waking up hours later he realized that he was alone and by himself in a country that was hit with the infection.
  8. ChrisVC

    S1 - KOS - Novaya 7/13/2019 6:20

    @Voodoo sorry for the delay, I acted on the initiation given by the WolfPack because in game I joined that day and I thought I had rights. But even though I apparently I wasn't with the wolfpack because of what you have said. I did RP with the people recently who were initiated on first so wouldnt I gain defender rights from that.
  9. ChrisVC

    S1 - KOS - Novaya 7/13/2019 6:20

    See the thing is I literally joined that Wolf Pack yesterday IC you can ask the Leader @Phoenyxx and I joined a couple of minutes before we had that restart and then right after that restart we had that fight which went on for about 2 hours. So I believe that she just hasn't gotten to adding me apart of the roster yet. @Aisling
  10. ChrisVC

    S1 - KOS - Novaya 7/13/2019 6:20

    @Aisling I dont know there names or the group name but they were a bunch of Irish people who initiated on our friends so then the Wolf Pack which is who I was with at the time initiated on everyone who was inside of the compound. So what sucks is that you didnt hear the initiation that we all did on the megaphone and you heard shots not knowing it was a gunfight and ran into the compound.
  11. ChrisVC

    S1 - KOS - Novaya 7/13/2019 6:20

    So from my perspective we had already announce over the megaphone for people to put their hands up in the compound because we were getting attack so we initiated on everyone who was in the compound at that time. A couple minutes past and some shots have been fired and I was holding an angle that was a clear view of part of the courtyard, I saw someone standing there and it just happened to be you so I stood up and took the shot. Now I believe that you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time in my opinion. What was going through my mind when I saw you standing there was this is a chance to get a kill and help the others around me. Since you were killed and you had no part in it, I fully apologize for killing you I hope you understand that in my mind I thought you were an enemy at the time. I hope you can understand where im coming from. @Aisling @Voodoo
  12. My name is Chris Leonard I am a 16 year old boy who lives with his mother and little sister in the town of Gorka and my father wasn't in the picture. Before the outbreak I tended school with my little sister, and we would come home eat do our homework and repeat. I didn't have many friends in school, in fact they all made fun of me. I would have to hunt for our food since money, well we barely had some my mother was a cashier for the market at Gorka. One day when I went to school something happened to this one kid and he was sent to the nurse, I was sitting in class and me and the other students started hearing screaming outside. I could never forget what I saw, one of my closes friends the only one I had was on the ground with what looked like that kid that went to the nurse just eating him. I quickly found my sister and we ran home. The town of Gorka was walking with those things a week later the local police had evacuated already and there was one more bus leaving for the last survivors in town. My family quickly got to the bus as they were leaving it was heading for Berezino where there would be another bus waiting for us when we got there. Two weeks later the bus still hasn't showed and food was getting scarce. When I went out to go scavenge I came back to where my family and I where hiding overrun by those dead things. I was alone in a town that was unknown to me. So there I was in all by myself fighting for survival.
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